St. Moritz Chic

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₹ 11,000.00

Your Alpine Getaway Book

Explore the essence of luxury and sophistication with "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic." This beautifully crafted book serves not just as a visual journey but

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Your Alpine Getaway Book

Explore the essence of luxury and sophistication with "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic." This beautifully crafted book serves not just as a visual journey but as an embodiment of the exclusive St. Moritz lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of Switzerland’s Engadin Valley, St. Moritz redefines alpine elegance and the serene beauty of snow-capped mountains. Lose yourself in the pages of breathtaking photography that capture the essence of St. Moritz, from its pristine landscapes to its ritzy nightlife. Engage with the storied history of one of the world's most exclusive ski resorts, exploring its role in Winter Olympics history and its status as a playground for the elite.

Discover Special Events and Seasons

The "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic" does more than just showcase winter; it offers a glimpse into the year-round festivities and unique lifestyle that define St. Moritz. From thrilling sports events to high-end social gatherings, this book immerses you in the vibrant life of the elite. You can read about the glory of St. Moritz's Winter Olympics and delve into the much sought-after Snow Polo World Cup with vivid accounts and captivating photographs in "St. Moritz Chic". Also find mentions of the St. Moritz Jazz Festival and the British Classic Car Meeting, each event remarkably brought to life with an array of rich photography and engaging contents.

A Must-have Addition

Unveil the reasons that make St. Moritz not just a destination but a dream for many through "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic," and understand why this place has been the epitome of winter luxury and alpine allure for decades. Discover why celebrities, royals, and the global elite are drawn to the charm and sophistication of St. Moritz, a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Learn how St. Moritz marries natural beauty with unparalleled luxury, offering everything from serene mountain retreats to lavish nightlife, making it a unique blend of nature and opulence- all in this Assouline book!



In the curated world of luxury publishing, Assouline is renowned not just for its exceptional craftsmanship but also for its adept storytelling through visually compelling tomes. "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic" is a quintessential example of this, bringing the storied elegance of St. Moritz, nestled in Switzerland’s picturesque Engadin Valley, vividly to life. This volume, crafted with the connoisseur in mind, delves into the opulent lifestyle and breathtaking beauty that have defined St. Moritz as a haven for the world's elite.

The creative minds behind this masterpiece have intricately woven a narrative that captures the essence of St. Moritz with every turn of the page. It's a celebration of the locale's grandiose alpine scenery as much as its legendary social scene. From the historic slopes that have twice seen the Olympics to the sumptuous galas that define its winters, the book presents an immersive exploration of luxury and natural splendor. Through a tapestry of archival riches and modern-day chronicles, the artist brings to the fore the transformative journey of St. Moritz from a remote mountain refuge to the epitome of winter chic.

Each page of "St. Moritz Chic" resonates with a palette that reflects the serene yet vibrant life in St. Moritz—pristine whites, deep mountain greens, and the sparkling golds of a starlit night. These choices in color and texture are more than aesthetic; they're a visceral invitation to experience the lush, untouched landscapes and the pulsating heartbeat of elite gatherings. The artist’s meticulous sourcing of visuals creates a narrative flow that is both comprehensive and enchanting, offering readers a lens into the continuity and change within this alpine paradise.

Through "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic," the artist invites readers into a world where grandeur meets tranquility, where each moment is both a reflection of centuries-old traditions and a celebration of modern-day opulence. This volume is not just an addition to a collection; it’s an heirloom that offers an enduring glimpse into the lifestyle of the privileged, making it an indispensable jewel for aficionados of heritage, culture, and the art of fine living.

ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic" is more than just a book; it's a decorative element that invites the essence of high-end alpine lifestyle right into your home. Given its sophisticated content and luxurious presentation, this book is ideally placed where it can be both seen and used, enhancing both the aesthetic and intellectual ambiance of a space. Here are some styling tips to integrate this exquisite piece into your home décor:

Ideal Room Placement

  • Living Room: Display the book on a prominent coffee table or alongside other art books on a sleek, modern console. This not only makes it easily accessible for guests to browse through but also acts as a conversation starter about travel and luxury lifestyles.
  • Study or Home Office: Place it on a bookshelf or a reading nook in your study. Pair it with vintage skiing equipment or framed photographs of mountain landscapes to create a thematic corner that echoes the St. Moritz vibe.
  • Guest Room: Adding it to a guest room can provide visitors with leisure reading and serves as a beautiful decorative piece that speaks to your refined taste and love for unique destinations.

    Styling Details

  • Pair with Luxurious Accessorie: Complement the book with high-end accessories like a crystal decanter set, a model of a vintage ski lift, or elegant candle holders that resonate with the winter chic theme.
  • Thematic Decorations: Enhance the room with soft, plush textiles in white or cool tones—like faux fur throws and heavy woolen rugs—that mimic the wintry theme of St. Moritz.
  • Lighting: Utilize soft, ambient lighting around the space where the book is displayed. A well-placed lamp not only highlights the book but also creates a warm, inviting reading area.
  • Color Palette: Maintain a neutral color palette with hints of gold or silver to mirror the elegance and the upscale feel of St. Moritz. This will not only draw attention to the book but also seamlessly integrate it into the overall room décor.
  • Artistic Flair: Consider placing the book near artworks that feature mountain landscapes or abstract pieces that use a cool color palette. This will enhance the thematic connection and enrich the visual appeal of your space.

By placing and styling "ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic" thoughtfully within your home, you can channel the spirit of St. Moritz's luxurious alpine charm, making it not just a book, but a gateway to a world of elegance and refinement.

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ASSOULINE St. Moritz Chic