Pure Opulence: Sculpture in 24K Gold

₹ 60,000.00
₹ 60,000.00
Color: Amber brown

Unveiling Elegance: 24K Gold Sculpture Craftsmanship

Indulge in the extravagant beauty of the Pure Opulence: Sculpture in 24K Gold, a masterpiece meticulously handcrafted by the renowned glassmakers of Pocos

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Unveiling Elegance: 24K Gold Sculpture Craftsmanship

Indulge in the extravagant beauty of the Pure Opulence: Sculpture in 24K Gold, a masterpiece meticulously handcrafted by the renowned glassmakers of Pocos de Caldas. This sculpture isn't just a decor item; it's a piece of history moulded with utmost precision and skill. Made with both national and international raw materials, each piece carries the warmth of its creators’ hands married seamlessly with the luxury of 24K gold.

Ethical Luxury Meets Local Talent

Embrace the charm and responsible luxury with the Pure Opulence: Sculpture in 24K Gold. Cristais São Marcos not only values superior craftsmanship but also prioritizes ecological practices and the traditional skills of local artisans. By choosing this piece, you contribute to sustaining artistic heritage and support the local economy, making it more than just a purchase—it's an investment in beauty and ethical artistry.

A Symbol of Artistic Perfection

Elevate your environment with the Pure Opulence: Sculpture in 24K Gold, a manifestation of artistic mastery and visual splendor. Crafted with precision, each sculpture intertwines the radiance of 24K gold with the clarity of expertly molded glass, creating a breathtaking play of light and shadow. This sculpture stands as a pinnacle of design, ideal for gracing any display with its dynamic presence. It offers not just a visual delight but serves as a source of inspiration, infusing any setting with an atmosphere of refined elegance and artistic serenity.

Cristais sao marcos


Cristais São Marcos is renowned for its remarkable crystal creations that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, making it a distinguished name in the industry. Their extensive range includes everything from refined tableware to bespoke decorative pieces, all characterized by their luminous clarity and intricate detailing. Each item is a work of art, designed to enhance the aesthetic of any space it occupies. The brand prioritizes both beauty and practicality, ensuring that every piece is as functional as it is visually appealing. As a trailblazer in crystal design, Cristais São Marcos continues to innovate, setting trends and exceeding expectations with each new collection.

Crafted in the heart of Poços de Caldas, each Pure Opulence Sculpture is the product of meticulous handiwork by some of Brazil’s most renowned glassmakers. This region is not only famed for its ideal glassmaking conditions but also for its rich tradition in the craft, supported by both a perfect climate and a deep cultural heritage of artistry. The selection of both national and international raw materials for each sculpture speaks to the brand's commitment to combining local skills with global quality standards, thereby producing pieces that are not only locally revered but also internationally acclaimed.

The Pure Opulence Sculpture is distinguished by its integration of 24K gold, a material that imbues the piece with an undeniable aura of luxury. However, the use of gold is not merely for embellishment but also serves as a testament to the brand's pursuit of sustainable luxury. The gold, meticulously applied, complements the crystal’s clarity, creating a radiant play of light that enhances any space it occupies. This interplay between gold and glass is a deliberate choice, aimed at capturing and reflecting light in a way that maximizes the sculpture's aesthetic impact while showcasing the unparalleled skill of its creators.

Cristais São Marcos is deeply committed to ethical practices, emphasizing ecological sustainability in its production processes. The Pure Opulence Sculpture is emblematic of this commitment. By supporting local artisans and using responsibly sourced materials, Cristais São Marcos not only contributes to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship but also ensures a minimal environmental footprint. Purchasing a piece from this collection means contributing to a sustainable model of luxury that supports both the local economy and global ecological goals.

The Pure Opulence Sculpture from Cristais São Marcos is a stunning display of craftsmanship and ethical luxury, making it an exceptional addition to any interior design. With its intricate blend of crystal and 24K gold, this piece not only serves as a decorative element but also as a statement of cultural appreciation and sustainable artistry. Here are some practical style guide suggestions for effectively placing and styling this remarkable sculpture in your home or office:

Ideal Placement:

  • Study or Home Office: Set this sculpture on a desk or bookshelf to inspire strength and resilience during work or study. Its powerful stance serves as a reminder of endurance and tenacity.
  • Living Room: Position the sculpture as a centerpiece on a main table or on a mantelpiece to draw attention and stimulate conversation about its artistry and symbolism.
  • Entryway: Place it on a console table in your entryway to make a strong impression on guests as they enter, symbolizing a hearty welcome.

    Styling Tips:

  • Color Coordination: Complement the rust color of the bull with warm tones like burnt orange, deep reds, or earthy browns to enhance the cozy, inviting atmosphere of the room.
  • Lighting: Highlight the sculpture with focused lighting—either from a directional lamp or recessed spotlights—to cast dramatic shadows and emphasize its contours and rustic texture.
  • Surrounding Decor: Keep surrounding decor minimalistic to ensure the bull remains the focal point; opt for simple, clean lines and understated pieces that do not compete for attention.

    Subtle Details:

  • Texture Play: Mix materials like leather, wood, or woven fabrics in close proximity to the sculpture to enrich the textural play and complement its earthy rust finish.
  • Thematic Continuity: Introduce other elements that reflect the bull’s symbol of strength, such as artwork featuring rugged landscapes or other animal figures that echo the theme of resilience.
  • Base Selection: Consider elevating the sculpture on a pedestal of contrasting color or material, like a sleek black marble or a distressed wooden block, to enhance its visibility and artistic appeal.

By thoughtfully placing and styling the Pure Opulence Sculpture, you can transform any space into a showcase of refined elegance and cultural appreciation, making the most of this extraordinary piece's visual and symbolic appeal.

Color Amber Brown
Dimensions W 5.90 X H 19.68 inch
W 15 X H 50 cm
Material Crystal Glass
Country of Origin Brazil
Weight 4.890 kg