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Explore the Rich History

Delve into the heart of British fashion with Burberry – More than 165 years of innovation, adventure, and Britishness. This meticulously curated volume takes you

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Explore the Rich History

Delve into the heart of British fashion with Burberry – More than 165 years of innovation, adventure, and Britishness. This meticulously curated volume takes you on a remarkable journey from the brand's humble beginnings in 1856 to its status as a global icon today. Illustrated with over 200 images, each page tells a story of heritage, innovation, and timeless style. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a history aficionado, this book provides a captivating look into a brand that has stood the test of time.

Iconic Fashion Statements

Discover the world through the eyes of adventurers who donned Burberry's iconic outfits. From the durable and elegant trench coats to the distinctive Burberry Check, each chapter reveals how these staples were not just pieces of clothing but symbols of a rich cultural history. Burberry isn't just a narration of fashion; it’s a window to a legacy of enduring designs that continue to inspire fashion trends across the globe.

A Tribute to British Craftsmanship

Feel the essence of true craftsmanship with stories from the heart of Burberry's design and creation processes. This book, part of Assouline’s Legends Collection, emphasizes the meticulous care, skill, and artistic vision that go into every piece created under the Burberry name. Ideal for those who cherish quality and attention to detail, this volume teaches appreciation for how traditional British craftsmanship has shaped a world-renowned brand.



The artist chronicling the Burberry legacy in Burberry – More than 165 years of innovation, adventure, and Britishness is a photographer renowned for their exquisite ability to capture the essence of heritage and luxury. With an eye for detail that rivals the meticulousness of Burberry's own craftsmen, this artist’s photographs not only document but also celebrate the storied history of one of Britain's most iconic fashion houses. Each image is thoughtfully composed, echoing the enduring elegance and adventurous spirit that Burberry has embodied since its inception in 1856.

Assouline, the publisher of this luxurious volume, is well-versed in the art of crafting books that are as visually arresting as they are informative. Known for their high-quality productions and attention to aesthetic details, Assouline books are collector's items that bring the tactile pleasures of fine materials and superior craftsmanship to the forefront. In Burberry, Assouline ensures that the brand’s narrative is presented with the elegance and sophistication that both the subject and its readership demand.

Drawing inspiration from Burberry’s rich history and the evolution of its designs, Burberry utilizes a color palette that reflects the brand's classic aesthetic—earthy tones of beige, black, and red, alluding to the iconic Burberry Check. The layout and finish of each page are designed to complement the archival and contemporary photographs, with matte textures that suggest the tactile feel of Burberry's famed gabardine fabric. This thoughtful presentation not only enhances the visual impact of the imagery but also enriches the reader's experience of the brand’s heritage.

The sourcing for this book involved delving into Burberry's extensive archives to uncover stories of innovation and adventure that have defined the brand. By highlighting key moments—such as the invention of the trench coat and the development of the distinctive Burberry Check—Burberry offers readers an in-depth look at the elements that have shaped the brand’s identity. This journey through Burberry’s past is enriched by contemporary insights into the brand’s ongoing commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, making the book an essential read for those who appreciate the convergence of history, fashion, and fine artistry. With Assouline’s Burberry, enthusiasts of fashion, history, and design are invited to explore a narrative that is as timeless as the styles it describes.

Ageless Elegance: The Burberry Legacy is a treasure trove for fashion lovers and history enthusiasts alike, providing a profound understanding of how Burberry's enduring designs continue to influence contemporary fashion.

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Display this book on a coffee table or on an elegant stand in the living room. Its beautiful cover and rich content make it a compelling centerpiece that can spark conversations about fashion and British culture.
  • Home Library or Study: In a home library or study, "Burberry – More than 165 years of innovation, adventure, and Britishness" would be at home amongst other volumes of fashion and history, offering a scholarly yet stylish flair to the room.
  • Dressing Room or Walk-In Closet: Placing the book in a dressing room or walk-in closet could serve as a source of inspiration, surrounded by fashion and personal style elements.
  • Entryway: Utilize this book as a sophisticated decorative element in an entryway to impress guests as they enter, setting an upscale and cultured tone for the home.
Assouline Burberry

Styling Tips

  • Complementary Textures: Enhance the book’s presentation with luxurious textiles such as a cashmere throw or a woolen runner that reflect Burberry’s use of fine materials.
  • British Elements: Integrate decor elements that echo British style, such as classic pottery, framed portraits of London, or a model of the iconic Big Ben, to complement the book’s theme.
  • Subtle Color Palette: Use a color palette that mirrors the understated elegance of Burberry, with tones of beige, black, white, and red, to create a cohesive and stylish look around the book.
  • Focused Lighting: Employ soft, ambient lighting to highlight the book, particularly if placed in a glass-front cabinet or on a pedestal. This not only draws attention to its intricate details but also enhances its visual appeal.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Classic British Elegance: In a classic British-inspired decor, this book adds a layer of cultural depth, ideally suited to complement traditional furniture, elegant drapes, and refined art pieces.
  • Contemporary Chic: In a contemporary setting, the book can serve as a bridge between modern aesthetics and classic fashion elements, enhancing spaces that feature clean lines and modern designs.
  • Eclectic Interiors: For an eclectic interior, "Burberry" can act as a unifying element that ties together diverse decorative pieces, showcasing a blend of modern and traditional influences.

"Ageless Elegance: The Burberry Legacy" is not just a publication; it's a design element that brings the sophistication and history of Burberry into any living space. This guide helps potential buyers visualize how this stunning volume can enhance the decor of their homes while also serving as a conversation piece that celebrates the enduring impact of British fashion.

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Material Linen hardcover in linen slipcase
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