Swing Wastepaper Bin in Light grey

₹ 93,100.00
₹ 93,100.00
Color: Light Grey

Sophisticated Appearance for Modern Spaces

The Giobagnara Swing Wastepaper Bin in Light Grey isn't just a functional item; it's a piece of decor that enhances the sophistication of any

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Sophisticated Appearance for Modern Spaces

The Giobagnara Swing Wastepaper Bin in Light Grey isn't just a functional item; it's a piece of decor that enhances the sophistication of any room. Crafted with fine leather that boasts a classy light grey hue, this waste bin adds a touch of luxury to your office, living room, or study. Its smooth, water-repellent leather surface gives it a premium feel while being practical for everyday use.

Easy Cleaning for Daily Use

The practicality of the Giobagnara Swing Wastepaper Bin extends to its upkeep. The leather surface is not only stylish but also easy to clean, requiring just a soft cloth and mild soap to maintain its pristine condition. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their workspace or home environment.

Secure and User-Friendly Features

Designed with a non-slip, waterproof rubber base, this wastepaper bin remains stable on various surfaces, preventing spills and slides. The addition of a removable tilting lid facilitates effortless disposal and cleaning, ensuring that managing your workspace remains as seamless and hassle-free as possible.



Giobagnara is renowned for its luxurious leather craftsmanship, which seamlessly blends traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. The brand, based in Italy, produces a refined range of leather goods including furniture, desk accessories, and home decor items, emphasizing both style and utility. Known for its bespoke services, GIOBAGNARA allows customization to suit individual tastes and interior designs. Their commitment to quality ensures each piece is durable, maintaining its elegance over time. This dedication makes GIOBAGNARA a favorite among those who appreciate enduring luxury and tailored sophistication.

The inspiration behind the Swing Wastepaper Bin comes from a desire to integrate the functional aspects of daily life into the overall aesthetic of a modern interior. The choice of fine leather in a classy light grey hue is deliberate, intended to add a subtle yet impactful touch of luxury to mundane office, living room, or study environments. The light grey color is particularly chosen for its versatility and its ability to complement a wide range of color schemes, from bold and vibrant to soft and understated. This neutral palette ensures that the bin enhances, rather than distracts from, the sophistication of any room it inhabits.

Crafted with precision in Italy—a country renowned for its leather craftsmanship—the Swing Wastepaper Bin showcases Giobagnara's commitment to quality and durability. The leather used is not only visually appealing but also water-repellent, making it practical for everyday use. This combination of premium materials and functional design is central to GIOBAGNARA's philosophy, which champions the fusion of aesthetic elegance with practical utility.

Moreover, the design of the Swing Wastepaper Bin reflects thoughtful consideration of daily needs. The leather surface is easy to clean, requiring just a soft cloth and mild soap, which is invaluable for maintaining its appearance without demanding extensive upkeep. This ease of maintenance makes the bin ideal for high-traffic areas where practicality is as important as style.

The Giobagnara Swing Wastepaper Bin in Light Grey, with its sleek leather design and functional elegance, is an excellent addition to any modern space, elevating even a utilitarian item like a waste bin to a decor element. Here’s how to stylishly integrate this piece into your home or office environment:

Ideal Placement:

  • Home Office: Place the bin under the desk or beside a filing cabinet within easy reach. Its sophisticated look will complement the professional environment, enhancing the overall decor while serving a practical function.
  • Living Room: Tuck the wastepaper bin neatly in a corner or next to a sofa or media unit. It's discreet yet stylish enough to be visible without detracting from the room's aesthetic.
  • Bathroom: In a larger bathroom, this bin can serve as an elegant solution for disposing of small waste items. Its water-repellent leather and easy-to-clean features make it ideal for potentially damp environments.
  • Bedroom: Position the bin near a vanity or desk area. Its light grey color and luxurious texture integrate well with bedroom furnishings, providing convenience without sacrificing style.
Giobagnara SwingWastePaperBinInLightGray

Styling Tips:

  • Color Coordination: Utilize the light grey hue of the bin to complement other elements in the room. Match it with similar neutral tones or use it as a subtle contrast to darker colors.
  • Texture Play: The leather texture of the bin adds a touch of luxury. Pair it with other leather goods, such as chairs, pillows, or photo frames, to create a cohesive look in the space.
  • Material Harmony: Incorporate other sleek and modern materials like glass, metal, or wood in the vicinity to echo the bin’s contemporary vibe. This can be through furniture pieces, decorative objects, or even architectural features.
  • Accessorizing: While the bin itself is a simple item, surrounding it with high-end decor pieces like modern art sculptures, minimalist clocks, or stylish lamps can enhance its aesthetic value and integrate it seamlessly into the decor.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Modern Minimalist: In a minimalist setting, the wastepaper bin's clean lines and unobtrusive design make it an ideal choice. Keep surrounding furnishings sparse and functional to emphasize the bin’s subtle elegance.
  • Scandinavian: The light grey color and the simplicity of the design are perfect for Scandinavian-style interiors, which favor muted colors and practical design.
  • Contemporary Chic: In a contemporary space, the bin can add a practical yet stylish touch, fitting in with bold colors, patterns, and innovative designs without overwhelming the senses.

By considering these placement and styling tips, the Giobagnara Swing Wastepaper Bin can be more than just a practical item; it can be a statement of sophistication that enhances the decor of any room. Its combination of aesthetic appeal and functional design makes it a worthy addition to modern home or office spaces.

Color Light Grey
Dimensions W 7.87 X H 12.20 in
W 20 X H 31 cm
Material Leather
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 2.630 kg