Soft rose Pillar Candle H20cm

₹ 2,000.00
₹ 2,000.00
Color: Soft Rose

Dependable Durability

Thanks to the innovative cold compacting technique, which applies two tonnes of pressure, the ESTER & ERIK Soft Rose Pillar Candle candles boast exceptional durability and

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Dependable Durability

Thanks to the innovative cold compacting technique, which applies two tonnes of pressure, the ESTER & ERIK Soft Rose Pillar Candle candles boast exceptional durability and an extended burn time. This process not only enhances the candle’s structural integrity but also ensures that it remains lit for your moments of relaxation and contemplation.

Aesthetic Appeal for Every Occasion

The soft rose color of our pillar candle adds a touch of serenity and sophistication to any room. It stands as a testament to grace and beauty, transforming mundane spaces into cozy havens. Whether it's a tranquil evening alone or a gathering with loved ones, this candle seamlessly complements every occasion.

Eco-Conscious and Safe

Our commitment to the environment and your safety is reflected in every candle we produce. The use of high-quality paraffin wax not only ensures a cleaner burn but also minimizes the release of smoke and soot, making it a safer and more eco-friendly choice for your home.

Ester & Erik Soft Rose Pillar Candle

Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik, a distinguished name in the realm of candle making, has established a legacy rooted in Danish design principles, combining minimalism with functionality. Founded by Ester and Erik Molholm in the late 1980s in Denmark, the brand has since dedicated itself to the meticulous craft of hand-made candles, emphasizing quality and aesthetic appeal. The couple's passion for traditional techniques, coupled with modern innovations, has positioned Ester & Erik as a leader in the luxury candle market, celebrated for their exquisite and long-lasting candles.

The core philosophy of Ester & Erik is to celebrate the 'light of life,' a concept that resonates through each candle they create. They focus on producing candles that not only illuminate spaces but also enrich them, enhancing the atmosphere with elegance and warmth. Each candle is carefully dipped by hand, a method that dates back centuries, yet is continually refined to meet contemporary standards without sacrificing craftsmanship. This dedication to the art of candle making ensures that every product from Ester & Erik is a symbol of purity and luxury.

Ester & Erik’s candles are renowned not just for their beauty and quality but also for their commitment to sustainability. The brand utilizes high-quality raw materials and employs environmentally responsible practices throughout their production process. This commitment extends to the meticulous selection of ingredients and packaging, ensuring that each candle is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful. Ester & Erik’s approach to design and production embodies a deep respect for nature and Danish heritage, making candles coveted worldwide.

The Ester & Erik Soft Rose Pillar Candle draws its inspiration from the serene landscapes and rich floral heritage of Denmark. The soft rose hue is reminiscent of the delicate roses found in Danish gardens, symbolizing grace and tranquility. This choice of color reflects a desire to bring the softness and calm of nature indoors, creating a peaceful sanctuary in any room.

The Ester & Erik Soft Rose Pillar Candle, blending impeccable craftsmanship with environmental consciousness, is a superb addition to any home. Here are some style guide suggestions for optimally placing and styling this elegant candle:

Placement in Rooms:

  • Living Room: Set the Soft Rose Pillar Candle on a central coffee table or fireplace mantel to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Its soft rose hue adds a subtle color accent that complements neutral and bold color schemes alike, enhancing the room's ambiance during social gatherings or quiet evenings.
  • Bedroom: Place the candle on a bedside table or dresser to infuse the room with a soft, calming glow. The gentle rose color and the candle's clean burn make it ideal for winding down at night, contributing to a serene and restful environment.
  • Bathroom: Use the candle to turn a regular bath into a spa-like experience. Position it safely on a wide ledge or a side table to enjoy its soothing light and minimalistic scent, enhancing relaxation during a long soak.
  • Dining Room: Center the candle on the dining table to add elegance to mealtime. The sophisticated design and soft light provide a luxurious touch that enhances both casual family dinners and formal gatherings.
  • Entryway: Greet guests with the warm glow and subtle fragrance of the Soft Rose Pillar Candle by placing it in your foyer or entryway. This sets a welcoming tone and showcases your attention to detail and decor.
Ester & Erik Soft Rose Pillar Candle

Subtle Styling Details:

  • Color Coordination: Complement the soft rose shade of the candle with similar pastel colors or contrast it against darker hues like navy or charcoal for a striking effect.
  • Grouping: For a more dramatic impact, group multiple Ester & Erik candles of varying heights in the same color or different shades of rose to create a layered lighting effect.
  • Decorative Trays: Place the candle on a decorative tray alongside other objects such as small planters, books, or decorative stones to create a curated vignette.
  • Natural Elements: Enhance the candle’s natural vibe by pairing it with elements like wooden accents, fresh flowers, or small succulents to emphasize an eco-friendly and organic aesthetic.
  • Safety and Style: Ensure the candle is placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from drafts to maintain its longevity and safety. Consider a stylish hurricane or glass cloche to shield the flame and add an extra layer of decor.

By integrating the Ester & Erik Soft Rose Pillar Candle into your home using these tips, you can not only elevate the style of any room but also create a space that feels both luxurious and comfortably lived-in.

Color Soft Rose
Dimensions H 20 X L 8 cm
H 7.87 X L 3.15 inch
Material Wax
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 0.66 kg
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