Golden Mesty: The 24K Gold Owl

₹ 70,000.00
₹ 70,000.00
Color: Clear & Gold

Unveil the Allure of Gold and Crystal

Each Cristais Sao Marcos Golden Mesty piece brings together the rich heritage of masterful glass craftsmanship and the luxury of 24K gold.

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Unveil the Allure of Gold and Crystal

Each Cristais Sao Marcos Golden Mesty piece brings together the rich heritage of masterful glass craftsmanship and the luxury of 24K gold. Known as The 24K Gold Owl, this exquisite work of art dazzles with its lustrous finish and impeccable design, making it a centerpiece in any collection. Experience the charm of combining national and imported materials, brilliantly transformed in the serene climate of Pocos de Caldas.

Eco-Friendly Artistry

Commit to a greener world with the Cristais Sao Marcos Golden Mesty. Crafted using 100% ecological processes, this piece not only adds beauty to your space but also protects the environment. Each Golden Owl reflects a promise of sustainability and responsible artistry, making it an ideal choice for the eco-conscious collector.

A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Handcrafted by Pocos de Caldas' renowned master glassmakers, the Golden Mesty stands as a testament to decades of perfected skill. Its intricate details and golden shimmer are the results of meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellence. Owning the Golden Owl means possessing a slice of artisan history.

Cristais sao marcos


Cristais São Marcos is a distinguished Brazilian brand renowned for its exquisite crystal glassware. Established in São Marcos, it has built a reputation for producing high-quality crystal products that combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. The brand’s collection features a wide range of items, from elegant stemware and barware to decorative vases and bowls, all crafted using time-honored glassblowing techniques. Each piece showcases brilliant clarity and intricate cuts that reflect light beautifully, making them not only practical but also decorative. Cristais São Marcos is committed to maintaining the art of crystal making while infusing contemporary style to appeal to modern consumers.

The inspiration for the Golden Mesty piece arises from a commitment to celebrate and preserve the luxurious allure of 24K gold while embracing the responsible use of resources—a hallmark of Cristais Sao Marcos's approach to artistry. The gold used in each Owl is not just a symbol of wealth and status but a deeper reflection of the brand’s dedication to creating pieces that offer both aesthetic pleasure and ethical reassurance. This piece dazzles with its lustrous finish, standing as a testament to the brand's capability to transform traditional materials into modern masterpieces.

The choice to use both national and imported materials, transformed under the unique climatic conditions of Pocos de Caldas, adds a dimension of local authenticity coupled with global luxury, making each Owl a cosmopolitan artifact rooted in Brazilian craft traditions.

The handcrafted nature of the Golden Mesty by Pocos de Caldas’ renowned master glassmakers ensures that each piece is not merely manufactured but born out of decades of perfected skill and passionate artistry. The intricate details and golden shimmer of the Owl are the results of meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering passion for excellence. Owning a Golden Owl from Cristais Sao Marcos means possessing more than just a decorative item; it means holding a slice of artisan history, infused with both tradition and forward-thinking ecological responsibility.

The Cristais Sao Marcos Golden Mesty, with its elegant blend of crystal and 24K gold, is a significant decorative piece that can be an instant focal point in any home setting. Given its luxurious and detailed craftsmanship, here are some practical style guide suggestions for showcasing this exquisite item:

Ideal Placement:

  • Dining Room: As a natural gathering place, the dining room is an ideal setting for this majestic centerpiece. Place it in the center of the dining table to serve as the focal point during meals and gatherings. It will reflect the light beautifully, especially in the evening under a chandelier or pendant lighting.
  • Living Room: On a large, central coffee table or on a dedicated pedestal, this piece can command attention and spark conversation. It’s perfect for spaces designed to impress, such as formal sitting areas.
  • Office Setting: In a prestigious office or a home study, the Regal Gilt Glory can adorn a credenza or a display case, adding a touch of opulence and reflecting the professional success and aesthetic taste of its owner.

Styling Tips:

  • Lighting: Proper lighting can dramatically enhance the reflective qualities of the gold and glass. Consider using spotlights or ambient lighting that can accentuate its shimmering facets.
  • Color Palette: Neutral or dark tones such as charcoal, navy, or hunter green will make the golden accents pop, while softer backgrounds like creams and beiges will offer a more subtle, elegant contrast.
  • Surrounding Decor: Since the centerpiece itself is quite bold, pair it with understated, high-quality accessories like minimalist sculptures, luxurious fabrics, or elegant books to maintain balance.
  • Material Harmony: Incorporate other gold elements sparingly throughout the room, such as in frames, curtain rods, or light fixtures, to echo the gold in the centerpiece without overshadowing it.
  • Consistent Themes: Reflect the regal and architectural qualities of the piece in your other decor choices. For example, using geometric patterns or baroque elements can subtly enhance the theme without clashing.

Eco-Friendly Artistic Narrative:

As an environmentally conscious piece, it would be apt to place the Golden Owl in a setting that also reflects sustainability. Use furniture made from recycled materials or pieces that have been upcycled. This not only complements the eco-friendly nature of the artwork but also promotes a greener living environment.

By focusing on these elements, the Cristais Sao Marcos Golden Mesty can not only be displayed as a mere decorative item but as a centerpiece that truly enhances the aesthetic of a home while communicating the values of craftsmanship and sustainability.

Color Clear & Gold
Dimensions W 5.51 x H 8.66 in
W 14 X H 22 cm
Material Crystal Glass
Country of Origin Brazil
Weight 6.940 kg