Cenote Alto 3

₹ 128,000.00
₹ 128,000.00
Color: Brown Ombre

Craftsmanship and Heritage

Rina Menardi's Cenote Alto 3 is a celebration of skilled craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of traditional pottery, infused with a modern sensibility that speaks to

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Craftsmanship and Heritage

Rina Menardi's Cenote Alto 3 is a celebration of skilled craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of traditional pottery, infused with a modern sensibility that speaks to contemporary design aesthetics. Each Cenote Alto 3 vessel is meticulously shaped by the hands of master artisans, ensuring a level of detail and quality that honors centuries of pottery tradition. The collection employs cutting-edge ceramic techniques to achieve its distinctive muted tones and earthy hues, marrying the old with the new in a seamless fusion. Drawing inspiration from the mystical beauty of cenotes, these vessels carry with them stories of nature's power and serenity, bridging historical artistry with modern living.

Design and Functionality

The Cenote Alto 3 collection by Rina Menardi stands as a testament to the power of design to transform spaces, offering both beauty and practicality in each of its handcrafted pieces. The graceful, rounded shapes of the Cenote Alto 3 vessels evoke the tranquil and organic fluidity of water, bringing a sense of calm to any interior. Muted tones and earthy hues reflect the collection's connection to the natural world, offering a timeless aesthetic that complements a wide range of decor styles. Perfect for use as standalone decor pieces or for showcasing floral arrangements, the Cenote Alto 3 vessels enhance the functionality and elegance of living spaces.

Illustrating Lifestyle and Emotional Impact

The introduction of the Cenote Alto 3 into the home goes beyond mere decoration, affecting lifestyle and emotional wellbeing through its serene beauty and design. The collection's inspired design and natural palette foster a peaceful home environment, turning spaces into sanctuaries of relaxation and style. The use of natural hues and organic shapes in the Cenote Alto 3 vessels strengthens the bond between indoor spaces and the outdoor world, promoting a sense of well-being and groundedness. Beyond their visual appeal, these vessels enrich the living experience, offering moments of beauty and contemplation that elevate the everyday.



Rina Menardi's Cenote Alto 3 collection epitomizes the exquisite confluence of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary design, crafting a narrative that resonates deeply within the realms of modern interior aesthetics. This collection is a tribute to the enduring art of pottery, where each piece is not merely formed but passionately sculpted by the hands of venerable artisans. The mastery involved in shaping each vessel ensures that every contour and hue reflects a commitment to maintaining the integrity of traditional ceramic art while embracing modernity's call for simplicity and elegance.

The design ethos of Cenote Alto 3 marries functional artistry with nature-inspired forms, creating pieces that are both ornamental and utilitarian. The vessels’ smooth, rounded silhouettes and soothing color palette of earthy tones are reminiscent of the quiet and profound depths of cenotes. This thoughtful approach to design results in decor elements that are inherently calming, making them perfect for enhancing any living space with an understated, sophisticated presence. Whether utilized to display a vibrant bouquet or standing alone as a focal point, these pieces adapt flawlessly to a multitude of interior styles—from the stark minimalism of modern decor to the layered richness of traditional settings.

The integration of this art piece into a home setting invites a harmonious blend of nature's tranquility and refined craftsmanship, fostering an environment that encourages relaxation and reflection. This collection does more than fill a space; it enriches it, making each moment within its influence more poignant and contemplative.

Rina Menardi's work with the Cenote Alto 3 is a celebration of ceramic art's potential to enhance daily life through beauty and design. It stands as a testament to her vision of bridging the gap between traditional ceramic techniques and the demands of contemporary decor, making each vessel not just a piece of pottery but a meaningful addition to any collection.

The Cenote Alto 3 vessels, with their serene and organic forms, are ideally suited for spaces where relaxation and contemplation are prioritized. Consider these settings for placement:

Room Placement Suggestions:

  • Living Room: Position a Cenote Alto 3 vessel on a coffee table or sideboard as a centerpiece. Its earthy hues and smooth contours harmonize with natural materials like wood or stone, enhancing a peaceful and grounding atmosphere. Complement the vessel with soft, textured throws and natural fiber rugs to reinforce a calm, cohesive look.
  • Bedroom: Utilize these vessels on a dresser or nightstand to introduce a tranquil element to your resting space. Their muted tones and gentle, rounded form can help soften the room's aesthetics, pairing well with minimalist decor and soft lighting to foster a relaxing environment.
  • Study or Home Office: Placing a Cenote Alto 3 vessel in a study room or on a bookshelf can enhance the area's aesthetic while providing a visual rest from screen time. It can serve as a standalone piece or be paired with books and other artifacts to create a curated display that inspires creativity and calm.
  • Entryway: Welcome guests with the tranquil beauty of a Cenote Alto 3 vessel in your foyer. This placement not only makes a strong design statement but also introduces the home’s serene ambiance right at the entrance.
RinaMenardi CenoteAlto

Subtle Styling Details:

  • Lighting: Enhance the vessel's earthy tones with strategic lighting—soft, warm lights to accentuate the shadows and highlights of the ceramic's contours, adding depth and drama to its appearance.
  • Natural Elements: Complement the vessels with other natural elements like wooden sculptures or stone ornaments to maintain an organic, cohesive style throughout the space.
  • Textural Contrast: Pair the smooth surface of the vessels with textured linens, knitted cushions, or plush rugs to add a layer of tactile contrast that invites touch and enhances the space's sensory experience.
  • Color Coordination: Draw from the muted tones of the vessel to influence the color palette of the room. Use soft, earthy colors like terracotta, sand, or olive to create a harmonious and balanced environment.

Each Cenote Alto 3 vessel not only serves as a functional item but also as a piece of art that transforms and elevates any space, making it more inviting and harmoniously styled.

Color Brown Ombre
Dimensions W 9.05 X H 10.63 in
W 23 X H 27 cm
Material Ceramic
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 4.650 KG