Cyclade Head with Broken Nose

₹ 59,000.00
₹ 59,000.00
Color: Sandstone

A Glimpse Into Ancient Artistry

The Cyclade Head with Broken Nose is distinguished by its almost oval form, which is only broken up by the appearance of a

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A Glimpse Into Ancient Artistry

The Cyclade Head with Broken Nose is distinguished by its almost oval form, which is only broken up by the appearance of a nose. It is amazing how well the shape is executed—this is Modern Abstract Art ahead of its time! Warm stone patina adds to the elegance of this majestic creation. The exquisite details even portray painted eyes and red vertical striations on the right cheek, a likely echo of ancient techniques. This artifact finds its roots in the Early Cycladic II period (ca 2700-2300 BC), making it much more than just an artifact.

The Pendant of History

Experience a tangible masterpiece of civilization's progress with the Atelier C&S Devoy - Cyclade Head with Broken Nose. This sculpture is a testament to the timeless artistry of the Cycladic civilization. Its contemporary yet historic appeal dovetails nicely into almost any home décor, acting as a conversation starter for your guests.

The Allure of Authenticity

Dive deep into the allure of authenticity with this Cycladic head. Its sentimental value is complemented by its aesthetically pleasing features. The uniquely sculpted nose brings a character to the masterpiece that's impossible to replicate. It demonstrates the true realm of Cycladic art, a region renowned for its artistic excellence. Marvel at the detailed workmanship and let history become a part of your home.

The Big Bang by Atelier C&S Davoy


Atelier C&S Davoy has significantly contributed to cultural enrichment through its distinctive approach to interior decor and art collection. Founded in 1992 in the Tarn region of France, the brand has dedicated itself to crafting pieces that resonate deeply with the ethos of a Cabinet of Curiosities. This historical concept, rooted in the Renaissance, is centered on the collection and display of wondrous and eclectic objects, aiming to inspire awe and intellectual curiosity. Atelier C&S Davoy's collections are characterized by an eclectic mix of classical, ethnic, industrial, and contemporary influences, seamlessly blending diverse cultural elements into their creations. Each piece, whether it be decorative objects, furniture, or lighting, is not merely functional but tells a story, evoking dreams and emotions. This storytelling through objects allows the brand to foster a deeper appreciation for history and cultural diversity among its clientele.

The Atelier C&S Davoy "Cyclade Head with Broken Nose" is not just a sculpture; it is a portal to the ancient world, marrying the aesthetics of early Cycladic civilization with modern artistic sensibilities. The inspiration for this striking piece comes from the Early Cycladic II period, a time noted for its simplistic yet profoundly expressive art forms. These artifacts, primarily found in the Aegean islands, are characterized by their minimalistic representation of the human figure, which later influenced modern artists like Picasso and Brancusi. The "Cyclade Head with Broken Nose" particularly reflects this connection, demonstrating how ancient forms can resonate within contemporary contexts.

The brand's commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in every piece it produces. Atelier C&S Davoy places a strong emphasis on the use of premium materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques, ensuring that each item not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time. The collections are often inspired by the rich tapestry of French history and culture, drawing on periods ranging from the baroque and rococo to the neoclassical. This historical inspiration is seamlessly integrated with modern trends to create pieces that are both timeless and of the moment, appealing to a wide range of tastes and interior styles.

Atelier C&S Davoy also distinguishes itself through its personalized approach to interior decoration. The brand offers bespoke services that allow clients to have pieces tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This attention to client needs and details fosters a close relationship between the brand and its customers, making Atelier C&S Davoy not just a purveyor of luxury items but a true partner in crafting beautiful, personalized living spaces. Through its dedication to quality, history, and customer satisfaction, Atelier C&S Davoy continues to be a standard-bearer for French elegance and art de vivre.

Incorporating the Atelier C&S Devoy - Cyclade Head with Broken Nose into your home decor transcends merely showcasing an artifact; it's an act of interweaving ancient artistry and timeless beauty into the essence of your living space. Inspired by the simplicity and abstract forms admired by iconic artists like Picasso and Brancusi, this sculpture is a precursor to Modern Abstract Art. With its warm stone patina and meticulous detailing, it bridges contemporary decor with the rich heritage of Cycladic civilization. Below are detailed style guide suggestions designed to place this sculpture in a manner that respects its historical importance and aesthetic allure, ensuring a genuine and refined presentation across different rooms:

Ideal Room Selection:

  • The Living Room: Position the Cyclade Head as a central piece in the living room, either on a pedestal or an open shelf. Its compelling form and rich history create a focal point that stimulates conversation and reflection.
  • The Study or Home Office: In a study, this sculpture can spark creativity and connect you to the wisdom of ancient civilizations. Placed on a desk or bookshelf, it enhances a space dedicated to thought and scholarly pursuit.
  • An Art-Centric Space: If your home includes a space dedicated to art, the Cyclade Head deserves prominence. Surrounded by other artworks, it contributes to a cultivated cultural ambiance, offering a personal museum experience.
  • The Entrance Hall: Welcome guests with this symbol of ancient craftsmanship by situating the Cyclade Head in the entryway. It establishes an air of sophistication and historical depth right from the entrance.
ATELIER C S DAVOY Cyclade Head with Broken NOse

Styling Tips:

  • Lighting: Employ focused lighting to highlight the sculpture's distinctive features, particularly its warm stone patina and uniquely sculpted nose. Proper lighting can underscore its textures and shadows, accentuating its abstract beauty.
  • Color Palette: Choose a neutral or earth-toned backdrop to complement the sculpture's stone patina. Gentle, subdued tones in the surrounding decor will spotlight the piece without overpowering its understated elegance.
  • Textures and Materials: Complement the sculpture with organic textures and materials like wood, linen, or wool in the furnishings. These elements reflect the sculpture's connection to nature and ancient artisanship.
  • Artistic Elements: Arrange the Cyclade Head alongside minimalist art pieces or artifacts that share a thematic link, such as abstract sculptures or artworks inspired by ancient civilizations, for a cohesive and curated artistic ensemble.

Subtle Details for Candid Styling:

  • Historical Accents: Accentuate the display with elements that echo the sculpture's Cycladic origins, like pottery, textiles, or replicas of ancient artifacts, introducing layers of historical context.
  • Fragrance: Incorporate scents suggestive of the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea with candles or diffusers, enriching the ambiance and complementing the artifact's provenance.
  • Textile Accents: Employ fabric accents with classical patterns or textures that align with the sculpture's era and style, adding a tactile layer that resonates with its artistic and historical essence.
  • Collector’s Items: Enhance the setting with additional collectibles or sculptures, particularly those with ancient motifs or abstract forms, to foster an atmosphere that celebrates artistic discovery and historical richness.

By thoughtfully integrating the Atelier C&S Devoy - Cyclade Head with Broken Nose into your decor, you not only celebrate artistic achievement and historical reverence but also bestow your home with a sense of majesty, discovery, and timeless elegance that this remarkable piece symbolizes.

Color Sandstone
Dimensions H 68 X L 15 cm
H 26.77 X L 5.91 inch
Material Terracotta
Country of Origin France
Weight 8.3 kg
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