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Adorn Your Home with Italian Masterpieces from Duccio di Segna

Adorn Your Home with Italian Masterpieces from Duccio di Segna

At Maison Sia, every piece tells a story of elegance, artistry and exquisite craftsmanship. Come explore masterpieces from Italy, each designed to elevate interiors with unmatched sophistication. These masterpieces by Duccio di Segna, available only at Maison Sia, are more than just decorative elements; they are transformative additions to any home.

1. Bring Home Symbols of Power and Wisdom

Delve into a realm where symbols of strength, power and wisdom come to life, exquisitely crafted to infuse your space with an aura of majesty and timelessness, ensuring every corner speaks volumes of luxury.

Elephant Small Plumed Grey & Gold: Meticulously crafted with an intricate plumed design, this piece in grey and gold is a regal representation of tradition meeting innovation, capturing the essence of a creature known for its wisdom and strength.

Elephant Up White & Gold and Elephant Up Grey & Gold: Elevate your surroundings with these sculptures that embody grandeur and opulence, representing elephants in serene colours accentuated with touches of gold.

Owl Gold & Grey and Owl Brown: Delve into the mystique of the owl. These sculptures, with their captivating hues, encapsulate the wisdom and beauty of this majestic bird, adding an enchanting touch to your interiors.

Face King: Radiate authority and charisma with a sculpture that captures a regal countenance, making it a striking addition to any artistic collection.

Sailing Blue & Amber: Embark on a visual voyage. This piece fuses tranquil blue with warm amber, evoking both adventure and serenity.

2. Whimsical Wonders

Embark on a whimsical journey where playfulness and sophistication converge. These pieces, filled with character and charm, seamlessly transform any room into an enchanting haven, ensuring conversations and compliments never end.

Cat Medium Champagne & Black: Revel in the sophisticated charm of this feline figure, adorned in champagne and black hues. Its elegance adds a mysterious allure to any space.

Mouse Up Champagne & Black: Capture the playful spirit of a mouse, crafted to perfection, accentuating both charm and whimsical delight.

Rabbit Big Grey & Gold / Small Grey: Infuse spaces with the grace and opulence of these rabbit sculptures, artistically capturing the creature in a dance of grey and gold.

Dog Big Amber & Gold: Immortalise the loyalty and grace of man's best friend. Available in various sizes, these sculptures radiate charm, making a bold statement in any setting.

3. Nature's Vibrant Hues and Elegant Forms

Celebrate the vibrancy of nature and artistry that captures its essence. These pieces, radiating with colours and forms inspired by the natural world, serve as captivating centrepieces, effortlessly elevating living spaces to artful galleries.

Sailing Blue & Amber: Dive into a world where colours tell tales. This evocative piece captures the essence of sailing, adding a sense of adventure to your decor.

Snail Big Amber & Gold and Snail White & Gold Medium: A mesmerising blend of hues and form, these sculptures uniquely capture the snail, a symbol of patience, in stunning detail.

Toucan Big Green, Pink & Gold: Revel in tropical allure. This vibrant sculpture stands as a testament to nature's palette, with striking colours that breathe life into any space.

Pelican White & Gold: Embrace the purity and opulence of this majestic bird, beautifully crafted to become a centrepiece that radiates elegance.

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