Millennium Vase

₹ 95,000.00
₹ 95,000.00
Color: White

Elegant Craftsmanship

Discover the art of elegance with the Millennium Vase, a handcrafted porcelain treasure made in Italy. Each vase stands as a unique sculpture, meticulously shaped and

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Elegant Craftsmanship

Discover the art of elegance with the Millennium Vase, a handcrafted porcelain treasure made in Italy. Each vase stands as a unique sculpture, meticulously shaped and polished by the hands of the finest master artisans. Owning the Millennium Vase means bringing a piece of artisan legacy into your home or office, enhancing any space with its sophisticated charm and high-class aesthetics.

Symbol of Passion and Mythology

The Millennium Vase is not merely a container for flowers but a symbol steeped in mythology and passion. Its design draws inspiration from tales of eternal love and heroic deeds, embodying the intensity and emotion of these ancient stories. Whether as a gift to a loved one or as a centerpiece in your own space, this vase brings with it a story of love, adding not only beauty but also a touch of romance to your surroundings.

Luxury in Details

Every Millennium Vase bears the mark of unparalleled luxury. From its flawless contours to its glossy finish, every detail showcases the premium quality of the materials used. The porcelain is sourced from high-quality clay, ensuring durability and a pristine appearance that lasts. Perfect for sophisticated decor schemes or as an esteemed gift, this vase serves as an exemplary model of luxury home decor that fits seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings.

Principe Italian Porcellane


Principe Italian Porcellane, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and deep-rooted artistic heritage, embodies the pinnacle of Italian porcelain art. The brand’s latest offering, the Millennium Vase, is a testament to the unparalleled skill and creative vision that Principe Italian Porcellane has cultivated over its storied history.

Crafted in the heart of Italy, each Millennium Vase is not just a vessel but a unique sculpture, meticulously shaped and polished by the finest master artisans in the field. The process of creating each vase is steeped in tradition, yet marked by a constant pursuit of innovation, blending age-old techniques with modern aesthetic sensibilities. This vase represents more than just an accessory; it is a piece of artisan legacy, carrying forward the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship into contemporary spaces.

The design of the Millennium Vase draws heavily on themes of passion and mythology, making each piece not merely a container for flowers but a symbol steeped in the lore of eternal love and heroic deeds. The artisans at Principe Italian Porcellane channel the intensity and emotion of ancient stories into their work, infusing each vase with a narrative depth that resonates well beyond its physical presence. The choice of motifs and detailing in the vase’s design reflects a celebration of romantic tales, making it a perfect gift for a loved one or a powerful centerpiece that adds a narrative layer to any room’s decor.

Principe Italian Porcellane’s commitment to luxury is evident in every aspect of the Millennium Vase. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into both modern and traditional settings, making it a versatile addition to any decor scheme. Whether positioned in a bustling corporate office or a tranquil home environment, the vase elevates the space with its elegant form and storied background.

The Millennium Vase, with its exquisite craftsmanship and deep narrative roots, offers a unique opportunity to enhance interior spaces with both its beauty and symbolic richness. Here are some practical style guide suggestions for placing and accentuating this elegant porcelain piece within your home or office:

Selecting the Ideal Room:

  • Living Room: As a centerpiece on a coffee table or a mantel, the Millennium Vase can serve as a focal point in the living room. Its stories of passion and mythology provide not only a visual delight but also a conversational piece for guests.
  • Dining Room: Placed in the center of a dining table or on a buffet sideboard, this vase can elevate any mealtime setting. Its sophisticated charm complements formal dinnerware and enhances the overall dining experience.
  • Bedroom: On a dresser or a private nook, the Millennium Vase can add a touch of romance and elegance, making it a personal sanctuary of beauty and inspiration.
  • Office: In a professional setting, the vase can be displayed in a reception area or personal office, where its artisan legacy and high-class aesthetics signal a commitment to quality and luxury.
PRINCIPE- Millennium Vase

Complementing Decor Elements:

  • Color Palette: Given its glossy finish and neutral yet luxurious appearance, pair the vase with soft, muted colors like grays, creams, and pastels to keep the focus on its intricate detailing. If placed in a vibrant setting, ensure it contrasts without clashing, using its elegance to soften bolder hues.
  • Materials: Complement the porcelain with other high-end materials such as glass, polished wood, or metal accents. These elements will create a harmonious blend that highlights the vase’s superior craftsmanship.
  • Textures: Balance the smooth porcelain with varied textures such as plush velvets, refined linens, or soft silks to add depth and interest to the decor around the vase.

Styling with Other Art Pieces:

  • Consider creating a thematic display around the vase. Incorporate other art pieces that reflect the themes of mythology and romance, such as classical sculptures, romantic paintings, or elegantly bound books of love poems.
  • Ensure that the vase does not get overshadowed by too many surrounding items. It should stand out as an artifact of luxury and craftsmanship.

By thoughtfully incorporating the Millennium Vase into your decor, you leverage its aesthetic appeal and rich symbolism to create a space that is not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful.

Color White
Dimensions W 42 X H 28 cm
W 16.535 X H 11.024 inch
Material Porceline
Country of Origin Italy