St. Tropez Soleil

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Discover the Charm of St.Tropez: An Iconic Retreat

Dive into the illustrious history of St. Tropez Soleil, a captivating book that celebrates the timeless allure and vibrant social

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Discover the Charm of St.Tropez: An Iconic Retreat

Dive into the illustrious history of St. Tropez Soleil, a captivating book that celebrates the timeless allure and vibrant social tapestry of one of the French Riviera’s most legendary locales. From its humble beginnings to its status as a jet haven, this book unfolds the layers of mystique and glamour that have drawn luminaries from every corner of the arts and entertainment world. Experience tales of iconic figures such as Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger, whose stories imbue the cobblestone streets with a nostalgic yet dynamic aura.

Celebrate in Style: St. Tropez’s Year-Round Festivities

St. Tropez Soleil is more than a historical narrative; it’s your all-access pass to the area’s most exclusive gatherings. From the traditional Les Bravades to the glamorous White Party at Nikki Beach, this book offers insights into events that define the cultural heartbeat of St. Tropez. Discover how these annual celebrations maintain their allure among the elite, and how you can experience the essence of these festivities through vivid, evocative storytelling.

Modern St. Tropez: An Evolving Landscape

While honoring its rich history, St. Tropez Soleil also explores how St. Tropez continuously adapts to the present. Detailed chapters on modern attractions like the Chanel fashion shows at Sénéquier café showcase how tradition and modernity blend seamlessly in this idyllic coastal town. This segment of the book is perfect for those intrigued by how historical destinations evolve while staying true to their roots.



The photographer chronicling the essence of St. Tropez in "St. Tropez Soleil" is renowned for capturing the enigmatic spirit of locations rich in culture and history. Through their lens, St. Tropez is portrayed not just as a scenic locale but as a living tableau, vibrant with the storied pasts and dynamic present of its visitors and residents. This artist’s work masterfully encapsulates the glamour and timeless charm of St. Tropez, from the iconic figures who walked its streets to the festive gatherings that define its social calendar. Each image is crafted to convey the unique atmosphere of St. Tropez, making the viewer feel as though they are part of its exclusive circles.

Assouline, the esteemed publisher behind this compelling volume, is celebrated for its sophisticated approach to book design and its commitment to cultural exploration. Known for creating visually stunning and editorially engaging books, Assouline ensures that "St. Tropez Soleil" is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and history, embodying the allure that has made St. Tropez a legendary name in travel and leisure. This publication not only serves as a travel guide but also as a historical chronicle, inviting readers to delve deep into the heart of St. Tropez’s cultural legacy.

Drawing from the rich history and ongoing allure of St. Tropez, "St. Tropez Soleil" is designed to reflect the luxurious and laid-back lifestyle that the town is known for. The color palette throughout the book echoes the natural beauty of the French Riviera—azure blues, sandy beiges, and lush greens, creating a visual experience that is as refreshing as a breeze off the Mediterranean. The quality of the paper and the finish of each page are chosen to complement the vibrant photography and rich narratives, with a tactile quality that enhances the sensory experience of the reader.

The sourcing for this book included close collaborations with local historians, cultural commentators, and the town’s current luminaries, ensuring authenticity and a vivid portrayal of St. Tropez’s evolution. The narrative weaves through the town’s transformation from a quaint fishing village to a cultural hotspot, hosting exclusive events and modern attractions that blend the traditional with the contemporary. Assouline's "St. Tropez Soleil" not only celebrates the historical significance and modern vibrancy of St. Tropez but also serves as an inspiration for those who appreciate the seamless integration of history into modern luxury, making it an essential addition for connoisseurs of fine living and cultural opulence.

With exclusive insights into St. Tropez's festive culture and modern evolution, this book is a treasure trove for anyone enchanted by the blend of traditional charm and contemporary glamour that defines this iconic retreat.

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Display this book on a prominent coffee table or on an elegant bookstand where it can serve as a conversation piece, captivating guests with its stunning cover and fascinating content.
  • Guest Room: Placing "St. Tropez Soleil" in a guest room can offer visitors a luxurious escape into the storied world of St. Tropez, setting a sophisticated and inviting tone.
  • Sunroom or Lounge Area: In a sunroom or lounge area, this book complements a relaxed, stylish setting, mirroring the laid-back yet chic atmosphere of St. Tropez.
  • Library or Study: This book is a perfect addition to a home library or study, enriching a collection of travel and history books with its detailed exploration of St. Tropez's cultural heritage.
Assouline St.TropezSoleil

Styling Tips:

  • Mediterranean Accents: Enhance the book’s display with Mediterranean-inspired decor such as blue and white ceramics, woven textures, and natural wood elements that reflect the coastal vibe of St. Tropez.
  • Luxury Textiles: Use luxury textiles like fine linens or plush velvets to evoke the opulence associated with St. Tropez, adding depth and a tactile quality to the space.
  • Vibrant Color Palette: Incorporate a vibrant color palette with shades of azure, cream, and gold, which harmonizes with the Riviera's sunny and luxurious setting.
  • Strategic Lighting: Employ soft, ambient lighting to highlight the book, particularly if placed on a stand or in a display case, to enhance its visibility and the allure of its photography.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Coastal Chic: In a coastal chic decor setting, "St. Tropez Soleil" complements elements like light fabrics and minimalist furniture, enhancing the breezy, seaside vibe.
  • Modern Glamour: The book can also serve as a statement piece in a modern glamour decor, bridging sleek contemporary designs with touches of classic Riviera luxury.
  • Eclectic Elegance: For an eclectic elegance interior, this book fits seamlessly, adding a historical layer that complements a mix of vintage and contemporary decor.

"St. Tropez Soleil" is more than just a publication; it's a decorative element that brings the spirit and essence of St. Tropez into any living space. This guide assists potential buyers in visualizing how this beautifully crafted volume can enhance their home decor while inspiring a lifestyle that embraces the cultural richness and dynamic evolution of one of the world’s most celebrated destinations.

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