There are times when reality is even better than your expectations. Some call it magic, we like to call it the Maison Sia Experience!

Maison Sia is an abode of curated and world-class finesse to adorn your home. With paramount aesthetics and intricate designs, it brings to you the best of brands from around the globe. It induces both modish and traditional designs and tastes in home decor and to exude artifice and create everlasting impressions. Adhering to consistent transitions in the realm of design, MS molds itself with the dynamics and brings about the vibrant facet for your homes. Maison Sia carves your personality, imagination and expression into the house of your dreams.

Luxury Interior

Indulge yourself in luxury and comfort with ‘Maison Sia’.

As the name suggests, it is a pavilion of everything extraordinary that resembles the moon in all its phases, transitioning persistently to bring you objet d’art. It strives to procure and bring home the latest and finest collection of all, from global brands and countries. The brands stand alone to stay true to the notion of beauty reflected by the phases of the moon to showcase undying and ever-evolving beauty.

Elegant Decor
The Founder

About The Founder

'Consistently Inconsistent.'

Vratika Gupta is the artistic brainchild behind Maison Sia. Academically, a student of NIFT and Pearl Academy of Fashion and professionally a fashion designer, Vratika puts her heart and soul to bring the best of décor brands to her homeland India. Her venture is inspired by her sheer love for travel, exploring and experiencing world class luxury. She has an eye for detail, and everything art which makes Maison Sia - a hub of artistically upscale products. With absolute fondness for out-of-the-box architecture, she strives to bring forth an affluence of luxurious decor for her people and bridge the gap between demand and access to global brands.

Maison Sia Interior

What makes Maison Sia an abode of unparalleled décor?

  • Procured from World class brands
  • Reflection of history and traditions
  • Amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs
  • Made intricately with fine metals, crystals, stones and glass using the most sought-after technology
  • Handpicked from the smallest to biggest countries with rich collection from the best artisans
  • Pieces that reflect you and your personality
  • From antiques to chic statements