Zefironi Bowl

₹ 45,000.00
₹ 45,000.00
Color: Gold

Breathtaking Design and Artistry

The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl offers an exquisite design that stands as a piece of art. Inspired by the striking patterns of arid lands

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Breathtaking Design and Artistry

The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl offers an exquisite design that stands as a piece of art. Inspired by the striking patterns of arid lands crossed by shimmering cracks, this bowl beautifully encapsulates nature's rugged elegance. Every Zefironi Bowl is carefully handcrafted, ensuring each one is a unique and coveted piece. The delicate craftsmanship and intricate details are not just eye-catching but are a testament to the artisans' dedication.

Premium 23K Gold Detailing

Indulge in the luxury of the Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl, meticulously decorated with precious 23K gold. This elegant addition not only enhances the bowl’s aesthetic but also adds an element of opulence to any setting. The perfect balance between art, craft, and design makes each bowl an heirloom-quality piece that exudes sophistication.

Distinctive and Unmatched Quality

The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl is more than just a household item—it's a one-of-a-kind creation that embodies the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Each bowl is signed with the Fos Ceramiche brand, signifying its authenticity and unparalleled quality. These pieces are made for those who appreciate beauty and have an eye for genuine craftsmanship.

Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl

Fos Ceramiche

Fos Ceramiche, a distinguished name in the world of ceramic art, is renowned for its dedication to blending traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design. Established with a vision to create timeless pieces that reflect both artistry and functionality, Fos Ceramiche has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The brand draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Italy, infusing each piece with the beauty and history of the region.

The artisans at Fos Ceramiche are masters of their craft, employing techniques that have been refined over generations. Their work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. This dedication is evident in every piece they create, from intricate vases to luxurious bowls. Each item is a testament to the skill and passion that drives the artisans, ensuring that every piece is not just a product, but a work of art.

Fos Ceramiche's collections often draw inspiration from nature, history, and the intricate patterns found in the world around us. Their ability to capture the essence of these elements and transform them into stunning ceramic pieces has earned them a place in the homes of discerning collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. The brand continues to innovate, pushing the boundaries of ceramic art while staying true to its roots in Italian craftsmanship.

The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl is a perfect example of the brand's ability to merge nature-inspired design with luxurious craftsmanship. The bowl's design draws inspiration from the striking patterns of arid lands crossed by shimmering cracks, capturing the rugged elegance of nature. This unique motif is brought to life through careful handcrafting, ensuring that each Zefironi Bowl is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl is a unique and handcrafted piece that elevates any space with its artistic design and luxurious details. Here are some suggestions for incorporating it into your decor:

Ideal Room Placement:

  • Living Room: The Fos Ceramiche Zefironi Bowl makes a stunning centerpiece for a coffee table or console table in your living room. Its intricate design and luxurious 23K gold detailing can be highlighted by placing it on a simple, elegant surface. Ensure the surrounding decor is minimalistic to allow the bowl to be the focal point. Complement it with neutral-colored furniture and soft lighting to enhance its visual impact.
  • Dining Room: Use the Zefironi Bowl as a sophisticated centerpiece on your dining table. Whether your table is set for a formal dinner or left bare between meals, this bowl adds a touch of elegance and refinement. Pair it with gold-accented tableware and crystal glassware to create a cohesive and luxurious dining experience. For added effect, place the bowl on a table runner that matches the color palette of the room.
  • Entryway: Position the Zefironi Bowl on a console table in your entryway to greet guests with a statement piece. This placement not only showcases the bowl's beauty but also sets an elegant tone for the rest of your home. Surround it with subtle decor elements like a small vase of fresh flowers, a decorative tray, or a stylish table lamp to create a welcoming and sophisticated entryway.

Subtle Styling Details:

  • Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial to accentuate the bowl's 23K gold detailing. Place it under soft, ambient lighting or near a window where it can catch natural light. The shimmering cracks inspired by arid lands will reflect beautifully, enhancing the bowl's intricate design. Consider using a spotlight or a lamp with a warm hue to draw attention to the bowl.
  • Complementary Decor: Enhance the bowl’s elegance by pairing it with complementary decor items. For instance, use gold-accented accessories or neutral-toned decor that highlights the bowl without overshadowing it. Decorative elements like candles, minimalist sculptures, or a stack of art books can create a balanced and sophisticated look.
  • Color Coordination: The Zefironi Bowl's gold detailing and intricate patterns make it versatile for various color schemes. It pairs exceptionally well with neutral tones such as whites, beiges, and grays. For a bolder look, match it with rich, deep colors like emerald green, navy blue, or burgundy to create a striking contrast that highlights the bowl’s luxurious design.
Color Gold
Dimensions H 8 X W 8 cm
H 3.15 X W 3.15 inch
Material Ceramic
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.180 kg
Zefironi Bowl