Gilt Perfection: 24K Gold Art Sculpture

₹ 180,000.00
₹ 180,000.00
Color: Aqua & Gold

Timeless Craftsmanship: An Artisanal Legacy

Discover the allure of meticulous hand craftsmanship with the Gilt Perfection 24K Gold Art Sculpture. Each piece is forged in Pocos de Caldas,

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Timeless Craftsmanship: An Artisanal Legacy

Discover the allure of meticulous hand craftsmanship with the Gilt Perfection 24K Gold Art Sculpture. Each piece is forged in Pocos de Caldas, a region renowned for its skilled glassmakers and favorable crafting conditions. This sculpture not only encapsulates the essence of traditional artistry but also brings the precise, delicate touches of artisans who have mastered their craft over generations. The use of both national and imported materials ensures that each sculpture stands out as a premium piece of art.

Luxurious Materials: The Blend of Gold and Glass

The Gilt Perfection sculpture is not just an ordinary decorative item; it is a blend of luxury and clarity, featuring 24-karat gold seamlessly integrated into crystal-clear glass. This unique combination captures the light and radiates a warm, golden glow that accentuates the finesse of the material and the artisan's skill. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine art and those who appreciate the shimmer of gold combined with the purity of glass.

Masterful Design: A Showcase of Artistic Precision

Each Gilt Perfection sculpture is an epitome of artistic mastery, where the precision and delicacy of its form echo the meticulous efforts of its creators. This sculpture is not merely a decorative piece; it is a celebration of the intricate balance between form and function. The seamless integration of 24-karat gold with crystal-clear glass not only enhances its visual appeal but also demonstrates advanced techniques in glassmaking and metalworking. Every sculpture is a testament to the dedication and skill involved in transforming raw materials into a magnificent piece of art, offering a sophisticated touch to any collection.

Cristais sao marcos


Cristais São Marcos is celebrated for its artful approach to crystal production, merging aesthetic beauty with practical application. This Brazilian brand excels in the craft of high-quality crystal, known for its purity and brilliance. Each product, from vases to chandeliers, embodies a perfect harmony of form and function, designed to captivate and enhance any setting. The brand has a keen eye for contemporary trends while respecting traditional methods, ensuring that every piece resonates with both modern and classic interiors. Cristais São Marcos’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of decorative crystal artistry marks it as a leader in its sector.

Crafted in the fertile artistic soil of Pocos de Caldas, each Gilt Perfection sculpture is the fruit of labor from generations of skilled glassmakers whose expertise has been honed through decades of dedication. This region is not only famed for its optimal crafting conditions but also for being a cradle of glassmaking tradition in Brazil. The choice to forge each piece here is a testament to Cristais São Marcos's commitment to nurturing local talent and preserving artisanal heritage, ensuring that each sculpture carries with it the essence of its birthplace.

The integration of 24-karat gold into crystal-clear glass is where the Gilt Perfection sculpture truly sets itself apart. This luxurious material blend does not simply serve aesthetic purposes but is a deliberate choice to enhance the interplay of light and texture, creating a radiant glow that enriches any space it adorns. The gold's warm shimmer juxtaposed against the purity of the glass highlights the finesse of the materials and the skill of the artisan, making each piece a focal point of sophisticated elegance.

Each Gilt Perfection sculpture is not just a decorative item but a showcase of artistic precision. The masterful design and execution of each piece echo the meticulous efforts of its creators, celebrating the intricate balance between form and function. The seamless integration of gold and glass not only enhances the sculpture’s visual appeal but also demonstrates advanced techniques in glassmaking and metalworking.

The Gilt Perfection 24K Gold Art Sculpture, with its exquisite fusion of crystal-clear glass and 24-karat gold, presents a luxurious and refined piece that speaks to the heritage of skilled craftsmanship. This piece demands strategic placement and thoughtful styling to truly highlight its beauty and intricate detailing. Here are practical style guide suggestions for displaying this decorative crystal showpiece in your home or office:

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: This sculpture can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece on a central coffee table or displayed prominently on a mantel. It's ideal where it can engage guests and reflect light beautifully throughout the space.
  • Study or Home Office: Placing the sculpture on a desk or credenza can add a touch of luxury and inspiration to a workspace, enhancing the room's aesthetic while reflecting a sense of prestige.
  • Entryway: Displayed on a console table in the entryway, the sculpture makes a powerful first impression, setting a tone of sophistication and luxury right from the entrance.
Sao Marcos Elegance in Gold- 24K Art Sculpture

Styling Tips:

  • Lighting: Use spotlighting or directional lamps to accentuate the sculpture's golden glow and the clarity of the glass. Proper lighting will enhance the intricate details and the interplay of light and shadow in the sculpture’s design.
  • Color Palette: Opt for a backdrop of dark hues like navy blue, emerald green, or charcoal gray to make the gold elements stand out strikingly. Alternatively, a minimalist approach with light neutral colors can create a serene environment that highlights the sculpture.
  • Surrounding Decor: Keep surrounding decor items minimal and sophisticated. Choose pieces that complement but do not compete with the sculpture, such as high-end minimalist furniture, simple but elegant vases, or tastefully framed art prints.
  • Material Harmony: Echo the materials of the sculpture in other room elements subtly. This could include touches of gold in other decorative items like picture frames, light fixtures, or decorative trays. Clear glass elements can also help in creating a cohesive look.
  • Focal Point: Ensure the sculpture serves as the primary focal point in its setting. Arrange seating or decorative elements in such a way that they complement and draw attention towards the sculpture.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Modern and Minimalist: In a modern minimalist setting, let the sculpture stand out against clean lines and uncluttered spaces. The simplicity of the surroundings will make the intricate details of the sculpture pop.
  • Classic Luxury: Combine the sculpture with rich textures like velvet or silk and traditional elements like ornate rugs and classic furniture to align with its luxurious feel.
  • Eclectic: If integrating into an eclectic decor, mix the sculpture with a variety of textures and periods while using its craftsmanship and elegance as a unifying element.

The Roma Square Tray from Giobagnara is not merely a utilitarian item; it is a piece of decor that brings Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance to everyday life. This guide helps potential buyers visualize how this beautifully crafted tray can enhance the decor of their homes, serving as both a practical tool and a decorative accent that complements a wide range of interior styles.

Color Aqua & Gold
Dimensions W 5.90 X H 13.78 in
W 15 X H 35 cm
Material Crystal Glass
Country of Origin Brazil
Weight 4.980 kg