Chanel Set of 3 (2020): Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Perfume & Beauty

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₹ 15,000.00

The Magic of Chanel Fashion

Welcome the effortless elegance and avant-garde style of Chanel Fashion through Assouline’s Chanel Set Of 3 (2020): Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Perfume & Beauty-

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The Magic of Chanel Fashion

Welcome the effortless elegance and avant-garde style of Chanel Fashion through Assouline’s Chanel Set Of 3 (2020): Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Perfume & Beauty- a precious gem in the 2020 Chanel Set of 3 collection. Anointed with the radiant touch of artistic director Virginie Viard, Chanel Fashion blossoms from the bold, influential paradigms laid down by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself. Sophisticated yet natural, the contemporary silhouettes captured in this book breathe life into the mystic charm of Parisian savoir faire . It also makes for a perfect gift for anyone ready to embrace the absolute art of dressing in the latest fashion trends.

The Allure of Chanel Jewelry And Watches

The Chanel Jewelry and Watches are the epitome of timeless luxe and expert craftsmanship tastefully covered in this book. Exquisite and awe-inspiring, each masterpiece is a tangible rendition of more than thirty years of unsurpassed watchmaking feats that brave the test of time. The book also elucidates the High Jewelry collection; a unique spirit where pleasure meets the art of Haute Horlogerie. Chanel Jewelry truly extends beyond aesthetics - it reflects Assouline’s care, commitment and craftsmanship.

The Enchantment of Chanel Fragrance and Beauty

Chanel Fragrance and Beauty is the very essence of indulgence, borne from the avant-garde vision of Gabrielle Chanel. The contents of the book represent absolute quality and uniqueness. It talks about the beauty line which stands as a testament to Chanel's continuous quest for purity combined with the highest standards of research. The Chanel Fragrance and Beauty compliments every connoisseur’s space and also makes it the perfect gift.



Assouline Publishing is celebrated for its luxurious publications that merge culture with opulence, crafting items that resonate with the aficionados of luxury home decor. Their Ultimate Collection, Special Editions, and decorative accessories are designed to bring sophistication and an intellectual allure to any living space, serving as central points that spark conversation and admiration. These pieces, ranging from culturally rich books to elegantly designed decor items, offer a multitude of choices for those aiming to imbue their homes with a blend of luxury and cerebral elegance. Assouline stands as a luminary in luxury publishing and home decor, providing products that are both informative and aesthetically enhancing.

The Chanel Set of 3 (2020), presented by Assouline, epitomizes elegance and craftsmanship, reflecting the iconic fashion house's timeless aesthetic and creative essence. Authored by Anne Berest, Fabienne Reybaud, and Marion Vignal, this collection offers an intimate look into Chanel's spirit, making it a precious addition to any library of a decor enthusiast. Each volume—focusing on Chanel's fashion, jewelry and watches, and fragrance and beauty—conveys the brand's rich legacy and ongoing innovation.

Anne Berest's exploration of Chanel Fashion traces the evolution from Coco Chanel's groundbreaking designs to Virginie Viard's modern interpretations, emphasizing the brand's commitment to modern luxury and Parisian elegance. Fabienne Reybaud's expertise shines in "Chanel Jewelry and Watches," where she unveils the brand's exemplary craftsmanship and enduring designs that have marked Chanel's legacy in fine jewelry and haute horlogerie. Their narratives not only detail the meticulous craftsmanship but also celebrate Chanel's impact on the luxury sector.

Marion Vignal delves into "Chanel Fragrance and Beauty," capturing the brand's pioneering vision in the beauty industry initiated by Gabrielle Chanel. Vignal portrays the beauty line as a symbol of indulgence, simplicity, and elegance, reflecting the holistic vision of Chanel. Together, these volumes offer a sensory journey through Chanel's contributions to fashion, jewelry, and beauty. The Chanel Set of 3 (2020) is more than a collection of books; it's a testament to Chanel's enduring influence and an inspiration to lovers of fashion, luxury, and art, making it a valuable asset to enrich any living space with its elegant craftsmanship and insightful narratives.

The "Chanel Set of 3" collection requires a thoughtful approach that honors the Chanel brand's legacy of elegance and innovation.

Ideal Room Placement:

  • Dressing Room or Walk-In Closet: For those who have a dedicated space for fashion, the Chanel book set will serve as both inspiration and a luxurious accent. Place the books on a chic display stand or integrate them into an open shelving unit among designer accessories and jewelry, creating a visual dialogue between the books and the fashion items.
  • Living Room or Salon: In a more public space, these books can act as sophisticated coffee table books. Arrange them on a sleek, minimalist coffee table surrounded by plush seating to invite guests to peruse the pages. This placement not only enhances the decor but also sparks conversations about fashion and design.
  • Home Office or Library: For a more intimate setting, the books can be displayed in a home office or library where they can be appreciated in a quiet, contemplative environment. Pair them with artifacts or artworks that speak to the Chanel brand’s heritage, such as black and white photography or minimalist sculptures.

    Styling Details:

  • Color Coordination: Utilize a palette that compliments the classic Chanel colors—black, white, and gold. This could be through the use of decorative pillows, throws, or artwork that echo these hues, enhancing the books’ visual presence.
  • Textural Contrast: Place the books on surfaces that offer a textural contrast, such as a mirrored or glass coffee table, which underscores the tactile quality of the books' covers.
  • Strategic Lighting: Highlight the books with focused lighting—such as a chic table lamp or adjustable spotlighting—that not only draws attention to their detail but also creates an inviting nook for reading and admiration.
  • Complementary Decor: Accentuate the books with subtle luxury items like a vintage Chanel perfume bottle or a small, elegant vase with fresh flowers. These items should complement, not overwhelm, the visual appeal of the book display.
  • Interactive Placement: Ensure the books are easily accessible to guests, encouraging interaction and engagement. This could be achieved by positioning them at an arm’s reach from seating areas or in a casual stack on a side table.

By incorporating these elements, the "Chanel Set of 3" collection by Assouline will not only enhance the aesthetic of the room but also serve as a testament to the timeless allure of Chanel, making a statement in any space they adorn.

Dimensions W 10.2 X H 12.9 in
W 26 X H 33 cm
Material 3 jacketed hardcover volumes in a luxury slipcase
Country of Origin USA
Weight 1.140 kg