Poker Case

₹ 71,500.00
₹ 71,500.00
Color: Loden Green

Timeless Elegance Meets Functionality

Discover the Giobagnara Poker Case, a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and design. Meticulously crafted from the finest walnut wood and mahogany, this case brings an

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Timeless Elegance Meets Functionality

Discover the Giobagnara Poker Case, a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and design. Meticulously crafted from the finest walnut wood and mahogany, this case brings an air of sophistication to any game night. Its unique walnut wood hinges and loden green, fine leather exterior not only catch the eye but also speak volumes of the opulence it adds to your card-playing experience. This exquisite piece is crafted from premium walnut wood and mahogany, ensuring both beauty and longevity. It features unique walnut wood hinges that enhance its durability, complemented by a luxurious loden green leather cover that adds a touch of elegance.

Organized, Effortless Entertainment

Never worry about misplaced poker chips or scattered playing cards again. The Giobagnara Poker Case is ingeniously designed with internal compartments, ensuring that each high-quality playing card and meticulously crafted poker chip has its place. With eight denominations available, your game nights will run as smoothly as the case's fine leather feels to the touch. The design includes internal compartments for optimal organization, ensuring everything has its place. High-quality playing cards are included, enhancing the game experience. Additionally, the set features poker chips available in eight denominations, allowing for a variety of betting scenarios.

An Heirloom of Sophisticated Leisure

In a world that moves fast, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship that stands the test of time. The Giobagnara Poker Case isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. It represents a tradition of elegance, a nod to refined leisure, and a commitment to the art of enjoyment. This case isn't merely an item; it's an experience, a piece of art, and potentially, a treasured heirloom. This is a statement piece of unparalleled craftsmanship, ideal for both serious players and enthusiasts alike. It stands as a potential heirloom, symbolizing refined leisure for generations to come.



Giobagnara stands as a paragon of exquisite craftsmanship and understated luxury, tracing its origins to the Bagnara family's mastery in leather artisanship since 1939. This legacy of refinement was redefined in 1999 when Giorgio Bagnara infused contemporary elegance into traditional techniques, crafting pieces that exemplify modern sophistication under the GioBagnara label. Esteemed for its bespoke leather creations, each piece is a testament to meticulous handcrafting, rendered in a sumptuous palette of leathers and suede, destined to adorn the most refined interiors.

In the heart of Italy, where tradition meets innovation, Giobagnara’s products are a symphony of quality and luxury. The brand offers an expansive collection from sleek trays and sophisticated furniture to opulent decorative objects, all designed with an eye for timeless elegance. The meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection in every stitch reflect the brand's commitment to creating more than just items but enduring symbols of luxury lifestyle.

The strategic acquisition of saddle leather specialist Rabitti 1969 in 2015 marked a significant expansion, enhancing Giobagnara's portfolio with even richer textures and designs. This merger not only broadened their exquisite offerings but also reinforced the brand's ethos of growth through heritage and innovation, solidifying its stature in the luxury market.

Today, Giobagnara is celebrated globally not just for its unparalleled quality but also for its unique ability to customize its offerings, making it an indispensable asset for luxury connoisseurs, including those outfitting yachts and private jets. This dedication to craftsmanship and luxury ensures that each Giobagnara piece is not merely an accessory but a cornerstone of sophisticated living spaces around the world.

The Giobagnara Poker Case is not merely a functional item but an epitome of refined taste and opulence, making it a pivotal decorative element in any interior setting. When considering placement, the luxury and craftsmanship of this piece mean it can serve dual purposes as both a game accessory and a statement piece of decor.

Ideal Room Settings:

  • The Study or Home Office: This space often reflects personal style and intellectual pursuits. Placing the Giobagnara Poker Case here not only speaks to the sophistication of the room but also invites the use of the set in a relaxed yet mentally stimulating environment. Position it prominently on a desk or within a glass cabinet where it can be easily accessed yet remains a focal point.
  • Living Room or Den: These areas are typically where guests are entertained, making them perfect for showcasing this exquisite poker case. Consider positioning it on a coffee table as a centerpiece or on a sideboard under a painting. The rich walnut wood and loden green leather will complement leather sofas and wood accents, enhancing the room’s aesthetic while inviting conversation.
  • Recreational Room or Game Room: If your home includes a space dedicated to leisure and entertainment, the Giobagnara Poker Case naturally belongs here. Placing it on a gaming table or adjacent shelving unit ensures it is not only decorative but also functional, easily accessible for game nights.
iobagnara PokerCaseLodenGreen

Subtle Styling Details:

  • Lighting: Highlight the poker case with focused lighting such as a small spotlight or a table lamp placed nearby, which can enhance the visibility of its fine materials and craftsmanship details, giving it a museum-quality display.
  • Color Coordination: Match the case’s loden green leather with other green accents in the room, such as throw pillows, books, or decorative pieces to create a cohesive color story.
  • Textural Contrast: Surround the poker case with contrasting textures to make it stand out. For instance, place it on a sleek, modern glass table or against the backdrop of a plush velvet chair to accentuate its classic appeal.
  • Complementary Accessories: Pair the poker case with other sophisticated accessories like a vintage globe, classic books, or a set of whiskey glasses and decanter to enhance the theme of refined leisure.

By incorporating these elements, you not only optimize the functionality of the GIOBAGNARA Poker Case but also elevate the room’s decor, ensuring that the piece stands as a testament to luxury and style in your home.

Color Loden Green
Dimensions W 2.75 X L 5.90 inch
W 7 X L 15 cm
Material Leather
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 3.5 kg