Face King

₹ 289,000.00
₹ 289,000.00
Color: Sandstone

Exquisite Interpretation of Historical Grandeur in Modern Context

The Face King artifact is a testament to masterful craftsmanship. The sculptors have skillfully blended age-old techniques with modern precision, employing

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Exquisite Interpretation of Historical Grandeur in Modern Context

The Face King artifact is a testament to masterful craftsmanship. The sculptors have skillfully blended age-old techniques with modern precision, employing high-quality materials to breathe life into this royal visage. Its creation involves meticulous attention to detail, preserving the authenticity of its historical roots while infusing contemporary flair. Every curve and contour of this artifact echoes stories from the past, offering a tangible connection to regal heritage.

Harmonious Blend of Aesthetic Appeal and Practical Design

Face King is not just an artifact; it's a design marvel. It strikes a perfect balance between visual allure and functional design. The color palette is chosen to complement a wide range of interior styles, making it a versatile addition to any space. Its ergonomic structure ensures it fits seamlessly into various settings, whether in a personal study or a formal living room, enhancing the overall ambiance with its stately presence.

Elevating Daily Life with Aesthetic and Practical Elegance

Incorporating the Face King into your living space transcends mere decoration; it enhances lifestyle. Its presence brings a sense of refinement and sophistication, elevating the everyday environment. It's not just about aesthetics; this artifact serves as a focal point in a room, fostering conversations and admiration. Its practical benefits are as significant as its visual appeal, contributing to a living space that's both beautiful and functional.

Duccio di Segna

Duccio di Segna

The Duccio di Segna brand began its journey in the world of crystal craftsmanship in 1984, founded by Vasco Conti. Conti brought to the table a wealth of experience in both Italian and international crystal production. Over the past 33 years, Duccio di Segna has emerged as one of Italy's most significant names in the crystal production sector. The brand is celebrated for its exquisite crystal masterpieces, which beautifully balance capacity, experience, taste, and heritage, making each piece not just a product, but a work of art . Over the years, Duccio di Segna has carved out a distinguished position in the market, becoming synonymous with high-quality art crystal sculptures. The brand is celebrated for its masterful blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, which is reflected in every piece they create. Their products range from decorative objects to more functional items, all characterized by elegance and sophistication.

Today, Duccio di Segna continues to thrive under the guidance of skilled artisans who honor the legacy of their founder. The brand's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality while pushing the boundaries of creative glass art ensures that each sculpture is not just a decorative item but a collector's piece, valued for both its aesthetic and historical significance. The "Face King" by Duccio Di Segna is a masterpiece that exemplifies the fusion of historical grandeur and contemporary design, embodying the brand’s commitment to reviving classical aesthetics through modern craftsmanship.

This piece is a profound nod to the rich tapestry of European art history, seamlessly integrated with the sleekness of contemporary design. The design of the "Face King" goes beyond mere visual appeal, focusing on ergonomics that blend seamlessly into various interior settings. This thoughtful approach ensures that the piece is not only a decorative artifact but also a functional element that enhances the living space. It serves as a commanding presence in a room, capable of transforming the ambiance and drawing the eye, making it a perfect centerpiece for places like a formal living room or an executive office.

Crafted with an expert hand, the "Face King" reflects Duccio Di Segna’s mastery in sculpting, where every detail is meticulously shaped to bring out the majesty and depth characteristic of royal portraiture from the Renaissance period. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and the luxurious finish that the brand is renowned for. The subtle play of colors—plumed grey juxtaposed with gold accents—enhances its appeal as a modern relic, making it an opulent addition to any decor.

The Face King vase from Duccio di Segna is a magnificent piece that merges historical grandeur with contemporary design, making it an exceptional addition to any interior. Here are some style guide suggestions for placing this artful vase:

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Position the vase prominently on a central coffee table or on a mantelpiece to serve as a striking centerpiece that captivates attention and sparks conversation.
  • Dining Room: Utilize it as a table centerpiece, perhaps filled with fresh, tall flowers that complement its regal design, enhancing the formal elegance of your dining setting.
  • Study or Home Office: Display the vase on a bookshelf or desk to add a touch of sophistication and inspiration within a work environment.

    Styling Tips:

  • Complementary Colors: The vase’s color palette is versatile; accentuate these hues with surrounding décor in harmonious shades like deep blues, golds, or creams to create a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Lighting: Highlight the vase with ambient lighting to accentuate its intricate details and craftsmanship. A directional lamp or soft overhead lighting can enhance the texture and curves of the piece.
  • Textural Contrast: Pair the vase with different textures in the room, such as soft velvets or coarse linens, to bring out the smoothness of its surface and the precision of its contours.

    Subtle Details:

  • Floral Arrangements: Opt for simple yet elegant floral arrangements that do not overpower the vase. White or cream flowers can accentuate its historical and royal essence without detracting from its intricate design.
  • Placement Context: Consider the historical and cultural significance of the Face King. Placing it among other items of historical or artistic significance can create a thematic storytelling element within your décor.
  • Spatial Dynamics: Ensure the vase has enough space around it to be viewed from various angles, allowing its design to be appreciated fully.

Incorporating the Face King vase into your decor not only enhances the space with its aesthetic and practical elegance but also brings a narrative of regal heritage and modern craftsmanship to your daily life. This piece is designed to be more than just a decorative object; it is a focal point that enriches the environment and elevates the quality of living through its majestic presence.

Color Sandstone
Dimensions W 7.87 X H 15.35 in
W 20 X H 39 cm
Material Glass
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 11.520 kg
Duccio di Segna