Denver Bowl Small

₹ 60,000.00
₹ 60,000.00
Color: Clear/Black/Amber

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Design

Discover the Reflections Copenhagen Denver Bowl Small, a stunning centrepiece that seamlessly blends classic artistry with contemporary aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the bold

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Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Design

Discover the Reflections Copenhagen Denver Bowl Small, a stunning centrepiece that seamlessly blends classic artistry with contemporary aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the bold and vibrant 80’s punk glamour, this bowl features striking crossed lines on its exterior, giving it a dynamic appearance that catches the eye. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of historical richness in their everyday spaces, this bowl can transform any room with its presence.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

Each Denver Bowl Small is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Reflections Copenhagen. Hand-cut from fine crystal and meticulously shaped into a distinctive cubical form with a dipped, curved center, it rests on a statuesquely ridged base. Not merely a bowl, but a piece of art, this item represents a dedication to quality and an homage to handcrafted perfection. Here, every irregularity tells a story of artisanal intricacy and charm.

Illuminate Your Space

The innovative design of the Denver Bowl Small is not only about visual appeal but also functionality. Engineered to manipulate and play with light, the bowl creates captivating shadows and reflections that dance around your room. Whether used as a standalone statement piece or part of a larger decorative arrangement, it promises to bring an element of sophisticated drama to your decor.



Reflections Copenhagen redefines interior luxury through its innovative approach to design and materials. The brand emphasizes opulent, cutting-edge styles that challenge conventional aesthetics, creating decorative elements that are both visually striking and of high craftsmanship. Their product portfolio includes a variety of items such as tabletop decor, vases, and bold lighting solutions, all designed with a signature blend of vivid colors and dynamic shapes. Central to their philosophy is the interplay between light and crystal, achieving spectacular reflections that animate any space. With every piece, Reflections Copenhagen invites a dialogue between art and functionality, catering to discerning tastes in interior decor.

The Denver Bowl Small is more than just a centerpiece; it is a statement of timeless elegance married to modern design. The crossed lines on its exterior are not merely decorative but are a dynamic nod to the era that inspired its conception, providing the piece with a sense of movement and an eye-catching complexity. This design choice reflects a daring approach to interior decor, suggesting that the piece is perfect for those who not only appreciate a touch of historical richness but also desire to infuse their spaces with a dramatic, contemporary edge.

Crafted from fine crystal, each Denver Bowl Small is hand-cut and meticulously shaped into a distinctive cubical form with a dipped, curved center that rests on a statuesquely ridged base. This level of craftsmanship speaks volumes of the brand’s dedication to quality and homage to handcrafted perfection. Every ridge, every curve of this sculptural bowl tells a story of artisanal intricacy, where each irregularity adds a unique charm and a personal touch by the craftsman. This careful attention to detail ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, making each bowl a personal testament to the art of fine crystal cutting and design.

Moreover, Reflections Copenhagen's innovative approach does not stop at aesthetics but extends to functionality. The Denver Bowl Small is engineered to manipulate and play with light, creating captivating shadows and reflections that animate the space around it. This functional aspect of the design allows the bowl to not only serve as a beautiful object but also as an interactive element in home decor, bringing sophisticated drama and a playful lightness to any room.

The Denver Bowl Small is a striking and versatile decorative piece that can be a focal point in various settings within a home. Here's a practical style guide to effectively incorporate this crystal bowl into your interior design:

Ideal Placement:

1. Living Room:

  • Centerpiece on a Coffee Table: Position the bowl in the center of your coffee table. Fill it with decorative items like colored glass balls or keep it empty to let its craftsmanship shine. This setup enhances the aesthetic appeal and draws attention to the bowl's intricate details.
  • Mantelpiece or Console Table: Place it on a mantelpiece or a console table as a standalone statement piece. It can be complemented by minimalist candle holders or small, framed artwork to create a balanced display.
  • Bedroom: On a bedside table, the Dakota T-Light can serve as a calming element, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. The gentle glow of the candle will add to the serene atmosphere, making your bedroom a peaceful retreat.

2. Dining Room:

  • Dining Table Centerpiece: The Denver Bowl can serve as an elegant centerpiece on your dining table. Pair it with low-height decorations like a runner or small votive candles to keep the view across the table unobstructed.
  • Buffet Cabinet Top: Display the bowl on top of a buffet cabinet. Surround it with fine china or silverware to tie in the luxurious feel of the crystal.

3. Entryway:

  • Entry Table Decor: Positioning this bowl in your entryway on a console table makes a welcoming impression. It can be used to hold decorative keys or simply as a statement piece to greet guests.

Styling Tips:

1. Lighting:

  • To maximize the bowl's light-manipulating characteristics, place it near natural light sources such as windows or under subtle artificial lighting like a pendant light. This will enhance the reflections and shadows cast by the bowl, adding to its dynamic visual appeal.

2. Color Scheme:

  • The crystal’s clear and reflective nature pairs well with both bold and neutral color palettes. For a dramatic effect, place it against dark hues like navy or charcoal. For a serene ambiance, softer shades like beige or pale gray work beautifully.

3. Textural Contrast:

  • Surround the bowl with different textures to enhance its presence. Soft furnishings, like velvet pillows or a wool rug, can create an appealing contrast with the crystal’s hard, reflective surface.

4. Seasonal Variations:

  • Adapt the contents of the bowl to seasonal themes. For instance, during the fall, it can hold pine cones or autumn leaves, while in the winter, decorative baubles or a string of twinkling fairy lights can add a festive touch.

Other Considerations

  • Practical Use: If you decide to use the bowl for functional purposes, such as holding fruits or as a serving bowl during special occasions, ensure that the items inside are not too heavy and complement its elegance.
  • Maintenance: Crystal needs careful handling. Regular dusting and occasional gentle cleaning with a mild soap will keep it sparkling.

By following these suggestions, the Denver Bowl Small will not only serve as an exquisite decorative item but will also complement the overall aesthetic of your home.

Color Clear/Black/Amber
Dimensions H 7 X W 14 cm
H 2.76 X W 5.51 inch
Material Fine hand cut crystal
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 3.5 kg