Cone candle in Silver Metallic

₹ 2,250.00
₹ 2,250.00
Color: Silver Metallic

Illuminate Your Space With Elegance

Ester & Erik Silver Metallic Cone Candle brings sleek and sophisticated illumination to your spaces. These 37cm standalone pieces redefine luxury in a

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Illuminate Your Space With Elegance

Ester & Erik Silver Metallic Cone Candle brings sleek and sophisticated illumination to your spaces. These 37cm standalone pieces redefine luxury in a realistic way. The silver metallic finish offers an exclusive glimpse into the high-end decor, while the self-standing feature limitless placement options. These candles can make a statement alone or blend seamlessly into various surfaces including, but not limited to, glass, raw cement tables or marble masterpieces.

More Than a Self-standing Candle

The signature sleek Ester & Erik Cone Candle stands on its own. The cone's shape adds an elegant touch to the product, making it an ideal piece for adding warmth and texture to your decor. It serves as an ideal candle for meal settings, festive occasions, or a relaxing spa time at home. Whether you set it on a candle plate or simply on a plain surface, its allure doesn't falter.

Experience the Difference with Ester & Erik

Stepping away from traditional pillar candles, Ester & Erik triumphs with a unique approach towards candle creation. Every silver metallic cone candle is crafted to effectively emanate light whilst adding a touch of sophistication to your home. This creation thrives on versatility and can become the captivating accent piece you've been searching for. Transform your decor with the harmonious blend of elegance and functionality.

Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik

The inspiration behind Ester & Erik was derived from the couple’s desire to revive and uphold the traditional European craft of candle-making, which they felt was being lost in the industrialized production processes of the time. The brand's philosophy centers on creating candles that are not only functional sources of light but also beautiful pieces of design that can enhance the aesthetic of any space. Ester and Erik Molholm are the heart and soul of the brand. Ester’s background as a florist gave her a unique perspective on color and design, enabling her to experiment with dyes and molds to produce candles in various shapes, sizes, and a palette of over 80 colors.

The inspiration for the Silver Metallic Cone Candle by Ester & Erik is clearly rooted in a desire to elevate everyday objects into works of art. The use of silver as a primary color draws from the opulent and reflective qualities associated with precious metals, while the cone shape is a deliberate nod to both aesthetic appeal and functional design. This shape not only enhances the burning efficiency of the candle but also contributes to its standalone capability, allowing for versatile placement in any setting.

What sets Ester & Erik apart is their innovative approach to candle production. Employing a unique cold compacting technique, which compresses wax under immense pressure, the brand ensures each candle boasts exceptional durability and an extended burn time. This method not only enhances the candle’s structural integrity but also reflects Ester & Erik’s dedication to sustainability.

Beyond their functionality, the Ester & Erik Silver are a cultural artifact that speak to the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design—minimalist, functional, yet undeniably elegant. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer details of their decor and seek pieces that provide both aesthetic pleasure and practical utility.

The Ester&Erik Silver Metallic Cone Candle not only illuminates but also infuses your space with elegance and sophistication. Crafted with a distinctive pointed top and slender silhouette, these candles are a testament to Ester & Erik's dedication to quality and design. Here are refined style guide suggestions for incorporating these taper candles into your home, ensuring they enhance your space with their unique charm and establish an ambiance of candid sophistication:

Ideal Room Selection:

  • The Dining Room: Place the candle as a centerpiece on the dining table to infuse warmth and a sophisticated touch into mealtime settings. Its elegant shape and metallic sheen elevate the dining experience, making it perfect for festive occasions or intimate dinners.
  • The Living Room: Utilize the candle to create a focal point on coffee tables, mantels, or shelves. Its standalone feature and reflective surface bring light and a luxurious ambiance to social spaces.
  • The Bedroom: On a bedside table or dresser, the silver metallic cone candle adds a serene and glamorous touch, providing a soft glow that enhances the room's comfort and elegance.
  • The Bathroom: By placing the candle near the bathtub or on a vanity, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Its sophisticated illumination offers a relaxing backdrop for a luxurious bathing experience.
ESTER ERIK- Cone candle in Silver Metallic

Subtle Details for Candid Styling:

  • Floral Accents: Choose simple, elegant floral arrangements that enhance the candle without detracting from its design. The natural elements highlight the metallic vibrancy.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Place the candle on reflective surfaces to intensify its luminous quality, enriching the ambiance and adding depth to the room.
  • Fragrance Pairings: Situate the candle near complementary scented candles or diffusers. This combination of visual elegance and ambient scent creates a layered, multisensory experience.
  • Collector’s Items: Display the candle alongside other high-quality decorative items or as part of a collection of Ester & Erik candles, crafting a narrative of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in your decor.

By thoughtfully integrating the Ester & Erik Silver Metallic Cone Candle into your decor, you not only showcase a piece of functional art but also infuse your space with a sense of calm, contemporary elegance, and understated sophistication. This approach elevates everyday living into an experience of serene beauty and meticulous charm, marking the candle as a significant, stylish addition to your home.

Color Silver Metallic
Dimensions H 38 X L 5 cm
H 14.96 X L 1.97 inch
Material Wax
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 0.21 kg
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