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Elevate Gatherings with Luxe Essentials from Maison Sia

Elevate Gatherings with Luxe Essentials from Maison Sia

As the new year unfolds, our homes become the grand stage for jubilant soirées, intimate gatherings and heartwarming reunions. As you host your loved ones, let elegance grace your abode, turning each moment into a luxurious memory. Spruce up your sanctum with a touch of opulence, ensuring that every guest leaves with an echo of the grandeur they witnessed. At Maison Sia, we understand the art of festive elegance, offering you the perfect ensemble to adorn your home for those unforgettable festive moments.

The Aromatic Aura of Jambo Diffusers

Ensure your abode is a fragrant haven during your gatherings with Jambo’s luxurious fragrances. From the zestful blend of lime, cardamom, and a whisper of white musk in Peppara to the spicy allure of pink pepper combined with raspberry and subtle leather notes in Iguazu, and the sun-kissed essence of orange and strawberry, grounded by cedar wood in Maui, indulge your guests with magnificent scents from Jambo. 

Lustrous Illuminations & Serving Wonders by Reflection Copenhagen

Reflection Copenhagen is synonymous with elegance and timeless beauty. Their creations, more than just objects, are visual symphonies that capture the very essence of luxury. Let these exquisite pieces from Reflections Copenhagen be the luminous heart of your celebrations, reflecting cherished memories and radiant moments.

The Dance of Light: The Texas T-light, inspired by the opulence of the 1920s, captures light in its hand-cut crystal, creating cosy vignettes reminiscent of Danish “hygge”.

Modern Elegance with Dakota: The Dakota T-Light is more than a lighting accessory; it's a declaration of style. Whether you prefer the warm embrace of amber, the stark brilliance of clear or the bold allure of black, this piece promises not just light, but a glow that transforms spaces.

Phoenix’s Flame: The Phoenix T-Light, in its sleek form, encapsulates modern charm. Its design narrative spans the boldness of black, warmth of amber and clarity of clear, each telling its own story of sophistication.

Arizona's Elegance: With the Arizona Bowl, functionality marries art. This piece, in its variants, promises to be both a centrepiece and a conversation starter.

Savannah’s Grace: Modernise your serving style with the Savannah crystal cake stand. Its design promises to elevate even the simplest of desserts to haute cuisine levels.

Madison’s Luminance: The Madison Bowl, with its dual-tone design, promises to make every meal memorable, adding a dash of luxury to your dining experience.

Athena’s Artful Marvels Elevate Every Nook

Athena Jahantigh's masterpieces are where art meets soul. Sculpted with passion and an eye for the ethereal, each piece tells a story of tradition, strength and love. As you invite your loved ones into your home, let your interiors resonate with the profound essence of Athena's creations. Immerse your space in the rich tapestry of tales these sculptures bring, turning every glance towards them into a moment of deep reflection and admiration.

Serve in Style with Elegance and Function

Serve your guests in utmost style with exquisite pieces from Maison Sia that merge elegance with function. Begin with our stainless steel ice bucket, delicately sheathed in hand-woven leather, elevating its charm with detailed braiding. Our contemporary coaster holder, complemented with six sophisticated coasters, transforms everyday rituals into moments of luxe elegance. The 'Thea' decorative wood tray by Riviere by Giobagnara, a harmonious blend of lacquered wood and braided leather handles accented chrome motifs, is perfect for serving your guests snacks and drinks. Another gem is our lacquered tray, gracefully adorned with handwoven leather handles, epitomising the symbiosis of aesthetics and purpose. To complete the ensemble, glide your treats with style with the Magenta Serving Trolley, the pinnacle of luxury in serving.

Enjoy every celebration at home with these additions and watch as every corner of your abode resonates with elegance and luxury. Celebrate with Maison Sia's curation, where every piece is a journey, every fragrance a memory.

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