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Mickey with love by Kelly Hoppen black & gold

₹ 42,000.00
₹ 42,000.00
Color: Matt Black and Chromed Gold

Discover Elegance and Joy

Bring a touch of Walt Disney's enchanting world into your home with the "Mickey with Love" piece by Kelly Hoppen. This gorgeous artwork combines

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Discover Elegance and Joy

Bring a touch of Walt Disney's enchanting world into your home with the "Mickey with Love" piece by Kelly Hoppen. This gorgeous artwork combines the timeless silhouette of Mickey Mouse with an upscale black and gold palette to fill your space with sophistication and a dash of childhood wonder. Perfect for those who cherish both modern design and the magic of Disney stories. Celebrate Mickey Mouse's iconic charm with a sleek, contemporary style, merging timeless iconography with a modern twist. The sophisticated color scheme features matte black and chromed gold, blending seamlessly to create striking visual appeal. This piece is crafted by renowned designer Kelly Hoppen, ensuring it stands out as a unique and high-quality addition to any collection.

Enhance Your Decor

"Mickey with Love" isn't just artwork; it's a statement piece that instantly elevates the look of any room. Whether it's the living room, bedroom, or even your office, this artwork adds a layer of chic elegance and character. Its dimensions make it ideal for various spaces, offering flexibility in decorating. Ideal in size, this piece is perfectly suited for a variety of settings, from personal spaces to professional environments. Its black and gold palette effortlessly complements various interior designs, making it easy to integrate into existing decor. Additionally, it introduces warmth and personality to any space, particularly enhancing minimalist or modern decor with its distinctive character.

Gift of Magic and Elegance

Looking for a memorable and luxurious gift? "Mickey with Love" by Kelly Hoppen is a splendid choice. Whether for a Disney enthusiast, an art lover, or anyone who appreciates exquisite design, this artwork is sure to impress. It's a beautiful representation of love, creativity, and the joy that Disney characters bring into one’s lives. This piece makes an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, appealing to all ages and offering universal joy. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, licensed by Disney, ensuring its genuine quality and value.

Leblon Delienne


In the realm of modern interior decor, the fusion of iconic imagery with avant-garde aesthetics often creates transcendent pieces that not only enhance a space but also tell a story. This philosophy is brilliantly embodied in the "Mickey with Love" sculpture by Kelly Hoppen, presented by Leblon Delienne. Known for their mastery in translating pop culture into exquisitely crafted collectibles, Leblon Delienne collaborates with renowned talents to bring imaginative visions to life, and this piece is no exception.

The "Mickey with Love" sculpture is a celebration of Disney's most beloved character, Mickey Mouse, reimagined through the sophisticated lens of Kelly Hoppen’s distinctive style. Hoppen, a titan in the design world, infuses this piece with a mature charm that contrasts yet complements the playful essence of Mickey. The sculpture is marked by a sleek, modern twist on the classic figure, making it a compelling addition to any contemporary interior.

The choice of a black and gold palette is both bold and refined, offering a visual narrative that speaks to luxury and timeless design. The matte black symbolizes depth and infinity, providing a perfect backdrop for the chromed gold accents that impart a touch of opulence and warmth. This color scheme not only enhances the silhouette of this iconic figure but also makes the sculpture a versatile fit for various interior settings, from minimalist modern to rich, detailed classic environments.

Leblon Delienne’s commitment to excellence is evident in the sourcing and crafting of this piece. Each sculpture is produced with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every curve and contour of Mickey's figure is both an homage to the character's joyful spirit and a testament to high design. This careful balance of playful creativity with sophisticated elegance is what sets Leblon Delienne apart in the world of artistic decor.

"Mickey with Love" by Kelly Hoppen, crafted with the charm of Disney's Mickey Mouse and a stylish black and gold palette, is a sophisticated addition to your home decor. This exquisite sculpture blends the iconic figure with contemporary elegance, making it a standout piece for any lover of art and Disney magic. Its versatile size and striking color scheme allow it to seamlessly enhance a variety of spaces—from a personal study to a stylish living room or an elegant office environment.

Placement Recommendations:

  • Living Room: Position it on a central coffee table or a prominent shelf where it can serve as a focal point, catching the eye and sparking conversations among guests.
  • Bedroom: Use it as a sophisticated decor item on a dresser or nightstand, where it adds a touch of glamour and a whimsical reminder of childhood joys.
  • Office: Display it on a bookshelf or desk to add a luxe, inspirational touch to your workspace, blending professionalism with creativity.
Leblon Mickey with Love by Kelly Hoppen Black Gold

Styling Tips:

  • Pairing: Pair the sculpture with minimalist decor to let its bold colors stand out, or integrate it into a more lavish setting to complement an opulent style.
  • Lighting: Consider lighting that enhances the metallic finishes, such as spotlights or ambient lighting, which can accentuate its golden details.
  • Complement: Complement the sculpture with other high-contrast accessories or artwork to create a cohesive look in the room.

This piece is not only a delightful addition to your home or office but also serves as a perfect gift, suitable for any occasion, and comes with a Disney license of authenticity to ensure its value and uniqueness.

Color Matt Black & Chromed Gold
Dimensions W 5.118 x H 12.205 in
W 13 x H 31 cm
Material Resin & Chromed Gold
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 2.66 Kg