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Elevate your interior style with these stunning objets d’art

Anyone can tell you what your home is missing these days. With interior décor a hot topic and the latest trends all over social media feeds, it seems that anybody can be an opinionated designer with strong views on how you should style your space. Professional or not, one thing they’ll all say?

Statement piece.

 It’s what sets the tone and defines the aesthetic groove of every room. It could be a rug, artwork or heritage furniture piece that’s special enough to dictate the scale and vibe of all other components. Whether you’re renting a tiny studio or live in your own sea-facing villa, the rules of styling your home around a central, sculptural talking point, pretty much stay the same. As long as the general guidelines for each major interior style is followed, you’re guaranteed to arrive at the right destination. Follow along as we match these must-have sculptural pieces from Maison Sia to your design style.


The Astre Flou is a decorative piece handmade in porcelain by French ceramicist Pascale Morin, as part of her label ‘By Rita’. The sleek metal base offsets the actual sculpture, an abstract form inspired by nature. Sleek lines and modular forms can often feel repetitive and boring but this amoebic , detailed piece on a coffee table in the living room or as focal point of the dining area adds interest and organic flair.


Rina Menardi is an expert in the evocative minimal. An Italian ceramicist, her intent with every piece is that the object does not dictate but is rather suggestive in the emotions it produces. Interiors inspired by Scandinavian or Japanese minimalism are currently buzzing across the web. What it basically means is that your style is refined, with simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette. Since the focus is on shape, colour and texture of a few essential elements, a vase like the Flute Serenity would belong in an entryway or at the edge of a long corridor where it can be fully absorbed and appreciated.


This masterpiece reproduction of Apollo is a timeless invitation to great conversation. Busts were once made to honour their muses and these modern recreations are a classical homage to bygone eras. If you’ve got a dining room or lounge with decorated cornices, wall panelling and a spirit of romanticism, this addition would fit right in, displayed in front of a mirror in a master closet or over a tall accent table, or better yet, on a slim column of marble to match!


Eclecticism is all about experimentation, bringing in colours, textures and forms of various eras and brilliantly setting them all up together, like a disjointed cast where each actor has been brought in to play a specific role. This Smoked Volcano Vase by Glasremis can certainly take on the lead. Center-stage on the top of a console is perfect for this artistic handmade stunner.


The Levante Centerpiece from Fos Ceramiche in Italy is a perfect addition to a home that’s all about opulence and luxury. If your abode is accentuated with bespoke furniture, brass accents and shiny chandeliers, this amorphic bowl is a sophisticated expression of wealth and class. Influenced by the patterns and textures of arid lands crossed by sparkling cracks, the oomph factor is supplied by its infill - 23K precious gold.

There you have it. Tasteful statement pieces that reflect a selection of interior design styles. One last tip would be to maintain a wholistic vision for your space while designing your home, which is after-all, a physical embodiment of the statement you’re making to the world.  

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