Soap Dispenser in Ivory

₹ 61,200.00
₹ 61,200.00
Color: Ivory

Luxurious Design

Who says functionality can't be voguish? The Giobagnara- Soap Dispenser in Ivory effortlessly merges usefulness with a sophisticated aesthetic appeal. Cloaked in an exquisite leather wrap, it

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Luxurious Design

Who says functionality can't be voguish? The Giobagnara- Soap Dispenser in Ivory effortlessly merges usefulness with a sophisticated aesthetic appeal. Cloaked in an exquisite leather wrap, it brings an added touch of luxury right where you'd least expect. Enjoy the flawless craftsmanship showcased in the solid brass structure, adored for its strength and longevity, making it a worthy investment for your home.

High Performance

This handcrafted soap dispenser isn't just about looks, but practicality too. With a non-slip waterproof rubber base, it sits sturdily on your counter, ensuring your bathroom stays neat and pristine. Its stature fits perfectly in your space, without standing in the way of functionality. With a generous capacity, it guarantees reduced refilling intervals, thus offering undeniable convenience for the user.

Timeless Elegance

The Giobagnara- Soap Dispenser in Ivory is an impressive addition to any bathroom decor. Its classic ivory tone adds elegance and a serene look that pairs well with any design theme. This fixture not only dispenses soap but also infuses an allure of timeless sophistication that can transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary haven.



Giobagnara stands as a beacon of Italian craftsmanship, masterfully redefining the realm of accessories and home furnishings. Esteemed for its exquisite leather work, the brand has become a hallmark of luxury for an elite clientele that includes top interior designers, yacht outfitters, and prestigious luxury hotels. Crafted in its Italian workshops, each GioBagnara piece is meticulously handmade, exemplifying the pinnacle of quality and style. The expansive GioBagnara collection showcases a lavish array of products, from sophisticated office accessories and elegant decorative items to the signature leather boxes and refined table ornaments.

The collection also includes a select range of small furniture, demonstrating the versatility and breadth of the brand’s design capabilities. Giobagnara’s offerings are distinguished by their luxurious leather finishes, which grace everything from storage solutions and trays to champagne buckets and even trolleys. The leather’s presence enhances each item, lending a touch of opulence to everyday objects.

Giobagnara’s ambition stretches even further, with the brand undertaking bespoke projects that transform ordinary appliances and spaces into extraordinary showcases of design — coffee machines and entire living areas are reimagined with a sumptuous layer of Italian leather, making each piece a unique statement of elegance. Whether the setting calls for contemporary flair or timeless traditionalism, GioBagnara infuses every space with a sense of luxury that is both profound and palpable. This adaptability, combined with an unwavering commitment to quality and design, explains why prominent corporations and luxury hotels frequently seek out GioBagnara’s expertise. In a world where the exceptional is expected, Giobagnara delivers with unmatched sophistication and an inherent Italian charm.

Drawing inspiration from the stately elegance of classical Italian architecture, the Giobagnara Soap Dispenser features a simple yet sophisticated silhouette that enhances any bathroom setting. The choice of ivory for the leather wrap not only reflects a refined aesthetic but also plays into the broader palette of neutral, calming tones often found in luxurious spa-like environments. This color choice is deliberate, aiming to invoke a sense of tranquility and purity in daily rituals.The Giobagnara Soap Dispenser transcends its utilitarian purpose, serving as a decorative element that complements a variety of interior styles. From modern minimalist to more ornate classical decors, its timeless design and neutral color make it a versatile addition to any bathroom. The classic ivory tone coordinates beautifully with other bathroom fittings, enhancing the overall decor without overwhelming it.

The Giobagnara Soap Dispenser is more than just a bathroom accessory; it is a piece of art, designed with a deep understanding of the interplay between form and function. It reflects Giobagnara’s ethos of creating luxurious, practical items that elevate everyday experiences into moments of understated elegance. This dispenser is a perfect example of how traditional craftsmanship can meet modern needs, making it an indispensable addition to the refined home.

The Giobagnara Soap Dispenser, characterized by its classic allure and modern functionality, redefines the luxury found in daily essentials. Encased in sumptuous ivory leather and boasting a solid brass structure, this piece is a testament to refined craftsmanship. Its non-slip, waterproof rubber base underscores its practicality, ensuring stability and elegance in any setting. Here’s a nuanced approach to incorporating this exquisite soap dispenser into your home décor, promising to elevate your space with its distinctive charm and utility:

Ideal Placement:

  • The Bathroom: Positioned beside the sink or vanity, the soap dispenser enriches the space with its classic ivory leather finish. Merging practicality with opulence, it enhances the bathroom's aesthetic while promoting easy soap access.
  • The Powder Room: In these areas, the soap dispenser impresses guests with its sophisticated appearance and exceptional functionality, reflecting your keen eye for detail and luxury.
  • The Kitchen: By the kitchen sink, the dispenser adds an element of grace to your culinary environment. Its resilient design and premium leather exterior render it suitable for regular use, marrying elegance with functionality.
  • The Guest Suite: Within the guest suite’s bathroom or kitchenette, the soap dispenser offers visitors a lavish hand washing experience, contributing to the overall luxury and comfort of their stay.

    Styling Tips:

  • Complementary Accessories: Coordinate the soap dispenser with other ivory or brass accessories for a unified aesthetic. Matching toothbrush holders, trays, or containers enhance the space's luxurious feel.
  • Neutral Color Palette: The soap dispenser's ivory hue beautifully complements various color schemes, particularly neutral and earth tones, accentuating its subtle elegance.
  • Textural Contrast: Pair the dispenser with items of diverse textures, such as fluffy towels or sleek ceramic tiles, to introduce visual interest and depth.
  • Minimalist Approach: Its sleek form aligns with a minimalist design philosophy, subtly augmenting the space without dominating, epitomizing the beauty of functional aesthetics.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Floral or Plant Accents: Situate greenery or a minimalist floral arrangement near the soap dispenser to inject vibrancy, offsetting the opulent leather with natural elements.
  • Soft Lighting: Ambient lighting magnifies the soap dispenser's aesthetic appeal, emphasizing its premium finish and enveloping the surroundings in warmth.
  • Strategic Placement: Position the soap dispenser not merely for decorative effect but for practical utility, ensuring stylish yet accessible hygiene solutions.
  • Curated Vignettes: Craft deliberate arrangements on countertops or shelves that feature the soap dispenser, perhaps alongside a decorative mirror and an elegant vase, to express your refined style and attention to detail.

Incorporating the Giobagnara Soap Dispenser into your decor not only celebrates exquisite craftsmanship but also the seamless integration of function with luxurious design. Far from being a mere utilitarian object, this soap dispenser embodies sophistication and refinement, introducing an understated layer of opulence to everyday rituals.

Color Ivory
Dimensions W 7.87 X H 12.20 in
W 20 X H 31 cm
Material Leather
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.03 kg