Small OVO Taupe Basket

₹ 33,500.00
₹ 33,500.00
Color: Taupe

Craftsmanship and Heritage

Pinetti's Small OVO Taupe Basket is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, reflecting a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design. Each basket is meticulously crafted by

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Craftsmanship and Heritage

Pinetti's Small OVO Taupe Basket is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, reflecting a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design. Each basket is meticulously crafted by hand, showcasing the precision and dedication of Pinetti's artisans in creating a product that marries functionality with style. Made from the finest MDF and coated with 13-15 layers of lacquer, the basket ensures durability while offering a luxurious, high-gloss surface. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian design, the basket embodies the legacy of artisanal excellence, making it a piece of both functional art and history.

Design and Functionality

The design of Pinetti's Small OVO Taupe Basket reflects a deep understanding of the balance between elegance and practicality. With its serene taupe color and elegant strap detail, the basket adds a touch of sophistication to any interior space. Measuring perfectly the basket is thoughtfully sized for various storage needs, from holding magazines to organizing personal items. The choice of taupe, complemented by the cream strap, offers a neutral yet impactful addition to any color scheme, enhancing the decor without overwhelming it.

Illustrating Lifestyle and Emotional Impact

The Small OVO Taupe Basket by Pinetti is more than just a storage solution; it's an enhancement to the quality of life, adding beauty and order to everyday living. Its elegant design and functional versatility transform mundane storage into a decorative statement, enriching the home environment. The basket's color and form evoke a sense of tranquility and order, contributing to a serene home atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. Beyond its practical use, the basket serves as a reminder of the value of craftsmanship and design, encouraging a lifestyle that appreciates the finer details in everyday objects.


Pinetti, renowned for its dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, stands as a paragon of Italian design excellence. With a profound respect for traditional techniques, the artisans at Pinetti harmonize meticulous handcrafting skills with contemporary aesthetics. This approach not only preserves the heritage of Italian craftsmanship but also innovates it, ensuring each piece resonates with modern demands for style and functionality. The creation of each Small OVO Taupe Basket involves a painstaking process of layering materials and applying finishes, showcasing the artisans' precision and dedication to creating durable, luxurious items.

The artisans at Pinetti are not merely craftsmen; they are custodians of a rich cultural legacy that dates back centuries in Italian design. Each basket they create is a testament to their understanding of material properties and their innovative design solutions. The Small OVO Taupe Basket, like all Pinetti products, is infused with a narrative of artisanal passion, where every stitch and layer speaks to a hands-on approach tailored to enhance the aesthetics and utility of the piece.

Rooted deeply in the landscape of Italian artisan traditions, Pinetti's approach to design transcends mere functionality. It ventures into the realm of art, where each product is a bridge between the rich past of Italian artisanal work and the evolving needs of contemporary interiors. This commitment to blending heritage with innovation is what sets Pinetti apart in the world of luxury home accessories.

By continually pushing the boundaries of both material use and aesthetic form, Pinetti not only preserves the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship but also advances it, ensuring that each piece offers a contemporary twist on classic design elements. This dedication to quality and innovation secures Pinetti’s place at the forefront of luxury design, appealing to a discerning global clientele that cherishes both tradition and modernity in their living spaces.

Pinetti's Small OVO Taupe Basket, with its blend of artisanal craftsmanship and modern design, is an elegant addition that enhances the aesthetic and functionality of any space. Here are some style guide suggestions on how to place this luxurious piece:

Ideal Room Placements:

  • Living Room: The basket is perfect for maintaining an organized yet stylish living space. Place it beside a sofa or under a coffee table to store magazines, remotes, or throw blankets. Its serene taupe color and elegant design make it a subtle yet striking complement to your living room decor.
  • Bedroom: Use the basket to organize personal items such as scarves, accessories, or books. Positioning it on a dresser or at the corner of the room can add a touch of sophistication while keeping essential items within reach.
  • Home Office: For a more organized workspace, the basket can serve as a holder for office supplies or important documents. Its size and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for enhancing the decor while keeping the workspace tidy.
Pinetti OVOBasketSmallTaupe

Styling Details:

  • Color Coordination: The neutral taupe color of the basket makes it versatile across various color schemes. Pair it with similar earth tones for a cohesive look, or use it as a contrast piece against darker furniture to let it stand out.
  • Textures and Materials: The high-gloss surface of the basket pairs well with matte finishes or metallic elements in the room. Consider placing it near leather furniture or metal accents to create a diverse textural experience.
  • Lighting: The lacquered finish of the basket will catch and reflect light beautifully. Place it in an area where natural light or soft artificial lighting can enhance its visual appeal throughout the day.
  • Complementary Decor: Due to its elegant strap detail and minimalist design, the basket pairs well with simple, modern decor. Avoid overcrowding it with other items; let the basket speak for itself as a statement piece. Simple vases, minimalist artworks, or sleek digital devices nearby can complement its modern aesthetic without overpowering it.

By integrating the Small OVO Taupe Basket into your decor with these thoughtful placements and details, you can enhance both the functionality and style of your home, showcasing your appreciation for finely crafted, design-forward pieces.

Color Taupe
Dimensions H 27 X W 43 cm
H 10.63 x W 17 inches
Material Regenerated Leather
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 1.31 Kg