Tulum Gypset

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₹ 15,000.00

The Heart of Bohemian Paradise

Explore the depth of Tulum's charm in "Tulum Gypset," which reveals how this small yet vibrant strip on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula transcends the

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The Heart of Bohemian Paradise

Explore the depth of Tulum's charm in "Tulum Gypset," which reveals how this small yet vibrant strip on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula transcends the typical beach experience. The book delves into how Tulum combines its stunning natural settings—from sun-kissed beaches to lush tropical jungles—with a profound sense of cultural richness. Readers will discover how Tulum embodies the modern bohemian lifestyle, integrating eco-friendly practices and organic culinary experiences into the fabric of everyday life, making it a beacon for those who value spiritual and environmental consciousness.

A Sanctuary for Spirituality and Community

"Tulum Gypset" transports you into the community-centric and spiritually rich life of Tulum. The book details how the town serves as a sanctuary where individuals engage in spiritual practices against the backdrop of the Sian Ka’an biosphere. From yoga on the beach to wellness retreats nestled in the jungle, the publication illustrates how Tulum’s serene environment enhances these experiences, promoting healing and personal growth. This section provides insight into how these activities foster a tight-knit community atmosphere that attracts and unites like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Connect with Authentic Boho-Chic Lifestyle

This Assouline title also offers a close look at the boho-chic culture that permeates Tulum. Highlighting the town's commitment to sustainable luxury and artistic expression, the book showcases its eco-conscious accommodations and the natural beauty of the cenotes that dot the landscape. Furthermore, "Tulum Gypset" covers the thriving arts scene and the artisanal shops that offer unique, locally-made products, enabling readers to understand how these elements contribute to the town’s allure and how they can bring a piece of Tulum’s soul-enriching magic into their own lives.



The photographer behind "Discover the Enchanting World of Tulum" has expertly captured the ethereal beauty and soulful essence of Tulum through a lens that respects and enhances its natural and cultural landscapes. Known for their ability to reveal the heart of their subjects, this artist's work in Tulum ranges from intimate portraits of daily life to breathtaking wide shots of its pristine beaches and historic ruins. Their photographs do not simply document; they invite the viewer into the rhythmic, serene lifestyle that defines Tulum, making each image a testament to the photographer’s deep connection with the place and its people.

Assouline, the publisher of this mesmerizing volume, is renowned for its dedication to books that are not only informational but are also objects of art. Known for their luxurious approach to book design, Assouline ensures that "Discover the Enchanting World of Tulum" is a visual and tactile pleasure, perfectly capturing the bohemian spirit and eco-conscious ethos of Tulum. This publication is crafted to offer an immersive experience, reflecting the publisher’s commitment to celebrating and preserving the world’s most unique cultural and natural treasures.

Inspired by the serene yet vibrant spirit of Tulum, this book is crafted with a design that mirrors the natural beauty and bohemian lifestyle of the Yucatán Peninsula. The color palette is drawn from the earthy tones of Tulum’s beaches and jungles, with vibrant greens, deep blues, and the soft beiges of sandy shores, creating a soothing yet invigorating visual experience. The quality of the paper and the finish of each page are meticulously chosen to enhance the textural details of the photographs, providing a sensory experience that echoes the organic and artisanal qualities of Tulum.

Sourcing for "Discover the Enchanting World of Tulum" involved extensive collaboration with local artists, environmentalists, and community leaders to capture the authentic essence of Tulum’s bohemian culture and eco-friendly initiatives. This comprehensive approach allows the book to not only depict Tulum’s physical beauty but also delve into its spiritual community, showcasing yoga retreats, eco-resorts, and culinary innovations that are integral to Tulum’s identity. Through captivating photography and insightful narratives, Assouline’s volume offers readers a unique window into Tulum’s soul, inspiring them to embrace a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and rooted in cultural richness.

This volume offers a comprehensive look at Tulum’s unique gypset culture, highlighting its spiritual communities, sustainable practices, and organic culinary experiences. Ideal for those enchanted by a life that harmonizes with nature, this book reveals Tulum as a sanctuary for wellness, creativity, and bohemian luxury.

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Display this book prominently on a coffee table where its stunning cover and rich content can captivate guests, sparking discussions about travel, culture, and sustainable living.
  • Sunroom or Conservatory: Position the book in a sunroom or conservatory filled with natural light and plants, enhancing the connection to the outdoors and mirroring Tulum’s tropical setting.
  • Home Office or Study: Place this book in a home office or study area, where it can inspire creative thinking and offer a peaceful escape during breaks from work.
  • Bedroom: Incorporate the book into a bedroom setting, perhaps on a nightstand or in a reading nook, where its serene content can promote relaxation and tranquility.
Assouline TulumGypset

Styling Tips:

  • Natural Decor Elements: Complement the book with natural decor such as driftwood pieces, woven baskets, or stone sculptures that reflect Tulum’s eco-conscious and organic aesthetic.
  • Earthy Color Palette: Use an earthy color palette with shades of green, blue, and beige to echo the natural beauty of Tulum and create a soothing environment.
  • Textural Layers: Introduce textures that evoke Tulum’s landscape, such as linen throws, jute rugs, or bamboo shades, to add depth and authenticity to the space.
  • Strategic Lighting: Employ warm, soft lighting to highlight the book, especially if displayed on a stand or within a well-lit area, to draw attention to its beautiful photography and enhance the visual appeal.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Bohemian Chic: In a bohemian chic decor, this book fits seamlessly, complementing eclectic furnishings, vibrant textiles, and artistic decor items.
  • Coastal Style: For a coastal-style interior, the book enhances the seaside aesthetic, pairing well with light fabrics, breezy layouts, and marine-themed decor.
  • Minimalist Modern: The book can also serve as a statement piece in a minimalist modern decor, adding a touch of organic texture and cultural depth to the space.

"Discover the Enchanting World of Tulum" is more than just a publication; it's a decorative element that brings the spirit and essence of Tulum into any living space. This guide helps potential buyers visualize how this beautifully crafted volume can enhance their home decor while inspiring a lifestyle that embraces cultural richness, natural beauty, and ecological awareness.

Dimensions W 9.84 X H 12.9 in
W 25 X H 33 cm
Material Cloth Hardcover
Country of Origin USA
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