Chanel: The Impossible Collection

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₹ 150,000.00

Discover the Iconic Style Chanel

In Asouline’s Chanel: The Impossible Collection, you are invited to explore the unparalleled legacy and enduring influence of Gabrielle Chanel and the house

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Discover the Iconic Style Chanel

In Asouline’s Chanel: The Impossible Collection, you are invited to explore the unparalleled legacy and enduring influence of Gabrielle Chanel and the house she built. This literary exhibition of a book showcases 100 of the most iconic and signature looks that have defined the modern fashion industry. From the revolutionary Little Black Dress to the timeless tweed suit, each piece tells a story of innovation, luxury, and sophistication. Also explore the evolution of contemporary fashion through the visionary designs of Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, as they reshaped the landscape of style with their innovative approaches.

The Artistry of Chanel's Accessories

Beyond clothing, Chanel is also renowned for its exquisite accessories that have become synonymous with timeless elegance. Within this curated collection, you'll find a treasure trove of must-have items that will instantly elevate your personal style. You can also immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chanel's apothecary-style perfume bottle, a testament to the house's exquisite attention to detail, and experience the allure of a fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of Chanel. Assouline’s Chanel: The Impossible Collection tastefully delves into each of these aspects of the global luxury brand.

Unveiling the Ultimate Collection for Fashion Aficionados

Chanel: The Impossible Collection is not just a book—it's a visual feast that celebrates the very essence of fashion. Compiled by renowned fashion journalist Alexander Fury, this handcrafted volume takes you on a journey through the most remarkable images from the world's foremost editorial photographers, specialist museums, and private collections. Appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and innovative design that have cemented Chanel's status as a true fashion icon, as you journey through the legacy of elegance and style that continues to inspire the world of fashion.



Since its inception in 1994, Assouline has achieved several significant milestones that have firmly established it as a beacon in the world of luxury publishing. The brand's transformation from creating exquisite coffee-table books to becoming an iconic global lifestyle brand is marked by the opening of flagship stores in cultural hubs such as London, New York, and Paris. These elegant spaces are more than just stores; they are vibrant cultural destinations that reflect Assouline’s commitment to celebrating the art of living. Each step in Assouline's evolution not only enhances its portfolio but also deepens its cultural imprint, blending literary scholarship with the sophistication of a curated lifestyle.

Significant milestones in Assouline’s journey include the launch of "The Impossible Collection," a series that epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury bookmaking. This collection, and others like it, showcase objects and themes that are the very best in their fields, from art and wine to watches and automobiles. Assouline has also expanded globally with flagship stores in major cities, including Paris, London, and New York, where they offer a curated lifestyle experience that extends beyond books to include custom libraries and high-end decorative accessories. Assouline continues to influence and shape the luxury publishing industry by committing to exceptional quality and the celebration of culture through beautifully made books that are meant to be treasured and displayed.

In "Chanel: The Impossible Collection," Assouline presents a sublime tribute to the enduring legacy of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and the fashion powerhouse that she founded, which continues to captivate the fashion world under the aegis of luminaries like Karl Lagerfeld. Authored by Alexander Fury, a renowned fashion journalist, this publication is not just a book; it's an artifact that encapsulates the essence of Chanel, from iconic garments to timeless accessories. This collection book delves into the meticulous craftsmanship behind Chanel’s most cherished designs. Each page of "Chanel: The Impossible Collection" is a testament to the luxurious materials, detailed handiwork, and timeless design principles that Chanel has stood for. The curated photographs showcase the evolution of Chanel’s fashion lines and accessories, highlighting how the house has maintained a fluid dialogue between its storied past and its progressive future.

"Chanel: The Impossible Collection" serves as both a visual feast and an educational resource, offering insight into the brand's significant impact on both high fashion and popular culture. The book highlights how Chanel’s designs continue to influence contemporary fashion. The narrative is enriched with visual contributions from the world's leading fashion photographers, archival images from specialist museums, and treasures from private collections, ensuring that each featured piece is contextualized within its historical and aesthetic significance.

Incorporating the essence of "Chanel: The Impossible Collection" into your home decor transcends merely placing a book; it's about creating spaces that embody the sophistication, luxury, and artistic innovation hallmark to the House of Chanel. This approach celebrates not only the iconic style introduced by Gabrielle Chanel and furthered by Karl Lagerfeld but also integrates their vision into your living environment. Here are refined style guide suggestions tailored to elevate your home with the spirit of Chanel, ensuring each room reflects the brand's enduring elegance and groundbreaking design.

Ideal Room Selection:

  • The Living Room: Elevate your living room to a focal point of sophistication by showcasing the book on a coffee table or within an elegant bookcase. Complement it with Chanel-inspired decor—think monochrome photography, sleek vases, and luxurious textiles—to mirror the brand’s iconic aesthetic.
  • The Study or Home Office: Transform your study into a haven of inspiration by featuring the book prominently on a desk or shelf. Accentuate with fashion sketches, mood boards, and refined desk accessories to invoke Chanel’s creative essence.
  • The Bedroom: Introduce a touch of Chanel's opulent style to your bedroom by placing the book on a nightstand or vanity. Enhance with elegant perfume bottles, jewelry organizers, and a sophisticated lamp to craft a personal haven of style and grace.
  • A Dedicated Reading Nook or Library: Craft a tranquil area dedicated to the exploration of Chanel's fashion innovations. Utilize soft lighting, plush seating, and select art to create an inviting space for delving into fashion's iconic designs.

    Styling Tips:

  • Color Palette: Adopt Chanel's signature palette of black, white, and beige, accented with red. This sophisticated backdrop accentuates the book and its storied content.
  • Textures and Materials: Mimic the tactile experience of Chanel’s fashion pieces with luxurious materials such as velvet, tweed, and polished metal, adding a layer of depth and opulence to your decor.
  • Lighting: Soft, ambient lighting not only illuminates the book but also crafts an inviting atmosphere, encouraging exploration of its contents.
  • Artistic Elements: Choose artwork or photographs that resonate with Chanel's elegance and innovation. Fashion illustrations and iconic Chanel ad campaigns make for harmonious visual complements.

    Subtle Details for Candid Styling:

  • Chanel-Inspired Accents: Enhance the display with small decorative touches like a faux pearl necklace draped over the book or a camellia flower, nodding to Chanel's signature motifs.
  • Fragrance: Positioning a Chanel perfume near the book serves as a stylish accessory and envelops the space in the brand's quintessential scent, enriching the sensory experience.
  • Fabric Swatches: Fabric swatches or patterns reminiscent of Chanel's iconic tweed or silk, whether framed as artwork or casually draped, introduce a tactile element that echoes the brand’s fashion legacy.
  • Vintage Accessories: Celebrate Chanel's enduring legacy by displaying vintage accessories or inspired pieces, like a classic quilted handbag or pearls, to add authenticity and a touch of heritage to your space.

By thoughtfully curating elements inspired by "Chanel: The Impossible Collection," your home becomes more than just a living space—it transforms into a tribute to Chanel's iconic designs and a testament to the timeless style and luxury the brand embodies.

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Material Handcrafted limited edition in a luxury clamshell case
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ASSOULINE Chanel The Impossible Collection