Large gazelle in blue

₹ 195,000.00
₹ 195,000.00
Color: Blue

A Glimpse into Artistic Passion

Indulge in the world of art with the Large Gazelle Sculpture by the celebrated Iranian artist, Athena Jahantigh. The handcrafted figure bears the

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A Glimpse into Artistic Passion

Indulge in the world of art with the Large Gazelle Sculpture by the celebrated Iranian artist, Athena Jahantigh. The handcrafted figure bears the mark of Jahantigh's tender touch and hours of patient crafting. Entirely handmade, the artist's love for her creation resonates in its every contour, every curve. The Gazelle's arched back symbolizes the great weight of iconographic heritage it carries, yet represents it with an unmatched lightness and grace.

A Medley of Tradition and Modern Aesthetics

Available in a rich blue hue, the Gazelle sculpture is not just a piece of art but also a narrative woven with aesthetic threads. Jahantigh brings the beauty of Iranian cultural heritage into your living space with this tribute to Gazelle, a revered figure in Persian mythology. The blue color adds a modern touch to the traditional art, making it the perfect blend of contemporary and classic.

Art That Tells a Story

Owning the Large Gazelle Sculpture is like having a slice of history in your house. Signed with love by the artist herself, this large sculpture tells a unique story - a story of the artist's journey from her homeland to France and the culture she brought with her. Display this eye-catching piece in your living area or your office and let it be a conversation starter.


Athena Jahantigh, a sculptress of profound sensitivity and exquisite skill, has carved a niche for herself in the world of fine arts with her compelling animal sculptures. Born in Iran and now residing in the serene landscapes of Southern France, Athena's journey through the realms of creativity is both a testament to her rich heritage and a vibrant exploration of new artistic vistas. Athena's artistic journey began in Iran, where she completed her Master's Degree in Arts. Her passion for art was evident early on and paved the way for her future pursuits in the field. Seeking to deepen her understanding and expand her artistic horizons, Athena moved to France, a country known for its rich artistic traditions. Here, she enrolled at the prestigious Panthéon University Sorbonne, earning a Doctorate in Fine Arts. This period was marked by intense academic rigour, yet it was also a time of profound personal and artistic growth for Athena.

Athena Jahantigh's artistic journey transcends geographical boundaries, blending her rich Persian heritage with the influences of her adopted home in France. Her work, particularly the Large Gazelle Sculpture, exemplifies this fusion, marrying ancient cultural motifs with a distinctly modern aesthetic. As a celebrated Iranian artist and sculptor, Jahantigh has brought a piece of Iran to the global art stage, showcasing her ability to weave historical narratives into visually stunning artworks.The Large Gazelle Sculpture is a testament to Jahantigh’s skillful handwork and artistic vision. Handmade, with each curve and contour finely crafted, this piece reflects the artist’s meticulous attention to detail.

The sculpture’s arched back and poised form are not just an artistic expression but also a nod to the gazelle’s significant iconographic status in Persian culture, symbolizing grace and beauty. The use of blue, a color rich with cultural significance in Iran, bridges traditional art with modern design, infusing the sculpture with a contemporary vibrancy that complements its classical form. Jahantigh’s choice of color and material for the Gazelle sculpture—rendered in a vibrant blue—reflects her intent to both captivate and communicate. Blue, often associated with depth and stability, is emblematic of wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. These qualities resonate through the sculpture, inviting reflection on the broader cultural and historical narratives that shape our understanding of art and heritage.

The Large Gazelle Sculpture, is a powerful expression of Athena's artistic legacy. It is a blend of cultural homage and modern innovation, a centerpiece that offers both visual delight and a deep, resonant connection to the ancient world. Her sculptures are not merely objects of art; they are beacons of cultural memory and innovation, crafted with a passion that only a dedicated artist could convey.

The Large Gazelle Sculpture, envisioned and brought to life by the renowned Iranian artist Athena Jahantigh, transcends mere artistic expression to become a pivotal narrative piece, seamlessly bridging the rich tapestry of Iranian heritage with the finesse of contemporary design. Adorned in a mesmerizing shade of blue, this handcrafted masterpiece not only showcases Jahantigh's exceptional skill and passionate commitment to cultural storytelling but also marks a significant journey from Iran to France, imbued with deep personal and historical narratives. To integrate this profound work into your living space, here are a series of tailored recommendations, ensuring its placement and surrounding details honor its beauty and symbolic essence fully.

Prime Locations for Display:

  • The Living Room: Acting as the home's communal heart, the living room serves as an ideal canvas for the Gazelle Sculpture. When strategically placed on a mantel or an exclusive pedestal, it becomes a magnificent focal point, drawing in admiration and sparking enriching dialogues about its origins, symbolism, and the artist's journey.
  • The Study or Home Office: This sculpture finds a resonant setting in the study or home office, where it can foster creativity and contemplation. Situated near a well-curated collection of books or set against a backdrop of evocative art prints, it contributes significantly to the room's intellectual and visual ambiance.
  • An Entryway or Foyer: Introducing the Gazelle Sculpture in the entryway makes a statement of elegance and cultural reverence right from the threshold, serving as a profound introduction to the home's aesthetic ethos.
  • A Dedicated Art Nook: Establishing a special zone in your home for art and cultural artifacts allows the Gazelle Sculpture to be appreciated within a context that amplifies its importance, transforming a section of your home into a personalized gallery space.

    Styling Insights:

  • Harmonizing Decor: The sculpture's rich blue hue is best accentuated with decor that compliments or subtly contrasts its color palette. Integrate warm golds or terracottas for a visually compelling contrast, or opt for neutral tones to draw focus to the sculpture.
  • Illumination: Optimal lighting is essential to highlight the sculpture's intricate craftsmanship and vibrant color. A combination of natural sunlight and precise artificial lighting, such as spotlights, can illuminate its features and enhance the play of shadows.
  • Textural Diversity: Introduce a variety of textures to juxtapose the sculpture’s polished finish. Elements like plush velvet, soft wool, or rustic woven fabrics can create a layered visual interest, emphasizing the sculpture's refined craftsmanship.
  • Considerate Placement: Evaluate the sculpture’s visibility from multiple angles within the room. An eye-level or elevated positioning ensures it captures attention and is admired in its full glory.

    Enhancing with Subtle Elegance:

  • Personal Artifacts: Surround the sculpture with personal or culturally significant items that reflect a deep appreciation for art and heritage, creating a personal narrative that enriches its display.
  • Incorporating Greenery: Positioning plants or floral arrangements near the sculpture introduces a dynamic contrast, marrying the artwork's static beauty with the lively essence of nature.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Leverage mirrors or glossy finishes in the sculpture’s vicinity to enhance its luminosity and visual impact, making it a dynamic focal point within the room's decor.
  • Cultural Harmonization: Complement the sculpture with other cultural or artistic elements that echo its heritage and narrative, such as Persian textiles or French antiques, fostering a rich dialogue between the piece and its surroundings.

By meticulously orchestrating the environment around Athena Jahantigh's Large Gazelle Sculpture, you not only elevate your home's visual allure but also forge a space that deeply resonates with the intersection of tradition and contemporary art. This considered approach ensures the sculpture is not merely observed but profoundly experienced, allowing its story and splendor to profoundly impact all who behold it.

Color Blue
Dimensions W 25 X L 43 X H 58 cm
W 9.8 X L 17 X H 22.83 inch
Material Ceramic
Country of Origin France
Weight 7.890 kg