Life size medium head up black wood brown sheep

₹ 185,000.00
₹ 185,000.00
Color: Black

A Touch of Nature

Bring the outdoors into your home with the Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this

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A Touch of Nature

Bring the outdoors into your home with the Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this piece combines the rustic charm of black wood with the warm, inviting texture of brown sheepskin. Ideal for adding a unique, cosy touch to any room, this sheep sculpture is more than just decor – it's a statement of style and nature's beauty intertwined.

Functional Art for Your Home

The Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep isn't just a beautiful piece of art; it's designed to be part of your daily life. Its sturdy construction allows it to double as whimsical seating for children or a conversation-starting accent piece. Created by Hanns-Peter Krafft in 1982, its timeless design has captivated hearts for decades. Experience the blend of functionality and artistry in your living space.

Touch of Elegance for Your Home

In a world where mass-produced decor is the norm, the Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep stands out as a testament to the beauty of handcrafted art. Its unique blend of materials, including wood, leather, and real sheepskin, offer a tactile experience that mass-produced items simply cannot match. Whether you're looking to inspire your children’s imagination or add a touch of elegance to your home, this sheep sculpture promises to transcend expectations.



Pop-Corn represents a hallmark of excellence in the world of interior design, seamlessly marrying the tactile beauty of nature with refined craftsmanship. Since its inception by Hanns-Peter Krafft in 1982, Pop-Corn has stood as a beacon of innovative design, pushing the boundaries of functional art. Each piece crafted under this brand is not just a furnishing but a slice of history, meticulously designed to bring warmth and life into sophisticated living spaces.

The essence of Pop-Corn's ethos lies in its dedication to sourcing natural materials that are both durable and visually stunning. The use of black wood, brown sheepskin, and leather in their creations emphasizes their commitment to quality and sustainability. Pop-Corn's designs transcend the typical, offering pieces that are both utilitarian and enchanting—perfect for modern homes that value the fusion of artistry with everyday utility.

Pop-Corn's inspirations are deeply rooted in a profound appreciation for the natural world, drawing on elements that evoke a sense of calm and connection to the earth. This approach allows each design to not only complement a variety of interior styles—from classic to contemporary—but also to stand out as focal points in their own right. The brand's pieces are celebrated for their ability to transform any room into a space of elegance and imagination, reflecting a deep-seated passion for both nature and architectural beauty.

The Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep is a prime example of Pop-Corn's unique approach to home decor. Inspired by the serene and untamed aspects of nature, this piece is designed to evoke the tranquil beauty of the wilderness while providing a functional element to living spaces. The combination of rugged black wood and plush brown sheepskin offers a striking contrast that is both visually appealing and soothing to the touch.

The Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep offers a unique blend of rustic charm and sophisticated elegance, making it a versatile addition to any interior. This meticulously crafted piece not only serves as a decorative element but also functions as whimsical seating, infusing any room with the serene beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of artisanal decor.

Suggested Placement and Styling Tips:

  • In the Living Room: Position this charming sheep near a stone fireplace or set against a backdrop of large windows overlooking a garden to emphasize its natural aesthetic. It can act as a standalone statement piece or be paired with rustic elements like wooden coffee tables and leather armchairs to enhance its woodland appeal. Consider soft, ambient lighting to highlight the rich textures of the wood and sheepskin, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • In a Child’s Bedroom or Play Area: Utilize the sheep's dual functionality as both a decor item and a playful seat in children’s spaces. Placing it in a corner with a collection of storybooks nearby or amidst other plush toys can spark children's imaginations and provide a comfortable spot for reading and playing. Its sturdy construction ensures safety while its tactile materials encourage sensory exploration.
  • In the Entryway: Use the sheep sculpture to create a warm welcome in the entryway. Its eye-catching design serves as an excellent conversation starter, setting a tone of unique style and warmth as guests enter. Complement it with a rustic wooden bench and a classic wool runner to enhance the natural theme.
  • In a Home Office or Study: Add a touch of whimsy and relaxation to a home office by incorporating the sheep as an unconventional decorative element. It can soften the formality of traditional office furniture, providing a contrast that stimulates creativity and comfort. Place it in a visible spot where it can be enjoyed from the desk or a reading nook.
POP-CORN Life size medium head up black wood brown sheep

Additional Styling Details:

  • Complementary Decor: Pair the sheep with natural materials such as jute rugs, linen curtains, and clay pots filled with greenery to underscore its connection to nature. Earthy tones and textures will harmonize with the black wood and brown sheepskin, creating a cohesive and grounded decor scheme.
  • Color Palette: Stick to a neutral color palette with accents of deep greens, browns, and grays to complement the black and brown tones of the sheep. This will allow the piece to stand out while maintaining an elegant and understated look.
  • Texture Play: Introduce a variety of textures to enhance the sensory experience of the space. Pair the sheep with plush cushions, soft throws, and woven baskets to add depth and interest, making the room feel more dynamic and inviting.

By thoughtfully integrating the Pop Corn Life-Size Medium Head-Up Black Wood Brown Sheep into these settings, one can create a captivating and functional space that celebrates both the art of nature and the beauty of handcrafted design. This piece not only adds a distinctive touch to the decor but also brings the calming essence of the outdoors into the home, making it a cherished addition for both its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Color Black
Dimensions H 25 X W 25 cm
H 9.84 X W 9.84 inch
Material Natural wool, oak wood
Country of Origin France
Weight 8.400 kg
Life size medium head up black wood brown sheep