Baby Sparrow

₹ 4,500.00
₹ 4,500.00
Color: Dark Brown With Visible Wood Grain

Majesty of Danish Designs

Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Denmark with the Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke. This beautiful piece is not just a testament to

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Majesty of Danish Designs

Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Denmark with the Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke. This beautiful piece is not just a testament to intricate Danish designs but also a symbol of artistic excellence. The Baby Sparrow, a fine addition to the Sparrow family, is poised and ready to embark on its adventure, enriching your space with its charming allure. Whether it's your first Danish art piece or a thoughtful addition to your collection, this sparrow is meant for you.

Tender Touch of Woodcraft

The Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke is hand-crafted in fabulous solid oak. Skillful woodworkers shape each piece with precision and an admirable vision for details. Subtle smoke staining coupled with black details lend it a graceful appeal. With perfect dimensions, the Baby Sparrow Smoke is an impressive addition to any setting.

Home Décor Elevated

The Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke is not just a wooden piece, it's a story waiting to be told. Place it on your desk, bookshelf, or by the window – it adds a rustic, heart-touching charm to any corner of your home. Every glance at the Baby Sparrow, every touch, every thought will remind you of the skilled hands that crafted it and the rich Danish heritage it symbolizes.



At Novoform, each detail is meticulously refined to attain the ideal harmony of aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship, embodying the essence of luxurious Danish design. Rooted in the esteemed traditions of Scandinavian artistry, the brand is distinguished by its use of exquisite natural materials and a palette of soft, sophisticated colors. Inspired by the elegance of everyday life, remarkable individuals, and the allure of nature, Novoform's collections are crafted with a discerning eye for beauty and simplicity. Their objective is to create timeless, coveted products that transcend fleeting trends, becoming cherished treasures in your home for years to come.

The Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke emerges as a quintessential emblem of Danish artistry. This meticulously crafted piece not only reflects the storied tradition of Danish woodwork but also serves as a testament to the innovative spirit that drives contemporary design in Denmark. At the heart of the Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke is the celebration of Danish cultural heritage, renowned worldwide for its precision and attention to detail. Carved from high-quality solid oak, a material cherished for its durability and rich texture, each Baby Sparrow is shaped with meticulous care by skilled artisans. These craftsmen imbue the piece with a soul and character that machine production can never replicate, ensuring that each sparrow is unique.

Each piece from Novoform is crafted with precision, using high-quality materials sourced responsibly to ensure durability and environmental friendliness. The brand's focus on clean lines, organic textures, and natural colors makes its products not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant with contemporary design trends, catering to a global audience that values both style and substance in home furnishings.

The ethos of Novoform extends beyond mere aesthetics, emphasizing a lifestyle that appreciates the quiet luxury of well-made objects. By marrying traditional techniques with innovative design, Novoform products are distinguished by their subtle yet impactful presence in any interior setting. Whether it's through elegantly shaped wooden figurines or softly textured decor items, Novoform strives to bring a piece of the serene Scandinavian landscape into everyday living spaces. This approach has garnered Novoform a dedicated following, making it a beloved brand among those who cherish the calm, comforting, and effortlessly stylish ambiance that Danish design is celebrated for worldwide.

The Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke, a masterpiece of Danish design and craftsmanship, offers not only a connection to the storied tradition of Danish artistry but also a distinctive, charming presence in any interior.

Ideal Placement Suggestions:

  • Study or Home Office: As a symbol of diligence and the beauty of nature, placing the Baby Sparrow on a desk or alongside books on a shelf infuses a workspace with inspiration and a sense of calm.
  • Living Area: Within a living room setting, this handcrafted piece can serve as a subtle yet intriguing focal point on a mantelpiece or coffee table, inviting curiosity and conversation.
  • Children’s Room: Offering a gentle introduction to the aesthetics of simplicity and nature, the Baby Sparrow finds a perfect home in a child’s bedroom, encouraging appreciation for natural materials and craftsmanship.
  • Entrance or Hallway: Positioned on a console table in an entryway, it greets guests with its understated elegance, embodying the warmth and welcoming spirit of Danish design.
NOVOFORM Baby Sparrow Smok

Styling Tips and Subtle Details:

  • Complementary Textures: Pair the Baby Sparrow with materials that echo its natural aesthetic, such as linen, soft wool, or other wooden objects, to enhance the tactile quality of your decor.
  • Palette Harmonization: Utilize a color scheme that complements the smoky tones of the Sparrow—think cool grays, soft whites, and earthy browns—to create a cohesive and serene environment.
  • Layering Objects: Introduce depth by layering various objects of art around the Baby Sparrow, allowing it to be a part of a larger narrative within your space. Items with clean lines and minimalistic designs work best.
  • Natural Lighting: Take advantage of natural light to highlight the exquisite detailing and smoke-stained finish of the Baby Sparrow, enhancing its visual impact and the warmth it brings to your home.

Incorporating the Novoform - Baby Sparrow Smoke into your decor is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of nature through the lens of Danish craftsmanship. Its presence in your home serves as a daily reminder of the simple elegance and enduring appeal of handcrafted art, making every room it inhabits a testament to thoughtful design and natural beauty.

Color Dark brown
Dimensions H 6 X W 7 cm
H 2.36 X W 2.76 inch
Material European Oak With Visible Wood Grains
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 0.06 kg
Baby Sparrow Smoke