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Christmas with Maison Sia: A Luxurious Celebration of Gifting, Candles and Festive Serveware

Christmas with Maison Sia: A Luxurious Celebration of Gifting, Candles and Festive Serveware

This holiday season, Maison Sia invites you to elevate your Christmas celebrations with an exquisite array of gifting options, enchanting candles and magical serveware. Immerse yourself in the spirit of luxury and refinement as you explore our curated selections designed to make your festive moments truly memorable.

Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas Gift Hampers 

Add luxury and elegance to your holiday gifting with Maison Sia's exquisite Christmas gift hampers, meticulously curated to add a touch of opulence to your festivities. 

Illuminate your loved ones' homes with our exclusive Holiday Hamper,  adding an artistic flair to the joyous celebrations. The enchanting glow of the Rasteli Candle will create a warm and inviting ambiance for the season, while they can serve delectable holiday treats on the charming Rory Snowman Plate. 

If you want your gift to speak of luxury, choose the Lad Rose Gold Candle Hamper, a sophisticated choice that embodies elegance and thoughtful gifting. 

Alternatively, indulge in our Chic Indulgences Hamper, a luxurious ensemble of delights that includes the Lad Boise Chic Candle and the whimsical Rory Alice in W Clock Plate, making it a perfect expression of refined living and exceptional taste. 

Share the joy of the season with Maison Sia's Christmas gift hampers, where every detail is designed to enchant and elevate the art of gifting.


Candles and Incense for a Cosy Christmas Ambiance

Create a warm and welcoming Christmas atmosphere in your home with Maison Sia's exquisite candle and fragrance collection. Experience the rich textures and opulent appeal of the Principe Collection's conical porcelain container, accented with a platinum lid. Alternatively, elegantly light up your home with the Ester & Erik small round candle plate, a stylish accessory for your coffee table. 


Make your home a delight to the senses with sophisticated scented. Explore scented candles from Dekocandle, blending pure craftsmanship with contemporary design, or infuse your outdoor space with the captivating fragrance of the Urban Senses Pink Gold Sails Rose De Nuit Reed Diffuser. If you want something more international, try the unique scents from the VB Smokey Velvet Set, inspired by Masai and Arab tribes, or the refined Iguazu scent from Jambo, offering a touch of Belgium's luxurious home fragrance.


Serveware for Christmas

Add functional art to your Christmas table with Maison Sia's magical spectrum of colours in the Regenbogen series by Fundamental Berlin. Handmade from heavy crystal and treated with a special chromatic film, this bowl serves as a dazzling centerpiece. 

The Dioniso Bucket from Zanetto is an additional masterpiece, ideal for keeping your favorite wines cool during festive meals. Complete your festive table setting with the Sleek Grey Lacquered Tray, a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality, adorned with handwoven leather handles from Giobagnara.

This Christmas, immerse yourself in the world of sophistication and luxury. From enchanting gifts to aromatic candles and captivating serveware, each piece is crafted to enhance the magic of the season. Elevate your celebrations with Maison Sia, where every detail is a testament to refined taste and festive opulence.

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