Mama Sparrow

₹ 6,000.00
₹ 6,000.00
Color: Black

Delightful Aesthetics

Welcome the Novoform - Mama Sparrow Black into your living space, enchanting in its simplicity and elegance. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of luxury,

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Delightful Aesthetics

Welcome the Novoform - Mama Sparrow Black into your living space, enchanting in its simplicity and elegance. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of luxury, complementing any room's color scheme. Handcrafted from solid oak, this delightful figurine subtly exudes an air of sophistication that adds character to your space.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

The Mama Sparrow figurine by Novoform is not your average ornament. Every inch of this masterpiece has been meticulously thought out. From its dimensions to its smooth, glossy finish, it is a testament to the skillful hands of Danish woodworkers. Nothing less than perfection.

A Unique Add-on

The Mama Sparrow figurine is designed to be a charming addition to your existing sparrow family collection. But don't worry if you're a first-time buyer, as it could be the inception of your distinctive collection. Be you a devoted collector, or a weekend flea-market hunter, the Mama Sparrow figurine is set to spruce up your home decor in the most delightful way.



Novoform, an esteemed name in the Danish design landscape, is celebrated for its mastery in marrying minimalist aesthetics with functional elegance. This brand has carved a niche for itself by creating pieces that are not just visually appealing but also embody a deep philosophical commitment to simplicity and quality. Known for its use of high-grade materials and precision in craftsmanship, Novoform transforms ordinary wood into extraordinary home decor, reflecting a blend of natural beauty and contemporary design.

Founded on the principles of classic Scandinavian design, Novoform is dedicated to sustainability and the art of fine craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans who bring decades of woodworking tradition into every curve and contour. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in its choice of materials—primarily solid oak—known for its durability and natural allure. By focusing on wood, Novoform highlights its dedication to eco-friendly practices and showcases the material's timeless elegance.

The essence of Novoform’s creations lies in their ability to enhance the daily living experience. Inspired by the serene landscapes of Scandinavia and the region’s architectural history, Novoform designs pieces that are both understated and functional. The brand’s products are a testament to the enduring appeal of Danish design, known for its clean lines, attention to detail, and the ability to transcend trends, making each piece a long-lasting addition to any interior.

Handcrafted from solid oak, the Mama Sparrow Black is meticulously polished to achieve a glossy finish that captures light and draws attention to its smooth lines and refined shape. The sourcing of oak from sustainable forests reflects Novoform’s commitment to environmental responsibility while ensuring the piece’s durability and strength. Designed to be a versatile addition to any collection, the Mama Sparrow can serve as a delightful beginning to a new collection or a seamless integration into an existing set of sparrows, embodying the charm and sophistication that Novoform is known for.

The Novoform Mama Sparrow Black offers an exquisite blend of minimalist design and luxurious detail, making it an ideal decorative addition to any contemporary home. This handcrafted figurine, fashioned from solid oak and finished in a sleek black, is perfect for those who appreciate the subtle interplay of simplicity and sophistication in their decor.

Suggested Placement and Styling Tips:

  • In the Living Room: Position the Mama Sparrow Black on a central coffee table or on a prominent shelving unit to draw attention. Its sleek black finish and smooth contours make it a stunning focal point amidst a variety of decor styles. Pair it with metallic accents such as silver decorative trays or brass candle holders to enhance its luxurious feel. Alternatively, place it near a collection of white or brightly colored vases to create a striking visual contrast.
  • In the Bedroom: This figurine works beautifully on a nightstand or dresser, providing a touch of elegance and serenity. Complement the Mama Sparrow Black with minimalistic lamp bases or next to a stack of monochrome books for a chic, understated look. Its glossy finish will catch the light, adding a dynamic quality to the bedroom's ambiance.
NOVOFORM Mama Sparrow Black Black
  • In a Home Office or Study: Add this piece to a bookshelf or desk where it can serve as an inspiring accent. Surrounded by books and other office essentials, the Mama Sparrow Black brings a sense of calm and focus to the workspace, while its exquisite craftsmanship ensures it stands out as a piece of art in its own right.
  • In the Entryway: Utilize the Mama Sparrow as a welcoming piece in an entryway. Positioned on a console table, it can set the tone for the home's decor, greeting guests with its understated charm and sophistication. Pair it with a modern mirror and a minimalist bowl or key tray for a cohesive look.

Additional Styling Details:

  • Color Coordination: The black finish of the Mama Sparrow allows it to blend seamlessly with both neutral and vibrant color schemes. For a modern aesthetic, integrate shades of gray, navy, or even pastel hues which will contrast beautifully with the black oak.
  • Material Contrast: Introducing different textures around the Mama Sparrow can enhance its unique detailing. Consider placing it near soft textiles, such as a velvet throw or a shaggy rug, to highlight the smooth finish of the oak.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial to accentuate the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mama Sparrow Black. Ambient lighting or a targeted spotlight can highlight the glossy finish and detailed carving, enhancing both its beauty and the overall atmosphere of the room.

By thoughtfully integrating the Novoform Mama Sparrow Black into your decor, you not only add a beautifully crafted piece to your collection but also infuse your space with a symbol of elegance and refined taste. This figurine is sure to enhance any room, making it a cherished addition to your home.

Color Black
Dimensions H 8 X W 10 cm
H 3.15 X W 3.94 inch
Material European Oak With Visible Wood Grains
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 0.16 kg
PINETTI Small OVO Cream Basket