Ibiza Bohemia

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₹ 15,000.00

Embrace the Hippie-Chic Spirit

Experience the unique blend of uility and creativity that Ibiza offers through the pages of "Ibiza Bohemia." book whisks you away to the picturesque

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Embrace the Hippie-Chic Spirit

Experience the unique blend of uility and creativity that Ibiza offers through the pages of "Ibiza Bohemia." book whisks you away to the picturesque Mediterranean haven known for its eclectic mix of souls—from artists and creatives to musicians. A must-read for anyone who loves exploring diverse cultures in style.

Scenic Beauty and Iconic Characters

Dive into the breathtaking visuals of Ibiza's Balearic cliffs and be inspired by the stories of legendary figures that have graced the island. "Ibiza Bohemia" captures the ethereal beauty and the pulsating energy of a locale that has been a muse to many. Offering more than just scenic shots and travel tips, this book delivers a profound narrative of a place of transformation.

Explore Archetypal Stylish Homes

Get an insider's look into the stylish homes that dot the landscapes of Ibiza. Each page of "Ibiza Bohemia" is filled with interiors reflecting the island's signature bohemian style—effortlessly chic and timelessly appealing. Perfect for those seeking to infuse their living spaces with the laid-back, artistic vibe of Ibiza.



The photographer behind "Ibiza Bohemia" is a master of capturing the essence and soul of a place through the lens. Known for their ability to tell stories visually, this artist brings to life the vibrant culture and dynamic atmosphere of Ibiza. With a special focus on the island's scenic beauty and iconic residents, the photographer's work in "Ibiza Bohemia" is a rich tapestry of color, emotion, and energy, each frame meticulously crafted to transport the viewer into the heart of Ibiza's bohemian lifestyle.

Assouline, the publisher of this captivating volume, stands out for its dedication to books that are as artistic as they are informative. Known for creating visually stunning and editorially unique works, Assouline's approach perfectly complements the bohemian spirit of Ibiza. Through "Ibiza Bohemia," Assouline continues its tradition of publishing books that are not only a pleasure to read but are also beautiful to behold, making each volume a must-have for those passionate about culture, style, and design.

Drawing inspiration from the eclectic and free-spirited nature of Ibiza, "Ibiza Bohemia" is crafted to reflect the island’s unique charm and aesthetic. The book’s color palette is infused with the hues of the Mediterranean—turquoise blues, sandy beiges, and vibrant whites, which echo the island’s seascape and architecture. The finish and texture of the pages are chosen to evoke the tactile feel of Ibiza’s natural landscapes, from rugged cliffs to smooth, sun-warmed tiles, giving the reader a sense of immersion into the island's environment.

The sourcing of content for "Ibiza Bohemia" involves in-depth exploration and collaboration with local artists, musicians, and residents, ensuring authenticity and a genuine representation of the island’s lifestyle. Each page delves into the interiors of some of Ibiza’s most stylish homes, showcasing how the island’s bohemian vibe is seamlessly woven into its living spaces. This visual journey not only highlights the beauty of Ibiza but also serves as a source of inspiration for readers looking to bring a touch of this style into their own homes. Assouline's "Ibiza Bohemia" provides a comprehensive look at the artistic and cultural richness of Ibiza, making it an essential addition for anyone drawn to the allure of this iconic Mediterranean escape.

Filled with stunning photography and rich narratives, "Ibiza Bohemia" delves into the lives of the iconic characters and creatives who have made Ibiza a legendary locale. It is an essential read for those drawn to eclectic cultures, seeking inspiration to bring the free-spirited, artistic vibe of Ibiza into their own environments.

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: This book is ideally placed on a coffee table or on an open shelf in the living room, where its stunning cover and content can be easily accessed and admired by guests. Its presence can spark conversations about travel, art, and culture.
  • Sunroom or Conservatory: In a sunroom or conservatory filled with natural light and plants, "Ibiza Bohemia" enhances the connection to nature and the outdoors, mirroring the serene and vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza.
  • Bedroom: Place this book in a bedroom where its soothing imagery and stories can inspire dreams of far-flung places and artistic endeavors. A bedside table or a private reading nook would be perfect.
  • Guest Room: Displaying "Ibiza Bohemia" in a guest room can provide visitors with a delightful escape into the bohemian culture of Ibiza, offering a warm and inviting ambiance.
Assouline IBIZA Bohemia

Styling Tips:

  • Natural and Rustic Elements: Complement the book with natural, rustic decor elements like wicker baskets, wooden artifacts, or clay pots to echo the bohemian and artistic vibe of Ibiza.
  • Textural Layers: Introduce a variety of textures through throws, cushions, or rugs that reflect the laid-back yet chic style typical of Ibiza homes, adding depth and warmth to the space.
  • Earthy Color Palette: Use an earthy color palette with shades of terra cotta, azure, and sandy beige, which harmonizes with the Mediterranean charm depicted in the book.
  • Strategic Lighting: Use soft, warm lighting to illuminate the book, particularly if placed in a reading area or on a display stand, creating an inviting and cozy ambiance.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Bohemian Chic: In a bohemian chic decor, this book fits seamlessly, complementing eclectic furnishings, vibrant textiles, and a mix of unconventional decor items.
  • Coastal Style: For homes with a coastal style, "Ibiza Bohemia" can accentuate the seaside aesthetic, pairing well with light fabrics, breezy layouts, and marine-themed decor.
  • Modern Eclectic: In a modern eclectic setting, the book can serve as a bridge between contemporary design and traditional bohemian elements, adding personality and depth to minimalist spaces.

"Ibiza Bohemia" is more than just a book; it's a decorative element that transports the essence of Ibiza into any living space. This guide assists potential buyers in envisioning how this beautifully crafted volume can enhance their home decor while inspiring a lifestyle that embraces creativity, nature, and cultural diversity.

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