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Ass- Travel by Design - Maison SIA

Travel by Design

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₹ 11,000.00
Color: Yellow

A Journey in Every Page

Embark on a captivating journey with "Travel by Design" by Assouline, your personal gateway to exploring the globe through the eyes of renowned architects

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A Journey in Every Page

Embark on a captivating journey with "Travel by Design" by Assouline, your personal gateway to exploring the globe through the eyes of renowned architects and designers. This beautifully crafted book invites you to experience over 100 breathtaking locations across 60 countries, all from the comfort of your home. With a collection of photographs by more than 150 of America's leading creative minds, this guide is not just about places—it's about the stories, inspirations, and design perspectives from around the world.

Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Whether you're an avid traveler, a design aficionado, or someone who loves to daydream about distant lands, "Travel by Design" offers a treasure trove of inspiration. This isn't just a book; it's an exploration of creativity, showcasing how travel influences design and vice versa. From the vibrant streets of global cities to serene all-American escapes, each page turns into an opportunity to ignite your imagination and inspire your next big idea or adventure.

A Perfect Addition to Your Collection

Measuring  W 26 X H 33 cm and adorned in a striking yellow cover, "Travel by Design" perfectly complements any coffee table, bookshelf, or workspace. It's not just a book to be read—it's a piece of art to be displayed and a conversation starter for guests. This Assouline publication makes an exquisite gift for friends and loved ones, or a delightful treat for yourself, reminding us all of the beauty of travel and the endless possibilities it brings.



Assouline, founded in Paris in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline, began as the first luxury brand dedicated to culture. It was envisioned as a way to create a new, contemporary style of books that would be visually rich and narratively compelling. Over the years, Assouline has expanded its vision to include a wide range of cultural and lifestyle topics, creating over 1,700 titles across three main collections, as well as special editions and unique library accessories. The brand's commitment to craftsmanship, beauty, and design has established it as a pioneer in the publishing industry, redefining how books are integrated into the modern lifestyle. Assouline's books and products are meant not just to be read, but to be seen and appreciated as works of art in their own right, contributing to the chic and personalized libraries of the well-appointed home.

"Travel by Design" by Assouline is not merely a book; it is a meticulously curated portal into the vistas and visions that have inspired the world's foremost architects and designers. This compendium serves as a bridge connecting the reader to over 100 enchanting locales across 60 countries, each narrated through the lens of aesthetic and architectural brilliance. Crafted with the contributions of more than 150 preeminent American creatives, this publication transcends the conventional travel guide, offering a profound glimpse into the symbiotic relationship between the spaces we inhabit and the world we explore.

The essence of "Travel by Design" lies in its ability to transform each turn of the page into a journey of discovery. Readers are invited to traverse from the bustling avenues of global metropolises to the tranquil retreats tucked away in corners of the United States, all while seated in their living room. It's a visual feast, a source of inspiration that prompts contemplation on how travel shapes our perceptions and our spaces. The narratives within this book underscore the profound influence of global aesthetics on personal and public spaces, celebrated through stunning photography and insightful commentary.

This book is designed to be displayed and discussed, a constant inspiration for the next adventure or project. Whether as a gift for a fellow globe-trotter or a personal keepsake, it stands as a testament to the beauty and boundless inspiration travel affords, cementing Assouline’s legacy as a purveyor of fine books that are as informative as they are beautiful.

"Travel by Design" by Assouline isn't just a book; it's a journey and a decorative statement, capable of transforming any room with a splash of color and a world of inspiration.

Ideal Room Placement

  • Living Room: This book, with its vivid yellow cover, serves as an excellent accent piece on a coffee table or nestled in a stylish book rack. Pair it with minimalist decor to let the book's vibrant cover pop, or among a curated collection of art books to create an eclectic mix.
  • Home Office: For those who draw inspiration from the world around them, placing "Travel by Design" on a home office desk or shelf can serve as a source of creative inspiration. Its presence can transport you to different parts of the world, perfect for sparking creativity when you're pondering your next big project.
  • Library or Study: This book fits seamlessly into a more private, contemplative space where one can unwind. Surrounded by rich woods and soft lighting, the book invites you to delve into its pages and explore architectural marvels and design intricacies.

    Styling Tips for Enhanced Aesthetics

  • Color Coordination: Complement the book's striking yellow cover with decor items in contrasting colors like blues or greens, or harmonious shades like warm oranges and reds, to create a visually appealing palette.
  • Textures: Pair the sleek, smooth texture of the book with tactile elements like a plush velvet throw or a rough, handmade pottery piece to add depth to your space.
  • Lighting: Position the book where natural light can enhance its visibility or under a soft lamp in a reading nook to invite curiosity and conversation.
  • Complementary Decor: Place travel memorabilia or framed photographs of iconic locations nearby to echo the theme of exploration and adventure that "Travel by Design" embodies.
  • Complementary Decor: Place travel memorabilia or framed photographs of iconic locations nearby to echo the theme of exploration and adventure that "Travel by Design" embodies.
  • Seasonal Touches: Depending on the season, you can style the book with seasonal flora or artifacts. For instance, during spring, a vase of fresh tulips next to the book can mirror the rejuvenation theme of travel.

Incorporating "Travel by Design" into your home decor not only elevates your environment but also constantly inspires with its rich content and beautiful presentation. This book is more than just a reading material—it's a gateway to the world, making it an essential piece for any aesthetically inclined or travel-loving individual's collection.

Dimensions W 10.2 X H 12.9 in
W 26 X H 33 cm
Material Linen Hardcover
Country of Origin USA
Weight 2.9 kg