The Impossible Collection of Cars

₹ 155,000.00
₹ 155,000.00

Eye-catching Originality

In the world of vintage automobiles, The Impossible Collection of Cars by Assouline stands out because it showcases 100 of the most exceptional cars of the

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Eye-catching Originality

In the world of vintage automobiles, The Impossible Collection of Cars by Assouline stands out because it showcases 100 of the most exceptional cars of the 20th century. This glorious compilation brings you closer to these magnificent machines, bringing a touch of the extraordinary right into your living room. Each page is a portal into a different era, and a glimpse into the minds of the engineers who designed these beautiful beasts of the road.

High-quality Craftsmanship

Each of the minute details that make these cars special is brought to light through high-quality images and in-depth content. From the sleek lines of each vehicle's body to the precise alignment of machinery under the hood, The Impossible Collection of Cars highlights the passion, skill, and artistry that has gone into creating everyone. It's not just a book; it's a tribute to the monoliths of automotive history.

Highly Acclaimed Series

Being the third volume in the Impossible Collection series by Assouline, The Impossible Collection of Cars carries the illustrious legacy forward. It carefully curates automobiles that have defined the century, marking milestones in technological advancement and aesthetic design. Owning this collection is like holding a piece of history and enjoying the beautiful evolution of car design and engineering over the years.



Assouline has made a significant contribution to the world of luxury publishing, particularly with its curated collections that focus on the automotive industry. By focusing on exclusive topics and treating each book as a piece of art, Assouline has managed to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts and luxury collectors alike, offering them something that is both a visual delight and a repository of knowledge. Assouline's publications in this niche exemplify their ability to capture and convey the artistry and emotion behind automotive engineering and design, showcasing why cars are more than just machines but are indeed moving works of art. This attention to detail and the celebration of luxury and craftsmanship resonate well within the luxury lifestyle and collector communities, reinforcing Assouline’s impact as a pioneer of luxury and cultural publishing.

"The Impossible Collection of Cars" by Assouline is a majestic journey through the art and soul of twentieth-century automotive design, curated with the discerning eye of a true connoisseur. This volume is not merely a book; it is an exquisite artifact that embodies Assouline’s unparalleled commitment to celebrating cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Assouline’s choice to feature 100 of the most exceptional cars of the 20th century is a tribute to the era’s groundbreaking advancements in automotive technology and design aesthetics. Each car selected for this collection represents a pinnacle of engineering and style, symbolizing the spirit of its time. The book serves as a chronicle of innovation, capturing the evolution of automotive design from functional machinery to symbols of prestige and artistic expression.

Echoing the meticulous craftsmanship of the cars it profiles, "The Impossible Collection of Cars" is crafted with an attention to detail that rivals the subjects it covers. Assouline uses only the finest materials in the assembly of the book, including hand-tipped color plates on art-quality paper, which enhances the visual impact of the photographs. The binding and presentation are equally considered, with a custom clamshell case that not only protects but also presents the volume as a cherished collectible.

The visual presentation in "The Impossible Collection of Cars" is designed to reflect the elegance and allure of the cars themselves. The use of high-resolution photography allows readers to appreciate the sleek lines and intricate details of each model, from the polished chrome finishes to the luxurious interiors. The color palette is carefully chosen to complement the imagery, with rich blacks and metallic tones that convey the sophistication and status associated with classic luxury automobiles.

Integrating "The Impossible Collection of Cars" into your interior decor transcends the mere act of showcasing a book; it embodies an embrace of the elegance, innovation, and enduring spirit encapsulated by the most exceptional automobiles of the 20th century. This compilation, with its richly detailed narratives and mesmerizing imagery, elevates any space it graces, transforming it into a luxurious homage to automotive excellence. Below are refined style guide suggestions, meticulously crafted to ensure this volume enhances the sophistication and allure of your home, promising a candid yet polished presentation across various rooms:

Ideal Room Selection:

  • Living Room: Elevate "The Impossible Collection of Cars" to a statement piece, either resplendent on a coffee table or commanding attention in a prominent bookcase. Complement it with decor inspired by the automotive world—think scale models, vintage racing posters, or abstract art capturing the essence of vehicular elegance.
  • Study or Home Office: Create a sanctuary of inspiration by situating the book within reach on a shelf or desk. Surround it with mementos from legendary car races, detailed automotive blueprints, and sleek, contemporary accessories to kindle a spirit of innovation and design.
  • The Library or Den: Carve out a specialized niche for automotive literature where this tome can reign supreme. Employ warm, inviting lighting, sumptuous leather seating, and rich wooden accents to cultivate a space dedicated to the reverence of car history and design.
  • A Man Cave or Entertainment Room: Situate the book in a relaxed setting, amid other cherished collectibles and memorabilia. Integrate automotive-themed barware, wall art, and plush seating to foster an environment conducive to leisurely exploration and engaging conversation.

    Styling Tips:

  • Color Palette: Opt for a color scheme that mirrors the sleek aesthetics of vintage automobiles. A foundation of monochromatic tones, accented with metallic flourishes, creates a backdrop that magnifies the book's visual appeal and the inherent elegance of the automobiles it showcases.
  • Textures and Materials: Incorporate opulent textures and premium materials such as chrome, leather, and polished wood, reflecting the impeccable craftsmanship of the cars featured. These elements infuse the decor with depth and authenticity.
  • Lighting: Strategic lighting accentuates the book and its intricate details. A judiciously positioned lamp not only illuminates the book's imagery but also establishes it as an alluring focal point.
  • Artistic Elements: Curate art pieces that resonate with the vintage and luxury automobile theme. Whether original or reproduction car advertisements, patent prints, or classic car photography, these artworks act as complementary visual elements.

    Subtle Details for Candid Styling:

  • Automotive-Inspired Accents: Embellish the setting with nuanced decor, such as vintage car keys, steering wheel clocks, or gear shift paperweights, to add layers of depth and context to the book’s presentation.
  • Fragrance: Evoke the luxury of classic cars with candles or diffusers infused with notes of leather, chrome, and mahogany, enhancing the ambiance with the essence of automotive refinement.
  • Fabric Swatches: Exhibit fabric swatches or patterns reminiscent of vintage car interiors—like leather or houndstooth—either artistically framed or casually displayed, introducing a tactile dimension that celebrates automotive design.
  • Collector's Items: Displaying miniature car models or rare automotive accessories adjacent to the book pays tribute to the engineering and design prowess of the cars featured, enriching your decor with a layer of fascination and authenticity.

By thoughtfully orchestrating your interiors with inspirations drawn from "The Impossible Collection of Cars," you do more than showcase a book; you honor the groundbreaking designs and enduring legacy of the 20th century's most iconic automobiles, infusing your home with a sense of luxury, innovation, and timeless elegance that these remarkable machines embody.

Dimensions W 10.2 X H 12.9 in
W 26 X H 33 cm
Material Black Rubber Clamshell Box
Country of Origin USA
Weight 8.74 kg
ASSOULINE The Impossible Collection of Cars