Karen Carafe with Thermal Base Cover in Apricot

₹ 50,000.00
₹ 50,000.00
Color: Apricot

Craftsmanship and Heritag

Pinetti's Karen Carafe in Apricot represents a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation. Each carafe is meticulously crafted, featuring a removable leather cover that embodies the

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Craftsmanship and Heritag

Pinetti's Karen Carafe in Apricot represents a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation. Each carafe is meticulously crafted, featuring a removable leather cover that embodies the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, demonstrating precision in every stitch. Born from the hands of seasoned artisans, this piece carries forward the legacy of luxury and elegance that PINETTI is renowned for. The choice of apricot for the leather cover not only adds a vibrant touch but also underscores PINETTI's commitment to aesthetic brilliance.

Focused on Design and Functionality

Karen Carafe is designed not just for beauty but for unmatched functionality. The carafe's thermal base ensures that your beverages maintain the perfect temperature, blending practicality with pleasure. Its slender silhouette and vibrant apricot cover make it a centerpiece of any table, marrying form with function. The ease of use is enhanced by the removable leather cover, coupled with the thermal efficiency of the flask, reflecting Pinetti's dedication to convenience and elegance.

Illustrating Lifestyle and Emotional Impact

The Karen Carafe is more than an accessory; it's a lifestyle enhancer. Its presence in your home or office speaks volumes of your taste for refined elegance and quality, making it a statement of sophistication. Whether it's a quiet morning coffee or an evening dinner party, the Karen Carafe adds a layer of sophistication, making every moment memorable. In every use, the Karen Carafe transforms ordinary routines into luxurious experiences, enhancing your daily life with a touch of Pinetti elegance.


Kartini Thomas, a name that resonates with innovation and unmatched craftsmanship within the world of luxury home accessories, presents her latest creation, the Karen Carafe. A visionary in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design, Thomas brings forth a piece that exemplifies the core principles of the Pinetti brand: elegance, functionality, and a commitment to aesthetic brilliance.

The Karen Carafe, featuring a removable leather cover in a striking apricot hue, showcases the meticulous attention to detail and artistry synonymous with Italian craftsmanship. Each stitch on the leather cover is a testament to the skilled artisans who, under Thomas's direction, merge traditional techniques with innovative practices. This piece is not merely a functional item but a work of art that represents the heritage and sophisticated craftsmanship Pinetti is celebrated for.

The choice of apricot as the primary color for the Karen Carafe was a deliberate one, aimed at injecting a vibrant yet sophisticated touch into any setting. This color reflects Thomas’s penchant for daring yet tasteful design choices, bringing a fresh perspective to traditional tableware. The apricot hue, coupled with the carafe’s sleek silhouette, makes it an arresting centerpiece, capable of drawing the eye and stimulating conversation in any dining arrangement.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Karen Carafe is designed to enhance the lifestyle of its users. Its presence in a home or office is a declaration of a discerning taste for refined elegance and quality. Thomas understands that true luxury is about the enhancement of everyday experiences. Thus, whether it’s through a quiet morning coffee or during an evening gathering, the Karen Carafe elevates these moments, transforming routine into ritual, ordinary into luxurious.

The Karen Carafe by Pinetti, with its stunning craftsmanship and innovative design, serves as a remarkable enhancement to any interior setting. Here are practical style guide suggestions for optimally incorporating this exquisite piece into your home decor:

Selecting the Ideal Room:

  • Dining Room: The Karen Carafe is ideally suited for the dining room, where it can serve as a striking centerpiece on the dining table. Its vibrant apricot leather cover and sleek design complement both contemporary and traditional decors. For dinner parties, place it centrally on the table to facilitate easy access while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your setting.
  • Kitchen: This carafe can also find a perfect spot on a kitchen counter or island. Its thermal functionality ensures beverages can be kept at an ideal temperature throughout family breakfasts or casual gatherings.
  • Living Room: Consider placing the Karen Carafe on a side table or coffee table in the living room. Its sophisticated design and functionality make it ideal for serving refreshments during visits or while relaxing with family.
Pinetti Karen Carafe with Thermal Base Cover in Apricot

Complementing Decor Elements:

  • Color Palette: The apricot color of the leather cover provides a warm, inviting hue that pairs well with neutral tones such as whites, grays, and earth colors, enhancing the warmth of the space. For a bold look, contrast it against dark blues or greens.
  • Materials: To echo the carafe’s luxurious leather element, incorporate other leather items or accessories, such as leather-bound books or chairs, into the room. Combining these with soft textiles like linen or velvet can add depth and contrast.
  • Textures: The smooth leather and sleek ceramic or glass of the carafe balance beautifully with rougher textures. Consider adding elements such as rustic wooden bowls or woven baskets to create an engaging tactile experience.

Styling with Other Art Pieces:

  • Create a curated display by grouping the Karen Carafe with other art pieces or decorative items that share a similar aesthetic or color scheme. Items like minimalist sculptures, abstract paintings, or elegant vases can complement the carafe's sophisticated design.
  • Ensure the space around the carafe is not overly crowded; allow it to stand out as a focal point to draw attention and admiration.

By integrating the Karen Carafe into your home using these style tips, you ensure not only a functional enhancement to your daily routine but also a significant uplift in your home's aesthetic value.

Color Apricot
Dimensions 10W x 33H cm
H 4 X W 13 inch
Material Woven leather
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.190 kg