Smeraldo small folded bowl

₹ 30,000.00
₹ 30,000.00
Color: Scuba Green

The Artisanal Mastery

Yalos Murano’s Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl is a testament to the centuries-old craft of Murano glassmaking, encapsulating the essence of Venetian artistry. This piece not

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The Artisanal Mastery

Yalos Murano’s Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl is a testament to the centuries-old craft of Murano glassmaking, encapsulating the essence of Venetian artistry. This piece not only carries the legacy of traditional glassblowing techniques but also represents the innovative spirit that has kept Murano glass at the forefront of artistic and functional design. Rooted in the rich history of Murano Island, the creation of each bowl draws from a lineage of glassmaking mastery that dates back to the Middle Ages.

The Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

The Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano is not just a vessel but a piece of art that marries functionality with unparalleled beauty. Its scuba green color and innovative folded design make it a captivating addition to any interior space, serving both as a decorative item and a functional piece for holding treasures. The bowl's unique folded appearance and vibrant scuba green hue make it an eye-catching piece that stands out in any setting. Beyond its beauty, the bowl is designed to serve multiple purposes, from holding fruits to being a standalone decorative piece.

Influence on Living Spaces

The presence of the Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl in a space transcends mere aesthetics, imbuing the environment with a sense of history, artistry, and emotional depth. Its creation speaks to those who value the beauty of handcrafted items and the stories they carry, enhancing the quality of life and elevating the everyday. The bowl's captivating design and color illuminate spaces, creating an ambiance filled with elegance and tranquility. Owning a piece of Murano glass connects individuals to the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Venice, offering a sense of continuity and timeless beauty.

YALOS  MURANO Calla vase


Yalos Murano, an epitome of Venetian glass artistry, has long been celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs. Nestled in the heart of Murano Island, this esteemed brand draws from a rich legacy of glassmaking that stretches back to the Middle Ages. Each piece crafted by Yalos Murano is a testament to the skill and dedication of master artisans who continue to honor the time-honored traditions of their forebears, while simultaneously embracing contemporary aesthetics.

The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in every creation, from delicate vases to intricate bowls. Yalos Murano's artisans utilize traditional glass blowing techniques, handed down through generations, to produce pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every item bearing the Yalos Murano name embodies the perfect fusion of heritage and innovation. The brand's designs are inspired by the cultural and artistic heritage of Venice, reflecting both the opulence of classical art and the sleek lines of modern design.

The Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl by Yalos Murano is a stunning example of the brand's artisanal mastery and creative vision. Crafted using traditional glassblowing techniques, this bowl showcases a vibrant scuba green color, reminiscent of the tranquil waters surrounding Murano Island. The innovative folded design adds a dynamic element to its aesthetic, making it a captivating centerpiece in any room. The bowl’s luminescent finish enhances its visual appeal, creating a play of light that brings a touch of magic to any space.

Yalos Murano’s pieces are not mere objects; they are artistic expressions that resonate with a deep sense of history and culture. The brand's inspiration is drawn from the rich tapestry of Venetian architecture, the fluidity of the lagoon’s waters, and the vibrant hues of the city’s renowned Carnival. This unique blend of influences results in creations that are both timeless and contemporary, making them ideal for modern interiors while retaining a touch of classic elegance.

The Yalos Murano Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl encapsulates the art of traditional Murano glassblowing, offering a vibrant addition to modern interiors. This piece, known for its rich scuba green hue and distinctive folded design, serves as both an artistic statement and a functional object. Its ability to combine historical craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics makes it a versatile accessory for any home.

Suggested Placement and Styling Tips:

  • In the Living Room: This bowl is ideal as a centerpiece on a coffee table or as a striking object on a console table. Pair it with minimalistic decorations to allow its color and form to stand out. For a cohesive look, introduce accents in shades of blue, gold, or warm metallics that complement its vibrant scuba green.
  • In the Kitchen or Dining Area: Utilize the bowl functionally in a kitchen setting as a chic container for fruits or decorative edibles like lemons or limes. Placed in the center of a dining table or on a kitchen island, it adds a splash of color and artistic flair, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of dining spaces.
  • In the Entryway: As a welcoming piece, place the Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl on an entryway table to catch keys or small items. Its engaging design and color make it an excellent conversation starter, setting an artistic tone as guests enter the home.
  • In a Study or Home Office: This bowl can also adorn a desk or bookshelf, adding a touch of elegance and inspiration to a work environment. It’s a perfect receptacle for holding small stationery items while uplifting the space with its artistic presence.
Yalos Murano-Smeraldo small folded bowl

Additional Styling Details:

  • Lighting: Enhance the translucency and vibrant hue of the glass by positioning the bowl where it can catch natural or artificial light. This not only highlights its color but also casts beautiful, color-infused shadows that add to the ambiance of the room.
  • Complementary Decor: Integrate natural elements like wood or stones that echo the organic, fluid design of the bowl. These materials will contrast nicely with the glossy finish of the Murano glass.
  • Thematic Decor: To deepen the connection to the bowl’s Venetian origins, consider incorporating other Italian or maritime-themed elements into the decor, such as Venetian mirrors or coastal-inspired artwork.

By strategically placing and complementing the Yalos Murano Smeraldo Small Folded Bowl within an interior, one not only showcases a piece of art but also brings a piece of Venetian history and craftsmanship into the home. Its versatility in both function and style makes it an invaluable addition to any modern living space.

Color Scuba Green
Dimensions H 22 X D 40 cm
H 8.66 X D 15.75 inch
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.4 kg