Nature's Elegance: The Blossom Pot

₹ 35,000.00
₹ 35,000.00
Color: Royal Indigo

Craftsmanship that Tells a Story

Each Blossom Pot is not just a vessel; it's a narrative of skill and tradition. Handmade at the only Murano glass-making factory in Brazil,

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Craftsmanship that Tells a Story

Each Blossom Pot is not just a vessel; it's a narrative of skill and tradition. Handmade at the only Murano glass-making factory in Brazil, this piece carries with it a century-old legacy of artistry. The meticulous process involves fusing glass with crystal and a final touch of sparkle using 24-carat gold. Ideal for those who appreciate artifacts with a deep-rooted history and exceptional craftsmanship.

Elegance in Every Detail

The Blossom Pot isn't merely functional—it's a centerpiece that elevates any room. Its contemporary design, enhanced by the subtle sheen of 24-carat gold, makes it a stylish addition to your home or office. Whether placed on a coffee table or a bookshelf, it promises to capture attention and spark conversations, perfect for the style-savvy individual.

Durable Art for Everyday Use

Beyond its visual appeal, the Blossom Pot stands out for its durability. The fusion of glass and crystal not only creates a stunning look but also ensures that each piece is robust enough for daily use. This high-end product combines utility with aesthetics, making it an essential item for those who seek luxury in everyday objects.

Cristais sao marcos


In the skilled hands of the artisans at Cristais São Marcos, the Blossom Pot emerges as not just a container, but a profound narrative of artistry and tradition. This piece is crafted in Brazil’s renowned Murano glass-making factory, the only one of its kind, where a century-old legacy of glass artistry is preserved and evolved. The artisans behind the Blossom Pot are custodians of this heritage, blending time-honored techniques with modern design sensibilities to create a piece that resonates with both history and contemporary elegance.

The inspiration for the Blossom Pot comes from the desire to fuse practicality with the luxury of traditional Murano craftsmanship. The piece reflects a deep understanding of material and form, incorporating a meticulous blend of glass and crystal to achieve both durability and a delicate aesthetic. The subtle addition of 24-carat gold not only enriches the visual experience but also highlights the artisan’s skill in enhancing classic techniques with luxurious materials. This golden touch adds a narrative of opulence and finesse, turning each pot into a unique story of crafted splendor.

Color and finish play crucial roles in the design of the Blossom Pot. The choice of colors is meant to evoke a sense of calm and sophistication, making the pot a versatile addition to any decor style. The finish, with its gentle sheen of gold, is meticulously applied to catch the light and draw the eye, making the pot a true centerpiece in any setting, from a bustling office to a serene living room.

Through the Blossom Pot, the artists at Cristais São Marcos celebrate the merging of artistic legacy with contemporary needs. Each piece is a testament to the artist’s ability to respect tradition while embracing modern trends in home decor. The Blossom Pot, elegantly crafted and timelessly designed, offers more than just a home for plants; it provides a piece of art that tells a rich story of cultural craftsmanship and innovative design.

The Blossom Pot, handcrafted at the only Murano glass-making factory in Brazil, beautifully combines the heritage of glass artistry with contemporary design and luxurious finishes. This piece, adorned with 24-carat gold, is not only a functional vessel but also a statement piece designed to elevate the decor of any space.

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Position the Blossom Pot on a central coffee table or atop a fireplace mantel where it can serve as a striking centerpiece. Its unique design and sparkling gold accents make it a focal point that enhances the elegance of the room.
  • Dining Room: Display the pot in the center of the dining table or on a buffet cabinet as a decorative piece that complements the dining area’s aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury to mealtime gatherings.
  • Office: In a home office, the Blossom Pot can be placed on a desk or in a display cabinet. It acts not only as a decor item but also as an inspiration piece, reflecting the blend of functionality and art.
  • Entryway: Use the Blossom Pot as a decorative welcome item on a console table in the foyer. This placement allows it to catch the eye of anyone who enters, setting a tone of sophisticated decor right from the doorway.

Styling Tips:

  • Complementary Decor: Enhance the Blossom Pot’s appearance by pairing it with other luxurious items such as elegant books, small sculptures, or other glass and gold elements that echo its craftsmanship.
  • Color Scheme: Utilize a color palette that complements the golden accents of the pot. Soft neutrals or deep jewel tones can create a backdrop that highlights the pot’s sparkle and detail.
  • Lighting: Position the Blossom Pot in an area where it can interact with natural light or be spotlighted by artificial lighting. This will maximize the shimmer of the gold and the transparency of the glass, making it visually captivating.
  • Textural Contrast: Place the Blossom Pot on surfaces with contrasting textures, such as a rustic wood table or a sleek modern metal stand, to enhance its visual appeal and draw attention to its intricate materials.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Modern Minimalist: In a minimalist setting, the Blossom Pot can act as a solitary highlight, bringing elegance to a space with clean lines and restrained color schemes.
  • Classic Elegance: Integrate the pot into a classically styled space where its artisanal quality and luxurious materials will complement rich textiles, ornate furniture, and detailed architectural elements.
  • Contemporary Chic: For a contemporary interior, the Blossom Pot serves as a bridge between modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, fitting seamlessly with bold architectural forms and innovative designs.

The Blossom Pot is more than just a decorative item; it is a durable piece of art that enhances the functionality and style of any space it occupies, making it an ideal choice for those who value luxury and heritage in their decor.

Color Royal Indigo
Dimensions W 8.661 X H 6.299 in
W 22 X H 16 cm
Material Crystal Glass
Country of Origin Brazil
Weight 3.660 kg