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The product philosophy at Utopia & Utility is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways. Crafts are at the heart of each object.
They work closely with various independent European makers for each of our objects, creating timeless and ethically valuable pieces.
Pia Wüstenberg,Founder and Designer of Utopia & Utility.
Since 2017 she lives and works between her studios in North Germany and Eastern most Finland. The contrast between human culture and the connection to nature is at the core of Pia’s work. "I BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING THAT DESERVES TO BE MADE, DESERVES TO BE MADE WELL"The Splash Stacking Vessel is inspired by the organic grace to be found in flower petals.
Splash is like a chameleon, you can display it almost everywhere! Trust its fluidity and the balance of the two tones. This piece stands as a sculpture when stacked, and becomes functional once unstacked, the two containers acting as independent bowls and vases. Handmade in Europe, by individual craftsmen: handblown double-coloured glass (Czech Republic), hand turned wood (Finland).

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