Natural Aesthetics with Novo - Papa Sparrow

₹ 8,000.00
₹ 8,000.00
Color: Dark Brown With Visible Wood Grain

Simple Yet Elegant Design

The Novoform-Papa Sparrow from Novoform is an epitome of minimalist Danish design. Artisanship and sophistication merge seamlessly in this stunning piece of decor. It

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Simple Yet Elegant Design

The Novoform-Papa Sparrow from Novoform is an epitome of minimalist Danish design. Artisanship and sophistication merge seamlessly in this stunning piece of decor. It is beautifully handcrafted from solid oak by adept woodworkers. The meticulously carved detailing demonstrates a deep respect for fine craftsmanship. This exquisite opulence can enhance any room with its aesthetic charm.

Unique Natural Details

Novoform’s Sparrow stands out with its unique, natural, smoke-stained details. The natural colour of the oak shines through these distinctive details, adding a warm, rustic touch. The varied grains of the wood are subtly showcased, making each masterpiece exclusive in its pattern. This dimension of understated elegance embodies the beauty of nature in every detail.

Timeless Novelty

This delicate masterpiece of timeless design would be a valuable addition to any space - living rooms, bedrooms, or study spaces that appreciate chic and unique ornaments. Being versatile, it can effortlessly enhance any type of decor, from classic to contemporary. The Novoform-Papa Sparrow is not just a decor opulence, but also an homage to simple, timeless design ideals.



Novoform stands as a beacon of Danish design, renowned for its minimalist yet profoundly aesthetic approach to home decor. Founded on the principles of simplicity and timeless elegance, Novoform excels in creating pieces that are both functional and artistically refined. The brand is committed to the tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship, where every product is a testament to the skilled artisanship that transforms ordinary materials into extraordinary pieces of decor.

Crafted by master woodworkers, each Novoform creation is imbued with a philosophy of sustainability and enduring style. The use of solid oak, a staple in Danish furniture making, reflects Novoform's dedication to using natural, high-quality materials that not only ensure durability but also carry a lesser environmental impact. This commitment to eco-friendly practices is paired with a design ethos that emphasizes clean lines and the natural beauty of raw materials, making each piece a quiet statement in any interior setting.

The design inspirations for Novoform stem from a deep appreciation of nature and a desire to bring the calmness and purity of the outdoors into the indoor space. This ethos is visible in the seamless integration of natural elements with modern aesthetics, aiming to create spaces that are serene and harmonious. Each piece by Novoform is designed to be timeless, transcending passing trends and enriching homes with a sense of lasting beauty and functionality.

The Novoform-Papa Sparrow encapsulates the essence of minimalist design and superior craftsmanship that Novoform is celebrated for. Handcrafted from solid oak, the Papa Sparrow showcases the natural beauty of wood with smoke-stained details that enhance the warm, rustic tones of the material. The careful staining process not only highlights the unique grain patterns of the oak but also adds depth and character to each piece, ensuring that no two sparrows are exactly alike.

The Novoform Papa Sparrow is a testament to the timeless appeal and meticulous craftsmanship of Danish design. Crafted from solid oak and highlighted with unique smoke-stained details, this piece captures the essence of minimalist elegance and is ideal for adding a sophisticated yet natural touch to any interior.

Suggested Placement and Styling Tips:

  • In the Living Room: Position the Papa Sparrow on a central coffee table or on a prominent mantle where it can serve as a subtle focal point. Its natural oak and unique grain patterns make it a perfect complement to other organic elements such as leather furniture or wool rugs. Consider pairing it with low-key, earth-toned accessories to enhance its understated elegance.
  • In the Bedroom: Place the Papa Sparrow on a nightstand or dresser where its serene and simple beauty can be appreciated up close. The warm, natural colors and smooth lines provide a calming presence, ideal for a restful sleeping environment. Pair it with soft lighting and neutral bedding to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.
  • In a Study or Home Office: This piece works wonderfully on a desk or bookshelf, offering a touch of refined decor that doesn’t overpower the functional nature of a workspace. Its presence can inspire creativity and bring a sense of calm to busy days. Complement it with other wooden accessories or a small collection of books to underscore a scholarly ambiance.
  • In an Entryway: The Papa Sparrow can also make a charming impression in an entryway, placed on a console table as part of a welcoming display. Surround it with other small artistic objects or a fresh vase of flowers to greet guests with a sense of warmth and style.
NOVOFORM Papa Sparrow

Additional Styling Details:

  • Color Coordination: The natural and smoke-stained oak finish of the Papa Sparrow allows it to blend seamlessly with both bright and muted color schemes. For a striking contrast, place it against darker hues; for a soft, blended look, lighter woods and pastels are ideal.
  • Material Contrast: Enhance the visual interest around the Papa Sparrow by introducing materials with different textures. Glass, ceramics, and metals can provide a lovely contrast to the wood’s natural texture, adding depth and diversity to the decor.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting can greatly enhance the intricate details and rich textures of the Papa Sparrow. Consider placing it where it can catch natural sunlight, or use accent lighting to highlight its artistic qualities and craftsmanship.

By incorporating the Novoform Papa Sparrow into these settings, the piece not only serves as a stunning decorative element but also adds a layer of sophistication and tranquility to any interior. Its versatility and timeless design make it an invaluable addition to homes that appreciate the purity and charm of minimalist Danish decor.

Color Dark brown with visible wood grain
Dimensions H 10 X W 14 cm
H 3.94 X W 5.51 inch
Material European oak
Country of Origin Denmark
Weight 0.28 kg
Natural Aesthetics with Novo - Papa Sparrow