Conical vase organic rim - glass - smoke

₹ 9,500.00
₹ 9,500.00
Color: Smoke

Exquisite Detailing in Design

The Conical Vase Organic Rim - Glass - Smoke from Dekocandle offers a sophisticated touch to any home or office. Expertly handcrafted, this smoked

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Exquisite Detailing in Design

The Conical Vase Organic Rim - Glass - Smoke from Dekocandle offers a sophisticated touch to any home or office. Expertly handcrafted, this smoked glass vase exudes pure craftsmanship. With attention to the most intricate details, the organic rim gives this glass vase a unique character. It attracts attention without overpowering you, and therein lies its beauty.

The Charm of Smoked Glass

Made with quality smoked glass, this vase brings a modern flare to any room. Its smoke glass finish creates an enticing aesthetic, reflecting soft light that gives your space a cozy and warm ambience. Clients opt for smoked glass for its understated elegance and versatility that matches any color scheme.

Hand-Poured by Dekocandle: More than Just Vases

The creation of this vase reflects Dekocandle's reputation for producing high-quality hand-poured candles and home accessories. The brand's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship makes this conical vase, with its organic rim, more than just an everyday piece – it's a promise of quality and durability.

Dekocandle Smoked Glass Vase


Dekocandle, distinguished for its artisanal mastery in candle-making and luxury decor, epitomizes Belgian craftsmanship. Since its inception, the brand has been synonymous with quality, elegance, and innovation, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics to create unique and sophisticated products. Situated in Dottenijs, Belgium, Dekocandle specializes not only in hand-poured candles but also in a curated selection of decorative objects and glassware that appeals to refined tastes. The brand's candles are renowned for their quality and diversity, available in a wide array of sizes, colors, and fragrances. Each candle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a long, clean burn and a strong presence in any space. This dedication to excellence extends to their decorative objects and glassware, each piece handcrafted by skilled artisans who employ both time-honored and innovative techniques to shape, color, and finish each item beautifully.

The inspiration for the smoked glass vase draws heavily from contemporary design trends that emphasize clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. The choice of smoked glass as the material is particularly inspired by the modern architectural trend towards transparency and light, which complements the organic, fluid form of the vase. The organic rim of the vase, with its slightly irregular shape, adds a unique character to the piece, distinguishing it as a work of art rather than just a functional item. Expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans, the vase showcases Dekocandle’s mastery in glasswork.

The brand draws its inspiration from a rich heritage of candle-making, infusing modern aesthetics with classic elegance. Dekocandle's collections are characterized by a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and forms, creating pieces that are both functional and visually stunning. The use of premium materials and innovative techniques allows Dekocandle to produce candles that burn cleanly and evenly, providing a long-lasting and enchanting ambiance. Whether it's the subtle glow of a single candle or the dramatic effect of a grouped arrangement, Dekocandle transforms everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

At the heart of Dekocandle is a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The brand uses eco-friendly waxes and materials, ensuring that their candles are as kind to the planet as they are to the senses. This approach reflects Dekocandle's philosophy of creating beauty that endures, not just in the products they make, but in the world we share. By choosing Dekocandle, customers are not only enhancing their living spaces with timeless elegance but also supporting a brand that values and respects the environment.

Integrating the Conical Vase Organic Rim - Glass - Smoke from Dekocandle into your decor not only introduces a layer of subtle elegance and modern flair to any space but also transforms it into a sophisticated sanctuary. This exquisitely handcrafted smoked glass vase, distinguished by its unique organic rim and understated beauty, serves as both a functional piece for floral arrangements and a standalone work of art. Below are curated style guide suggestions to display this vase, designed to complement your home's aesthetic and infuse warmth and sophistication:

Ideal Room Selection:

  • The Living Room: This vase shines as a centerpiece on a coffee table or sideboard, its reflective soft light enhancing the cozy ambiance. It's an ideal addition to spaces designed for relaxation and socializing, adding a touch of refined style.
  • The Dining Room: Positioned on a dining table or buffet, the vase acts as a sophisticated decor piece. It harmonizes with various color schemes, contributing to the room's overall elegance without competing with the dining set.
  • The Bedroom: As a decorative item on a bedside table or dresser, the vase creates a serene and warm atmosphere, making the bedroom a tranquil retreat.
  • The Office: In a home office, the smoked glass vase adds a refined touch. Placed on a desk or bookshelf, it complements the room's decor, maintaining a professional aesthetic.
DEKOCandles ConicalVaseOrganicRimSmokeGlass

Subtle Details for Candid Styling:

  • Floral Arrangements: Choose simple, elegant flowers or greenery that highlight the vase's design without obscuring the distinctive organic rim.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Amplify the light-diffusing properties by placing the vase on mirrored trays or glass tables, enhancing the cozy ambiance.
  • Fragrance: Situate the vase near scented candles or diffusers to create a multisensory experience of comfort and elegance, pairing visual warmth with ambient scent.
  • Collector’s Items: Display the vase alongside other high-quality handcrafted items or Dekocandle products, creating a narrative of craftsmanship and attention to detail within your decor.

By thoughtfully placing the Conical Vase Organic Rim - Glass - Smoke in your home, you not only introduce a piece of functional art but also elevate everyday living to something truly special, infusing your space with tranquility, modern elegance, and understated sophistication.