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Redefining Handcrafted luxury

Redefining Handcrafted luxury - Maison SIA

"Published by: Maison sia"

From the onset of its foundation in 1970, Pinetti has been born, formed and established by a young visionary Alberto Pinetti with his passionate zeal for design and art. Not too late after that, Pinetti has successfully tapped the market of luxe by establishing its valued presence in prestigious sectors of luxury yachts, Michelin star restaurants, high-end residential projects and luxury gifts.



Rich with the roots of Italian culture and heritage, Pinetti has marked its presence across the world by adding eminent quality products in businesses and establishments. In order to perfectly fit into any of your versatile dream projects, Pinetti is proud to offer a full collection made-to-measure, customized in its design, function, and finish. This ranges from tableware to bathroom accessories, storage solutions to leisure pieces, office items to outdoor accessories.


The team at Pinetti is committed to bring out the essence of its heritage with the aid of cutting edge technology and a contemporary vision. With its dedication to precision and ode to artisanally handcrafting globally procured raw material, the brand has been captured widely by major media houses like Vogue, Elle Home, the Daily Telegraph and many more.



With a one of a kind international-luxury outlet in India, Maison Sia is adamant to make statements that evoke profound impressions. By sourcing from heritage brands like Pinetti, we devise  an exclusive focus on contemporary and global connoisseurs to homeowners in India. Following the motto of easy access and a swift and easy purchasing experience, we have enabled the exposure of luxury products in a walk-in store of Mumbai.


Each day, the exclusive line of Maison Sia products are fashioned and procured by World class brands to create a unique buying experience. Our pieces are envisioned to portray your personality in the house while creating a harmony, connection and balance of energy between each room of your house by only catering to products inspired by international trust.




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