Pigmented Madonna

₹ 34,000.00
₹ 34,000.00
Color: Bisquit Colored & Gold

Craftsmanship That Tells a Story

The Pigmented Madonna is not merely a figurine; it's a piece of history molded by skilled artisans. Each curve and pigment reflects the

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Craftsmanship That Tells a Story

The Pigmented Madonna is not merely a figurine; it's a piece of history molded by skilled artisans. Each curve and pigment reflects the meticulous attention devoted to recreating a symbol of matronly love and divine beauty. This piece is handcrafted from the finest Italian porcelain, known for its durability and delicate appearance, making it a timeless addition to any collection.

Symbolism of Madonna and Child

Madonna, depicted holding the child, is an eternal icon representing safety, unconditional love, and nurturing. This figurine embodies these sentiments profoundly, making it an impactful gift for loved ones on special occasions such as Mother's Day, Christmas, or as a meaningful gesture of appreciation and admiration. It symbolizes a bond that transcends the ages, making every glance at the Pigmented Madonna a reminder of the strongest human connection.

Artistic Decor That Enhances Any Space

Imagine this exquisite work of art as the centerpiece of your living room, or softly accented on a bedroom nightstand. Wherever you place the Pigmented Madonna, it adds a touch of sophistication and tranquility. Its gentle colors and smooth contours integrate seamlessly with any decor style, from classic to contemporary, turning an ordinary space into a captivating sanctuary.

Principe Italian Porcellane


Principe Italian Porcellane is revered for transforming traditional porcelain into breathtaking works of art, a testament further exemplified by the "Pigmented Madonna." This sculpture stands as a profound expression of the brand's commitment to blending religious iconography with unparalleled artisanship, breathing new life into the classic depiction of Madonna and Child.

The Pigmented Madonna is meticulously sculpted by Principe's artisans in Italy, a country with a rich legacy in both religious art and porcelain craftsmanship. Inspired by the historical depictions of Madonna, the sculpture is designed to evoke the timeless themes of maternal affection and divine presence. Each piece is handcrafted using only the finest Italian porcelain—a material chosen for its purity and the ethereal quality it lends to the sculpture, ensuring that the figurine not only embodies durability but also exudes a delicate, almost celestial appearance.

Principe Italian Porcellane continues to captivate the imaginations of those who seek unparalleled beauty and sophistication in their living spaces. The brand's commitment to excellence makes it a revered name among those who value not only the aesthetic and functional aspects of porcelain but also the story and soul behind each meticulously crafted piece. This dedication ensures that every Principe Italian Porcellane offering enriches the lives of its bearers, bringing not just beauty but a rich legacy into their homes.

In creating each Pigmented Madonna, Principe Italian Porcellane ensures that the pigments used are sourced responsibly. The brand collaborates with suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices, emphasizing the importance of environmental consciousness in the creation of art that is both beautiful and ethically produced.

The Pigmented Madonna, a handcrafted porcelain sculpture, embodies ageless elegance with its intricate craftsmanship and profound symbolism. This figurine, depicting the iconic Madonna and Child, represents unconditional love and nurturing, making it a powerful addition to any home decor. Here are practical style guide suggestions for integrating this exquisite piece into your living space:

Ideal Placement:

  • Living Room: Place the Pigmented Madonna as a centerpiece on a prominent console or coffee table where it can be admired by guests. Its presence enhances the room's ambiance, adding a touch of sophistication and spiritual grace.
  • Bedroom: Display the sculpture on a nightstand or dresser in the bedroom to create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere. Its gentle colors and smooth contours can contribute to a restful environment, ideal for a space dedicated to relaxation.
  • Study or Home Office: Position the Pigmented Madonna in a study or home office to inspire calmness and reflection. As a symbol of maternal care and compassion, it can also bring a comforting presence to a workspace.
  • Entryway: Situate the sculpture in the entryway to greet visitors with its serene and welcoming aura. This placement allows the Pigmented Madonna to set a tone of peace and tranquility right from the entrance.

Principe Italian Porcellane White Madonna

Styling Tips:

  • Complementary Decor: Enhance the sculpture with decor that reflects its elegance and spiritual theme. Consider pairing it with soft fabrics, delicate floral arrangements, and subtle lighting to complement its aesthetic.
  • Color Scheme: Utilize a color palette that harmonizes with the pigmented finish of the Madonna. Soft pastels, warm creams, or muted earth tones can create a backdrop that highlights the sculpture’s detailed craftsmanship.
  • Material Harmony: Incorporate other porcelain items or elements with a similar delicate appearance, such as ceramic vases or glass figurines, to echo the Madonna’s refined texture.
  • Lighting: Ensure the sculpture is well-lit to accentuate its intricate details and pigmentation. Soft, diffused lighting can enhance the figurine’s divine beauty and create an inviting glow around the piece.

Integration into Various Decor Styles:

  • Traditional Elegance: In a traditionally elegant decor, the Pigmented Madonna complements rich wood furniture, ornate rugs, and classical art, enhancing the luxurious feel of the space.
  • Modern Minimalist: For a minimalist interior, the sculpture serves as a poignant statement piece that adds depth and emotional resonance without overwhelming the decor.
  • Eclectic Interiors: In an eclectic setting, the Madonna can act as a harmonizing element, bridging various styles and cultural influences with its universal symbolism and timeless beauty.

The Pigmented Madonna is not just a decorative item; it is a piece of art that transcends time, offering both visual appeal and a deep connection to themes of maternal love and spiritual comfort. Its presence in any room not only enhances the decor but also imbues the space with a sense of peace and serenity, making it a cherished addition to any home.

Color Bisquit Colored & Gold
Dimensions H 22 X W 15 cm
H 8.66 X W 5.91 inch
Material Porcelain
Country of Origin ITALY
Weight 1.040 kg