Large Horse in Blue

₹ 195,000.00
₹ 195,000.00
Color: Blue

Experience the Essence of Iconographic Heritage

Unveiling the extraordinary craftsmanship of Iranian artist Athena Jahantigh, the large horse sculpture carries the allure of ancient traditions and cultural richness

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Experience the Essence of Iconographic Heritage

Unveiling the extraordinary craftsmanship of Iranian artist Athena Jahantigh, the large horse sculpture carries the allure of ancient traditions and cultural richness on its arched back. This stunning masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the artist's passion for precision and attention to detail. Each horse is a unique creation, passionately brought to life by the artist herself.

A Mesmerizing Blue Symbol of Strength and Grace

The Athena Jahantigh- Large Horse in Blue exudes a captivating aura with its striking palette. The profound shade of blue renders an air of tranquility and deepens the enchantment of the sculpture, making it a compelling addition to any space. Allow the deep blue to weave its magic, creating a serene ambiance and evoking a sense of awe-inspiring beauty that commands attention.

A Timeless Artistic Investment

When you choose the Athena Jahantigh- Large Horse sculpture, you invest in more than just a decorative piece. With its rich historical significance and meticulous craftsmanship, this sculpture transcends time and becomes a cherished symbol of elegance and grace. It serves as a powerful reminder of the profound connection between art and culture, and allows you to immerse yourself in a world steeped in heritage and tradition.


Athena's sculptures are particularly noted for their dynamic forms and the sense of movement they evoke. The use of sandstone and porcelain allows for detailed textural contrasts, while her method of applying plates cut into strips to the legs of her animal figures accentuates their motion and fluidity. This technique not only highlights the physical attributes of the animals but also enhances the sculptures' emotional impact, making each piece a powerful expression of vitality and life. The aesthetic of Athena's work is marked by its hieratic, almost majestic quality, with animals that carry both a physical and a symbolic weight. The forms are callipygous, emphasizing strength and sensuality, yet their arrangement and the subtlety of the details lend a modern edge to each piece. The sculptures are contemporary yet timeless, bridging millennia of artistic tradition with a modern aesthetic sensibility.

The Large Horse in Blue stands as a testament to Jahantigh's skill in translating cultural symbolism into contemporary art. In Persian culture, the horse is often seen as a symbol of nobility, strength, and freedom. Jahantigh elevates this symbolism through her use of vibrant blue, a color that conveys depth and serenity, evoking the vast skies and tranquil waters of the Mediterranean landscape that surrounds her Southern France studio. Jahantigh's choice of materials and her method of sculpting reflect both her reverence for traditional sculptural techniques and her innovative approach to surface texture and color.

The dynamic posture of the horse, with its arched back, not only illustrates the animal’s grace and power but also serves as a canvas for the rich, deep blue glaze that is so characteristic of her recent work. This color choice does not merely decorate but deeply integrates into the thematic and emotional fabric of the piece, enhancing its visual impact and symbolic resonance. Jahantigh’s work is more than decorative; it is an immersive experience into the storied past of Persian art, viewed through the lens of modern artistic expression.

The Large Horse in Blue is particularly compelling, positioned in any space to command attention and provoke contemplation. It is designed to be a centerpiece, around which narratives of history, culture, and personal journey converge. In owning a piece by Athena Jahantigh, collectors not only acquire a visually stunning artwork but also partake in the rich tapestry of cultural history that each piece represents.

The Athena Jahantigh Large Horse in Blue stands as a testament to cultural heritage and artistic devotion. Crafted by the esteemed Iranian artist Athena Jahantigh, this sculpture embodies the spirit of traditional iconography through its noble stance and striking blue coloration. Integrating such an impactful piece into your home demands a discerning approach that both highlights its beauty and pays homage to its deep cultural roots. Here are refined style guide suggestions for positioning this remarkable sculpture within your space:

Ideal Placement Suggestions:

  • The Living Room: As the central hub of social and familial interactions, the living room provides a prime setting for the Large Horse Sculpture. Whether showcased on a central console or as a distinguished focal point, it enriches the space with depth and narrative, engaging guests in meaningful dialogue.
  • The Study or Home Office: In the sanctuary of a study or home office, the sculpture becomes a beacon of creativity and introspection. Placed near a window or amidst a collection of literature, it introduces an element of calm and scholarly allure.
  • The Entryway or Foyer: The sculpture's grandeur in the entryway offers guests a glimpse into a home steeped in sophistication and a deep appreciation for cultural artistry, setting a profound tone from the moment of entry.
  • A Dedicated Art Space: Allocating a specific area or gallery for art within your home allows the sculpture to be appreciated in a context that emphasizes its artistic and cultural significance, making it a focal point of personal curation.

    Styling Tips:

  • Complementary Colors: The sculpture's deep blue hue pairs exquisitely with a spectrum of colors. Emphasize its presence with neutral backgrounds or add warmth with metallic accents, creating a visually compelling tableau.
  • Lighting: The sculpture’s intricate details and vibrant color are accentuated by thoughtful lighting. Combine ambient light to highlight its overall form with spotlighting to dramatize its features and texture.
  • Textural Diversity: Introduce a variety of textures to complement the sculpture’s polished finish. The interplay of soft fabrics and natural materials with the sculpture’s sleek surface adds a layer of visual intrigue.
  • Strategic Placement: Positioning the sculpture to be admired from multiple viewpoints ensures its majesty is fully appreciated. Elevating it on a pedestal or within a well-illuminated alcove enhances its prominence.

    Enhancing with Subtle Elegance:

  • Cultural Accents: Augment the sculpture with elements that reflect its heritage or Athena Jahantigh’s artistic journey. Persian textiles, French decorative arts, or curated art books can enrich the narrative within the space.
  • Natural Elements: Complementing the sculpture with flora or botanical arrangements introduces a lively contrast, emphasizing the blue and adding a dynamic, naturalistic flair to the setting.
  • Personal Artifacts: Encircle the sculpture with personal or collected artifacts that resonate with the viewer, fostering a deeper, more intimate connection with the art.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Placing the sculpture near mirrors or polished surfaces can play with illumination and shadow, magnifying its allure and making it a mesmerizing focal point in any room.

Incorporating the Athena Jahantigh Large Horse in Blue into your decor is a celebration of both aesthetic beauty and profound cultural significance. By meticulously considering its placement and the nuances of its surroundings, this sculpture not only becomes an art piece but a beloved emblem of your home’s narrative, echoing the timeless beauty and strength it embodies.

Color Blue
Dimensions W 50 X H 49 cm
W 19.68 X H 19.29 in
Material Ceramic
Country of Origin France
Weight 9.290 kg
Athena Jahantigh Large Bull in Blue