Hurricane with leather handle - Luster glass

₹ 10,000.00
₹ 10,000.00
Color: Clear

Etheral Aesthetic for Any Space

Introduce a touch of elegance to any room with the Dekocandle Hurricane with a leather handle candle holder. The luster glass finish provides a

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Etheral Aesthetic for Any Space

Introduce a touch of elegance to any room with the Dekocandle Hurricane with a leather handle candle holder. The luster glass finish provides a sophisticated sheen, elevating your home décor instantly. The hurricane's sleek, modern design seamlessly blends with both contemporary and traditional interiors, making it the perfect centerpiece for your living room, dining area, or bedroom. Its look ensures it complements any existing décor while adding a hint of luxury.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

The Dekocandle Hurricane candle holder is not just about looks; it's crafted with quality in mind. Each piece is hand-poured, ensuring attention to detail and a superior finish. The leather handle is not only stylish but also practical, making it easy to move the hurricane from one location to another. This combination of luster glass and leather handle showcases excellent craftsmanship that stands out in any setting.

Perfect Lighting for Any Occasion

Set the mood with the Dekocandle Hurricane candle holder. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, enjoying a quiet evening, or simply want to create a cozy atmosphere, this candle holder provides the perfect ambient light. The luster glass subtly diffuses the glow, creating a warm and inviting environment. It's ideal for parties, romantic evenings, or just adding a relaxing ambiance to your everyday routine.



Dekocandle is synonymous with sophisticated elegance and exceptional craftsmanship in the world of home decor. With a rich heritage rooted in the heart of Belgium, this brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, creating pieces that blend functionality with unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, Dekocandle transforms everyday items into extraordinary works of art.

The inspiration behind Dekocandle's exquisite offerings is deeply intertwined with European artistry and design traditions. The brand draws from a palette of classic and contemporary influences, merging the timeless elegance of European decor with modern sensibilities. This fusion is evident in every piece they create, from their meticulously crafted candles to their beautifully designed home accessories. Each product is a testament to Dekocandle's commitment to excellence and their passion for creating beauty in everyday life.

Dekocandle's journey is marked by a dedication to sustainable practices and a deep respect for craftsmanship. Their artisans employ traditional techniques, combined with innovative approaches, to produce items that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in their careful selection of materials and their focus on creating durable, long-lasting products. Dekocandle's creations are more than just decor; they are a celebration of artistry, tradition, and environmental responsibility.

The Dekocandle Hurricane with a leather handle is a perfect embodiment of the brand's ethos of blending elegance with practicality. This piece showcases a luster glass finish that provides a sophisticated sheen, making it a stunning addition to any room. The hurricane's sleek, modern design ensures it complements both contemporary and traditional interiors, adding a touch of luxury to your living room, dining area, or bedroom.

The Dekocandle Hurricane with a leather handle, with its luxurious design and artistic craftsmanship, can be a stunning addition to various rooms. Here are some suggestions on how to place this high-end addition to enhance its beauty and the room's ambiance:

Ideal Room Placement:

  • Living Room: Place the Dekocandle Hurricane candle holder on a coffee table or a console table as a central decorative piece. Its luster glass finish and leather handle add a touch of sophistication, making it a perfect focal point. Pair it with a stack of hardcover books, a decorative tray, or a small vase with fresh flowers to create a balanced and elegant arrangement. The warm, diffused light will enhance the cozy ambiance of your living room, making it more inviting for both everyday use and special gatherings.
  • Dining Area: Use the Dekocandle Hurricane as a centerpiece on your dining table. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with both modern and traditional table settings. For a more formal look, place it on a mirrored or metallic tray with additional candles or small floral arrangements. During dinner parties, the gentle glow from the luster glass will create an intimate and warm atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests.
  • Bedroom: Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom by placing the Dekocandle Hurricane on your nightstand or a dresser. Its elegant design and soft lighting can help create a serene and relaxing environment, ideal for winding down after a long day. Complement it with other bedroom accessories such as a stylish lamp, a few framed photos, or a small potted plant. This setup not only adds functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Styling Suggestions:

  • Color Coordination: Match the hurricane’s sleek design with complementary colors in your decor. In the living room, consider using shades of grey, beige, or soft pastels to enhance the elegant look. In the dining area, coordinating table linens and dishware in similar tones can create a cohesive and sophisticated tablescape. In the bedroom, neutral colors or soft blues and greens can enhance the relaxing ambiance.
  • Texture Contrast: Enhance the visual appeal by pairing the smooth, glossy luster glass of the hurricane with different textures. In the living room, a woven or wooden tray can create an interesting contrast. In the dining area, use a linen or lace table runner to soften the look. In the bedroom, a velvet or silk runner on the dresser can provide a luxurious backdrop.
  • Functional Decor: Use the hurricane as both a functional and decorative piece. In the living room, it can be part of a larger vignette on a coffee table, surrounded by other decorative objects like coasters, small sculptures, or framed art. In the dining area, it can serve as a practical light source while also enhancing the table’s decor. In the bedroom, it can provide soft lighting for reading or relaxing.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adapt the styling of the hurricane to reflect the changing seasons. In spring and summer, add fresh flowers or light-colored accessories to complement the fresh and vibrant look. In fall and winter, incorporate warm, rich tones and textures like wool or faux fur to create a cozy atmosphere.

By following these practical style guide suggestions, the Dekocandle Hurricane with Leather Handle can be placed in various rooms to enhance both functionality and elegance. Its premium quality, versatile design, and sophisticated appearance make it a perfect addition to any home, ensuring that your space remains inviting and stylish.

Color Luster
Dimensions H 27 X L 18 cm
H 10.63 X L 7.09 inch
Material Glass
Country of Origin Belgium
Weight 1.5 kg
Hurricane with leather handle - Luster glass