Big Centerpiece

₹ 67,000.00
₹ 67,000.00
Color: Brown

Artistry and Craftsmanship of Rina Menardi

Rina Menardi's Light Flower Turquoise is not just a ceramic piece; it's a work of art brought to life by the renowned

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Artistry and Craftsmanship of Rina Menardi

Rina Menardi's Light Flower Turquoise is not just a ceramic piece; it's a work of art brought to life by the renowned Italian artist. Handmade with precision and dedication, each piece encapsulates Menardi’s unique philosophy of the “oscillation of opposites,” creating an exquisite balance between contrasting elements. This ensures that every piece is visually striking and emotionally stirring.

Unique Design and Sensory Appeal

This piece isn't just about aesthetics; it’s about adding a touch of elegance to your home. Perfect as a centerpiece on your dining table, a decorative element on your bookcase, or even as a unique gift for a loved one, the Light Flower Turquoise is versatile. It’s a thoughtful choice that conveys both style and sentiment, making every space feel more intimate and inviting.

Perfect for Home Decor and Gifts

Symbol of Love and Good LuckBeyond its playful design and functionality, the Rabbit XS carries a meaningful message. Rabbits are symbols of love and fertility and are believed to bring good luck and happiness. Offering this as a gift can convey your best wishes for loved ones.

YALOS  MURANO Calla vase


Yalos Murano stands as a beacon of Venetian glass artistry, a brand deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Murano Island. For centuries, Murano has been synonymous with exquisite glassmaking, and Yalos Murano continues to honor this legacy through their meticulously handcrafted pieces. Each creation is a testament to the unparalleled skill and dedication of their artisans, who blend age-old techniques with contemporary designs to produce glassware that transcends time and trends.

The inspiration behind Yalos Murano is drawn from the vibrant history and culture of Venice. The brand embraces the essence of classic Italian artistry while infusing it with modern aesthetics. This fusion results in unique, elegant pieces that capture the beauty and sophistication of Murano glass. The artists at Yalos Murano are inspired by the natural beauty of their surroundings, the interplay of light and water in the Venetian lagoon, and the rich tapestry of Venetian art and architecture.

Yalos Murano is committed to preserving the integrity of traditional glassmaking while pushing the boundaries of design. Their creations are a celebration of color, form, and texture, each piece telling a story of craftsmanship and artistic vision. By integrating contemporary elements with classic techniques, Yalos Murano not only pays homage to the past but also sets a new standard for the future of glass artistry.

The Yalos Murano Big Centerpiece is a stunning example of the brand’s ability to marry tradition with innovation. The centerpiece features an elegant blend of classic craftsmanship and modern design, making it a versatile addition to any contemporary setting. Crafted from the finest Murano glass, its sleek lines and bold form create a striking visual impact, whether it’s displayed on a dining table, a mantle, or as a standalone art piece.

The Yalos Murano Big Centerpiece is a luxury glass piece that deserves a prominent place in your home where its beauty can be fully appreciated. Consider the following locations:

Ideal Room Placement:

  • Dining Room: Place the centerpiece in the middle of your dining table to serve as a sophisticated focal point. Ensure it is the main element on the table, possibly surrounded by minimalistic table settings or elegant placemats that highlight its design without overshadowing it.
  • Living Room: Position the centerpiece on a coffee table or a console table. It can be complemented with a few carefully chosen decorative items such as a stack of art books, a sleek tray, or a couple of candles in complementary colors.
  • MantelpieceThis centerpiece can also elevate a mantel. Place it in the center of the mantel, flanked by smaller decorative items such as matching candlesticks, small sculptures, or framed artwork to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement.
YALOS MURANO Big Centerpiece Ivory

Subtle Styling Details

  • Complementary Colors: Choose surrounding decor in colors that complement the centerpiece. For example, if the centerpiece has vibrant hues, pair it with neutral tones to let it stand out. If it is more subdued, enhance it with richer, bolder accessories.
  • Lighting: Highlight the centerpiece with strategic lighting. Use overhead lights or table lamps to create a soft glow that enhances the glass’s reflective qualities. Consider using dimmable lights to adjust the ambiance as needed.
  • Minimalist Approach: Less is more when styling around such an exquisite piece. Avoid overcrowding the area. Let the centerpiece have its space to shine. A minimalist approach ensures that the focus remains on the craftsmanship and beauty of the glass.
  • Texture and Contrast: Add textures and materials that contrast yet complement the glass. For example, pairing the centerpiece with a wooden table or metal accents can create an interesting visual dynamic. Soft fabrics like silk or velvet nearby can enhance the luxurious feel.

The Yalos Murano Big Centerpiece's design and color scheme make it versatile for various decor styles. Its handcrafted excellence and sleek design align with modern aesthetics while paying homage to the rich tradition of Murano glassmaking. The choice of color and finish is designed to catch the light beautifully, making it a perfect centerpiece that draws the eye and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Color Brown
Dimensions H 35 X D 35 cm
H 13.78 X D 13.78 inch
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.58 kg