Rabbit XS Flock in Light Blue

₹ 30,000.00
₹ 30,000.00
Color: Light Blue

Captivating Design and Playful Charm

Elevate your child's play area with the Qeeboo Rabbit XS Flock in light blue. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, this playful piece

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Captivating Design and Playful Charm

Elevate your child's play area with the Qeeboo Rabbit XS Flock in light blue. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, this playful piece of furniture isn't just a chair; it's a work of art. The calm light blue color and unique rabbit silhouette make it an eye-catching addition to any room, blending seamlessly with various decor styles while adding a touch of whimsical charm.

Ergonomic and Kid-Friendly

Let your child experience unparalleled comfort with the Qeeboo Rabbit XS Flock. The clever design allows for two sitting positions: children can either lean against the rabbit's ears or sit "riding style" with their forearms resting on the ears. This versatility ensures it can adapt to different activities and play styles, making it perfect for reading, playing, or simply relaxing.

Good Vibes and Positive Symbolism

Beyond its playful design and functionality, the Rabbit XS carries a meaningful message. Rabbits are symbols of love and fertility and are believed to bring good luck and happiness. Offering this as a gift can convey your best wishes for loved ones, making it a thoughtful and cherished present.



Qeeboo, a trailblazing design brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016, is celebrated for its whimsical and innovative approach to contemporary furniture and decor. Rooted in the principles of Italian design, Qeeboo merges art and functionality, creating pieces that are as playful as they are practical. Giovannoni’s vision for Qeeboo is to redefine everyday objects, transforming them into extraordinary and joyful elements of daily life.

Stefano Giovannoni, the creative force behind Qeeboo, has a storied career in industrial design. Known for his playful and imaginative style, he draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, including nature, pop culture, and the whimsical aspects of everyday life. His designs often feature bold colors, organic shapes, and a sense of humor, making them stand out in any setting. Giovannoni's ability to infuse personality into his creations has earned him international acclaim and a loyal following.

Qeeboo collaborates with a diverse group of renowned designers and artists to produce a wide range of unique products. This collaborative spirit ensures a continual stream of fresh and innovative designs that captivate the imagination. Qeeboo’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and creative excellence has solidified its place as a leading brand in contemporary design, appealing to those who seek pieces that combine beauty, functionality, and a touch of magic.

The Qeeboo Rabbit XS Flock in Light Blue exemplifies Giovannoni’s talent for blending art with function. This charming piece, designed for children, features a soothing light blue color that adds a calm, whimsical touch to any room. The unique rabbit silhouette serves not only as a playful seating option but also as a delightful decorative element that enhances various decor styles.

A lovely and adaptable item, the Rabbit XS Flock adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to any child's room. It is the perfect accent to a place that promotes fun and creativity because of its distinctive design and vivid color. This charming chair is not only a cozy place to sit but also a fun accent piece that may add some color to the space. The following are some ideas for arranging the Rabbit XS Flock in a kid's room:

Children’s Room:

  • Placement: Position the Rabbit XS Flock in a cozy corner of the room, where it can serve as both a functional chair and a playful decoration.
  • Complementary Decor: Pair it with a colorful rug, soft cushions, and a bookshelf filled with favorite storybooks to create a delightful reading nook.
  • Subtle Details: Add whimsical wall decals or framed prints featuring rabbits or other playful themes to enhance the room’s charm.
Qeeboo RabbitXSFlockInLightBlue


  • Placement: Place the Rabbit XS Flock in the playroom, where it can be part of various activities, from imaginative play to quiet time.
  • Complementary Decor: Use bright, cheerful colors and storage solutions that encourage organization, such as bins and shelves, to keep toys and books tidy.
  • Subtle Details: Incorporate playful elements like a teepee tent, a small table for crafts, and other interactive toys to create a stimulating environment.

Living Room:

  • Placement: Integrate the Rabbit XS Flock into the living room as a unique accent piece that also caters to children’s seating needs.
  • Complementary Decor: Blend it with modern or contemporary furniture, using the light blue color to complement neutral tones or other pastel hues.
  • Subtle Details: Add a plush throw blanket and a few decorative pillows to the seating area to create a cozy and inviting space.


  • Placement: Place the Rabbit XS Flock near the crib or rocking chair, providing a charming seating option for toddlers as they grow.
  • Complementary Decor: Use soft, calming colors and gentle lighting to create a serene environment. Incorporate other animal-themed decor items for a cohesive look.
  • Subtle Details: Add a soft mobile above the crib, and a comfortable area rug where the rabbit chair can be placed for storytime or playtime.

Styling Details:

  • Color Palette: Integrate the light blue hue of the Rabbit XS Flockwith other pastel colors or neutral tones to maintain a harmonious and soothing aesthetic.
  • Textures and Materials: Combine different textures like soft fabrics, smooth wood, and plush rugs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Additional Decor Items: Include playful and kid-friendly decor items like stuffed animals, interactive wall art, and colorful storage bins to enhance the overall theme.
  • Art and Wall Decor: Use wall decals, framed prints, or murals featuring rabbits and other whimsical elements to create a cohesive and enchanting space.

Practical Tips:

  • Balance: Ensure the Rabbit XS Flock is balanced with other furniture items in terms of size and visual weight. Avoid overcrowding the area around it to maintain focus on the chair.
  • Symmetry: When placing the chair in a room, consider creating symmetry with other items like side tables, lamps, or smaller decorative objects.
  • Space Consideration: Allow enough space around the chair for it to be appreciated from different angles, especially if it's used as a focal point.
Color Light Blue
Dimensions H 24 X W 17 cm
H 9.45 X W 6.69 inch
Material Recyclable Polyethylene
Country of Origin Italy
Weight 2 kg
Rabbit XS Flock in Light Blue