Rabit M Edition Oggian White

₹ 68,000.00
₹ 68,000.00
Color: Oggian white

A New Iconic Design

Qeeboo is thrilled to present the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White, a fresh take on one of its most iconic products, now adorned with the

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A New Iconic Design

Qeeboo is thrilled to present the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White, a fresh take on one of its most iconic products, now adorned with the playful and colorful patterns of renowned artist Marco Oggian. This new series of decorated editions brings a joyful and vibrant touch to the beloved Rabbit chair, making it a standout piece in any setting.

Artistic Collaboration with Marco Oggian

Marco Oggian is known for his distinctive style characterized by bold patterns and lively colors. For the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White, he has created unique designs that infuse the chair with a playful character and a joyful mood. This collaboration transforms the Rabbit chair into a piece of functional art, perfect for those who appreciate design and creativity.

Eye-Catching and Versatile

The Rabbit M Edition Oggian White is not just a chair; it's a conversation starter and a statement piece. Its striking white base, decorated with Oggian's vibrant patterns, makes it an eye-catching addition to any room. Whether used in a living room, bedroom, or playroom, this chair adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any space.



Qeeboo, a pioneering Italian design brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016, is celebrated for its innovative and playful approach to contemporary furniture and decor. The brand's philosophy revolves around transforming everyday objects into extraordinary pieces that blend art and functionality. Giovannoni's creative vision is to infuse life and character into his designs, making them not only functional but also emotionally engaging and visually striking.

Stefano Giovannoni, the creative force behind Qeeboo, is renowned for his distinctive design style, which often features bold shapes, vibrant colors, and a whimsical touch. His background in industrial design and his passion for storytelling through objects have led to the creation of iconic pieces that resonate with a broad audience. Giovannoni draws inspiration from nature, pop culture, and the playful aspects of life, which is evident in the unique and imaginative designs that define Qeeboo.

Qeeboo collaborates with various talented designers and artists to produce a diverse range of products that stand out for their originality and charm. This collaborative spirit ensures a constant flow of fresh and innovative designs that capture the imagination. The brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship and creative excellence has established it as a leading name in contemporary design, appealing to those who seek unique and joyful pieces for their homes.

The Qeeboo Rabbit M Edition Oggian White is a testament to the brand's ethos of merging art with functionality. This special edition Rabbit chair features the artistic touch of Marco Oggian, known for his bold patterns and vibrant colors. The collaboration between Qeeboo and Oggian transforms the beloved Rabbit chair into a lively and colorful piece of functional art, perfect for design enthusiasts and collectors.

The Rabbit M Edition Oggian White is a unique and stylish piece that adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication to any living room. With its artistic patterns and distinctive design, this chair effortlessly becomes a standout element, enhancing the overall decor of the space. Perfect for creating a playful yet elegant ambiance, the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White is a versatile addition to any modern home. Here are some suggestions for incorporating this charming chair into your space:

Living Room:

  • Placement: Position the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White near a cozy reading nook or as an accent piece in the seating area.
  • Complementary Decor: Pair it with a modern coffee table, vibrant throw pillows, and a plush area rug to create a playful yet sophisticated space.
  • Subtle Details: Add abstract wall art and colorful vases to echo the chair’s artistic patterns and enhance the room’s lively atmosphere.
Qeeboo RabbitMEditionOggianWhite


  • Placement: Place the Rabbit chair in a corner near the bed or by the window, creating a whimsical and relaxing spot.
  • Complementary Decor: Use matching bedding and curtains in complementary colors to harmonize the room’s look. A small side table and a floor lamp can complete the setup.
  • Subtle Details: Incorporate decorative elements like patterned cushions and quirky bedside lamps to tie the theme together.


  • Placement: Center the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White in the playroom, where it can serve as both a fun seating option and a decorative element.
  • Complementary Decor: Surround it with colorful storage bins, a low play table, and interactive wall decals to create a stimulating environment.
  • Subtle Details: Add plush toys, educational posters, and a vibrant floor mat to enhance the playful and creative vibe of the room.

Office or Study:

  • Placement: Use the Rabbit chair as a unique accent piece in a home office or study, positioning it in a corner or near a bookshelf.
  • Complementary Decor: Pair it with a sleek desk, modern lighting, and minimalist decor to balance the playful design of the chair with a professional look.
  • Subtle Details: Incorporate a few colorful desk accessories and a statement art piece to maintain a cohesive and inspiring workspace.

Styling Details:

  • Color Palette: Integrate colors from Marco Oggian's patterns into the room’s overall color scheme to create a cohesive look. Consider using bold accents against a neutral backdrop for a balanced design.
  • Textures and Materials: Combine different textures like soft fabrics, smooth woods, and metallic finishes to add depth and interest to the space.
  • Additional Decor Items: Use playful and vibrant decor items such as patterned cushions, quirky lamps, and modern art pieces to complement the chair’s unique design.
  • Art and Wall Decor: Hang abstract or contemporary art that echoes the chair’s patterns and colors to create a unified and artistic ambiance.

Practical Tips:

  • Balance: Ensure the Rabbit M Edition Oggian White is balanced with other furniture items in terms of size and visual weight to avoid overwhelming the space.
  • Symmetry: When placing the chair, consider creating symmetry with other elements like tables, lamps, or smaller decorative objects to enhance the room’s harmony.
  • Space Consideration: Allow enough space around the chair for it to be appreciated from different angles, especially if it's used as a focal point in the room.