Glass Bag in Light smokey grey

₹ 80,000.00
₹ 80,000.00
Color: Light Smokey Grey

Striking Simplicity

Crafted in a stunning shade of light smokey gray, Atelier de Verre ANVI's Sas-Glass Bag offers an intricate combination of beauty, refinement, and surprise. This exceptional

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Striking Simplicity

Crafted in a stunning shade of light smokey gray, Atelier de Verre ANVI's Sas-Glass Bag offers an intricate combination of beauty, refinement, and surprise. This exceptional artifacts effortlessly evolves beyond functionality to become an undeniable work of art. The light smokey gray tone evokes an ethereal charm that captivates the eye and stirs the soul, ensnaring your guests' attention from the moment they step into your space.

The Art of Glass Blowing

Each Glass Bag is born from the complex and mesmerizing pattern of blown glass, narrating a tale as old as time within its shapely contours. Solid and transparent, it encapsulates the adventurous journey of glassmaking, going through fire and air to eventually settle into this solid yet fluid form. No two Glass Bags are identical; it's the mark of authentic craftsmanship and the hand-drawn symphony of glass-making artisans.

Multipurpose Master Artifacts

Though mesmerizing as a standalone decoration, the Glass Bag's practicality does not end there. Its considerable size and unique design have made it the favored choice as an idyllic home for small aquarium dwellers like Betta fish. The smoky gray hue enhances the beauty of colorful aquatic life, creating a lively contrast that turns your abode into an underwater wonderland.



Nestled within the verdant tranquility of Valserhône, France, Atelier de Verre ANVI emerges as an emblem of exquisite glass craftsmanship, orchestrated by the visionary artisans Anne Donzé and Vincent Chagnon. Since its inception in 2018, this atelier has distinguished itself by weaving the delicate threads of artistic innovation with a deep-seated reverence for time-honored glass-making traditions.

The studio's repertoire includes an array of glass-crafting techniques, each underscoring ANVI's commitment to artistic excellence. The studio's signature technique, "pâte de verre," is a meticulous art form where glass is finely crushed, sculpted, and fused within a kiln, producing vibrant, textured masterpieces that echo the splendor of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. Meanwhile, their prowess in blown glass artistry transforms molten glass into ethereal pieces of clear, fluid beauty, demonstrating a ballet of light and transparency​. Atelier de Verre ANVI is not merely a studio but a sanctuary where the age-old art of glassmaking is continuously redefined, blending classical techniques with modern sensibilities to address pressing environmental concerns, thereby enchanting a discerning global clientele.

The Light Smokey Gray Glass Bag is a quintessential representation of ANVI’s artistic philosophy and technical prowess. The choice of light smokey gray, a color that evokes the misty mornings of the Jura landscape, was no accident. This hue imparts an air of mystique and tranquility, reflective of the serene environment in which it was conceived. The color is both a canvas and a character, playing with light and shadow to produce a visual depth that enhances its surroundings. The process of creating each Glass Bag involves the ancient technique of glass blowing, a dance of fire and air, where molten glass is transformed into elegant, fluid forms by the breath of the artisan. This method, known for its demands on precision and timing, ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, thus each Glass Bag holds its own unique story. The finish of the glass, seamless yet expressive, showcases the meticulous attention to detail that ANVI is renowned for. It is this commitment to excellence that allows each piece to transcend its material form to become a narrative of artistry.

The functional aspect of the Glass Bag is as innovative as its aesthetic appeal. Designed to serve multipurpose roles, it excels not just as a decorative element but also as a habitat for aquatic life. The light smokey gray tone provides a stunning contrast to the vibrant colors of fish like Betta, turning a simple aquarium into a dynamic piece of living art. This interaction between design and utility encapsulates ANVI’s philosophy of creating pieces that are both beautiful and purposeful.

The Atelier de Verre ANVI's Sas-Glass Bag, with its ethereal light smokey gray hue, transcends the boundaries of mere decor to become an emblem of the sophisticated art of glassblowing. This piece, marrying the allure of functional art with a touch of the mystical, is designed to seamlessly integrate into and elevate the aesthetic of your living space. Its unique silhouette and captivating color offer a rare blend of elegance and versatility, making it an essential addition to any discerning interior. Here are refined strategies for incorporating this stunning glass artifact into your home decor:

Selecting the Perfect Locale:

  • The Living Room: Often the heart of home gatherings, the living room presents an ideal backdrop for the Sas-Glass Bag. Whether gracing a coffee table or adorning a mantle, it stands as a beacon of artistry, inviting admiration and sparking engaging conversations among guests.
  • The Home Office or Study: Nestled in a tranquil corner of your workspace, the Glass Bag brings an element of refined creativity. Placed where daylight can dance upon its surface, it reveals the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, enriching the room with its sophisticated charm.
  • The Bathroom: Elevate your bathroom to a haven of tranquility and luxury by positioning the Glass Bag on a countertop or shelf. As a decorative jewel, it adds a touch of unexpected opulence, transforming routine into ritual.
  • The Entryway or Foyer: Make a first impression of unparalleled elegance by featuring the Glass Bag in your home's entrance. Its captivating allure welcomes guests, setting a tone of sophisticated artistic appreciation from the threshold.
SAS ATELIER Glass Bag in Light smokey grey

Styling with Intention:

  • Harmonizing Decor: Complement the Glass Bag's smokey gray elegance with decor that echoes its color scheme. Metallics, whites, and varying grays forge a cohesive aesthetic that underscores its beauty, while textures like velvet or silk nearby enrich the tactile experience.
  • Illumination: Position the Glass Bag to bask in natural or thoughtfully placed artificial light, which highlights its exquisite form and the dynamic shadows it casts, enhancing its ethereal presence.
  • Aquatic Arrangements: Embrace the Glass Bag's potential as an aquatic habitat for small fish, pairing its smokey hue with vibrant aquatic life to create a living art piece that breathes life into your decor.
  • Contrast and Texture: Surround the Glass Bag with contrasting textures to elevate its smooth glass surface. This interplay of materials draws the eye and invites touch, adding depth to the decor narrative.

Enhancing with Delicate Flourishes:

  • Artistic Assemblages: Curate a collection with other glass pieces, varying in shape and hue, to narrate a tale of craftsmanship and design, transforming your space into a gallery of functional art.
  • Earthy Companions: Situate wood, stone, or botanicals near the Glass Bag to anchor its lightness with natural textures, crafting an environment that is as grounded as it is ethereal.
  • Reflective Play: Amplify its luminosity by placing the Glass Bag near mirrors or on polished surfaces, where its light-reflective qualities can truly shine, enhancing the visual impact and ambiance of the room.
  • Personal Narratives: Integrate items that reflect your personal journey and aesthetic preferences around the Glass Bag. This personalization enriches the space, weaving the artifact into the unique story of your home.

Incorporating the Atelier de Verre ANVI's Sas-Glass Bag into your decor is not just an act of placement but a deliberate choice to infuse your environment with a piece that stands at the crossroads of art and functionality. Through thoughtful positioning and complementary styling, this glass masterpiece becomes a focal point of admiration and a cherished addition to your home’s narrative, celebrating the beauty of light, shadow, and form in everyday life.

Color Light Smokey Grey
Dimensions H 40 x W 23 cm
H 16 x W 9 inch
Material Glass
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 2.76 kg