Snail Big Amber & Gold

₹ 23,500.00
₹ 23,500.00
Color: Amber & Gold

Enchanting Aesthetic Appeal

The Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold is not just any ordinary piece of decor. This exquisite sculpture seamlessly blends the warm, honey-like tones

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Enchanting Aesthetic Appeal

The Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold is not just any ordinary piece of decor. This exquisite sculpture seamlessly blends the warm, honey-like tones of amber with the rich sheen of gold, creating a visual spectacle that enhances any room it graces. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in life, this item brings a touch of elegance to your home or office environment. Its distinct color palette radiates a comforting yet luxurious vibe, making it a captivating centerpiece.

Intricate Craftsmanship

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold embodies the spirit of both artistry and nature. Its lifelike form and texture capture the essence of a snail in motion, symbolizing patience, resilience, and the beauty of nature's pace. Each curve and contour of this sculpture speaks volumes of the skill and dedication involved in its creation, making it not just a decor item but a piece of art that tells a story.

Versatile Decor Potential

Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your living room, office, or even a personal library, the Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold is up to the task. Its unique design and color scheme make it highly adaptable to various decor styles, from modern minimalist to classical elegance. Imagine this stunning piece on a mantelpiece, coffee table, or bookshelf, instantly elevating the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.

Duccio di Segna


Duccio Di Segna, a luminary in the world of home decor, continues to enchant connoisseurs with their unparalleled blend of natural inspiration and artisanal craftsmanship. The brand’s latest creation, the Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture, is a testament to his mastery of transforming everyday natural elements into extraordinary works of art. This piece is not merely a decor item but a profound expression of the brand's ethos and artistic vision, making it a signature element in sophisticated interiors.

The inspiration behind the Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture stems from the natural world, particularly the snail, which is often overlooked yet embodies qualities of patience, resilience, and deliberate pacing. Duccio Di Segna captures these attributes exquisitely, presenting them through a lens of luxury and refined aesthetics. The choice of amber and gold for this sculpture is deliberate; the warm, honey-like tones of amber evoke a sense of comfort and earthiness, while the rich sheen of gold adds a layer of opulence, creating a visual spectacle that is both comforting and luxurious.

The color palette not only enhances the sculpture's visual appeal but also imbues it with a versatility that allows it to integrate seamlessly into various decor styles. Whether set against the minimalist backdrop of a modern living room or among the rich textures of a classical study, the Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture adapts effortlessly, enhancing its surroundings with a subtle yet unmistakable touch of elegance. Craftsmanship is at the heart of Duccio Di Segna’s work, and this sculpture is a pinnacle example of this dedication. Each curve and contour is meticulously crafted, with lifelike accuracy that brings the snail's form to life, inviting observers to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature’s pace. The intricate details of the sculpture not only highlight the artist’s skill but also his commitment to creating pieces that are both timeless and narratively rich.

The Snail Big Amber & Gold is more than just a decorative item; it is a centerpiece that tells a story, enhances aesthetic appeal, and evokes a deep appreciation for the finer details in life. It is designed for those who seek to imbue their spaces with not just beauty but meaning and contemplation. Through their creations, Duccio Di Segna encourages us to view our living spaces as canvases for self-expression and artful living. Each piece he crafts is not only an element of decor but a bridge to a deeper understanding of aesthetics, making him a revered figure in the field of interior design. The Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture is a shining example of his vision, bringing together the realms of art, nature, and interior elegance in one harmonious ensemble.

The Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture is a masterful embodiment of artistry and elegance, perfectly poised to transform any interior space into a showcase of refined taste and subtle grandeur. Here’s how to integrate this magnificent piece into your home or office decor, ensuring it not only enhances the environment but also becomes a focal point of admiration.

Ideal Room Settings:

  • Living Room: Place this sculpture prominently on a coffee table or as a centerpiece on a sideboard. Its radiant amber and gold hues will harmonize with both neutral and bold color schemes, adding warmth and sophistication to the area.
  • Study or Home Office: Set it on a desk or on a shelf among books. The snail’s symbolism of patience and resilience can serve as a contemplative piece that inspires thoughtfulness and creativity in a workspace.
  • Entrance Hall: Welcome guests by placing the sculpture on a console table in your entryway. It’s a fantastic conversation starter that immediately communicates your unique aesthetic sensibility and appreciation for detailed craftsmanship.
DUCCIO Snail Big Amber Gold

Subtle Styling Details:

  • Complementary Textures: Enhance the tactile appeal of the sculpture by pairing it with contrasting textures. Soft, matte surfaces like linen or velvet can offset the smooth, glossy finish of the snail, creating a dynamic visual and tactile experience.
  • Lighting: Use targeted lighting such as track lights or adjustable table lamps to accentuate the intricate details and golden sheen of the sculpture, highlighting its exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Thematic Decor: Echo the natural theme by incorporating elements such as wooden accents, greenery, or other earth-toned artifacts around the sculpture. This approach not only ties the room together but also enhances the natural imagery represented by the snail.

By thoughtfully placing the Duccio Di Segna Snail Big Amber & Gold sculpture within your home or office, you not only enhance the physical space but also imbue it with a sense of luxury and serenity that enriches everyday living. This piece is not merely decorative but a testament to the beauty of embracing life’s pace.

Color Amber & Gold
Dimensions W 7.48 X H 4.33 in
W 19 X H 11 cm
Material Glass
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.790 kg
Duccio di Segna