Golden Elixir: 24K Luxury Bottle

₹ 67,500.00
₹ 67,500.00
Color: Turquoise & Gold

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each bottle of the Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle from Cristais São Marcos is a tribute to the exquisite art of glassmaking. Crafted by the skilled hands

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each bottle of the Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle from Cristais São Marcos is a tribute to the exquisite art of glassmaking. Crafted by the skilled hands of master glassmakers in Pocos de Caldas, this piece combines the finest national and imported materials. The mild climate of the region enhances the meticulous process, ensuring that every bottle is not only a container but a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Owning one is akin to possessing a piece of artisanal heritage.

Captivating Aesthetics

Imagine the shimmer of pure gold blended intricately with the clearest crystal. The Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle is a vision of elegance, designed to catch the eye and captivate the soul. This luxurious container is finished with a 24-karat gold overlay, reflecting the very essence of opulence. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or used to grace special occasions, it promises to enhance the beauty of its surroundings and become a conversation starter.

Union of Luxury and Functionality

Each Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle is not just a container, but a pinnacle of design that redefines the drinking experience. This masterpiece is meticulously crafted to enhance both visual and practical appeal. The inclusion of a 24-karat gold overlay not only adds a layer of sophistication but also preserves the purity and taste of its contents. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine spirits, this bottle offers a luxurious way to display and serve beverages, ensuring that every pour is both a tribute to craftsmanship and a delight to the senses.

Cristais sao marcos


Cristais São Marcos distinguishes itself in the crystal industry with its focus on sustainable production and artistic designs that capture the cultural richness of Brazil. Each crystal piece is crafted with a deep respect for environmental practices, using recycled materials without compromising on the luxurious finish and quality. Their collection, ranging from ornamental sculptures to functional home items, showcases the fusion of classic techniques with avant-garde aesthetics, appealing to a global clientele. This brand not only delivers exceptional crystal products but also champions a responsible approach to luxury, making each item a testament to conscientious craftsmanship and innovative design.

Crafted in the mild and artistically inspiring climate of Pocos de Caldas, each Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle is a testament to the expertise of Cristais São Marcos’s master glassmakers. The brand’s choice to combine the finest national and imported materials is a reflection of its commitment to quality and excellence. This approach not only ensures the superiority of the product but also highlights the brand’s dedication to maintaining and elevating the traditional techniques of glassmaking, while integrating them with global standards.

The inspiration for the Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle springs from a desire to fuse the functional with the opulent. The bottle is not merely a container but a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary use of glassware in the home. It is designed to be a centerpiece that attracts attention, enchants the viewer, and starts conversations. The use of 24-karat gold overlay on crystal clear glass is a deliberate choice that reflects the essence of opulence.

The color and finish of each bottle—gleaming gold set against the transparency of high-quality crystal—create a captivating aesthetic that complements any decor, from the most modern settings to environments that echo the grandeur of classic interiors. This careful consideration of aesthetics ensures that the Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle enhances the beauty of its surroundings, making every placement a strategic addition to interior design schemes.

The Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle from Cristais São Marcos, with its exquisite blend of crystal clarity and 24-karat gold, presents a unique opportunity to enhance any space with both beauty and functionality. Here’s how you could place and style this luxurious bottle to maximize its visual appeal and complement the decor around it:

Ideal Placement:

  • Dining Room: Display the bottle on a dining table as a stunning centerpiece or within a glass-front cabinet reserved for fine china and glassware. This makes it easily accessible while accentuating its opulence during special meals or gatherings.
  • Bar Area: If you have a home bar or a drinks cart, the Golden Elixir bottle serves as a highlight piece that can anchor the aesthetic. Position it centrally, possibly on a raised stand, so it catches the light and becomes a focal point.
  • Living Room: On a mantelpiece or an elegant side table, the bottle can be displayed as an art piece, ideally where guests can appreciate its details up close.

Styling Tips:

  • Lighting: Place the bottle where it can interact with light — natural sunlight or soft artificial light can play off the crystal and gold, enhancing the intricate details and the overall shimmer.
  • Color Palette: Utilize a backdrop of rich, deep tones such as navy, burgundy, or forest green to contrast beautifully with the gold and crystal, making the bottle stand out. Alternatively, a minimalist approach with neutral shades like white or beige can also spotlight the bottle effectively.
  • Surrounding Decor: Keep other items minimalistic; choose high-quality but understated accessories like simple glassware, sleek metallic trays, or elegant floral arrangements to avoid overwhelming the bottle's visual appeal.
  • Material Harmony: Introduce other elements of gold and glass in the decor subtly. This could include gold-rimmed glasses, crystal vases, or metallic art pieces that resonate with the bottle's luxurious vibe.
  • Functional Display: Consider practical yet stylish ways to integrate the bottle into your regular entertaining. For example, pairing it with elegant decanters or special glassware reserved for special occasions can enhance its functional use as a beverage container.

    Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Modern Luxury: For a modern luxury decor, pair the bottle with contemporary furniture, clean lines, and a monochromatic color scheme interspersed with metallic accents.
  • Classic Elegance: In a classically elegant setting, surround the bottle with ornate silver, polished wood surfaces, and rich textiles to complement its traditional craftsmanship.
  • Eclectic Interiors: An eclectic interior can afford more playful combinations, such as alongside vintage finds and modern art pieces, creating a dynamic space where the bottle’s timeless design stands out as a unifying element.

By thoughtfully placing and styling the Golden Elixir 24K Luxury Bottle, you not only showcase its artistic and functional qualities but also enhance the overall ambiance of your home, making every viewing and usage a luxurious experience.

Color Turquoise & Gold
Dimensions W 5.90 X H 15.74 in
W 15 X H 40 cm
Material Crystal Glass
Country of Origin Brazil
Weight 5.130 kg